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Posted on July 02, 2021

Terrazza Danieli Bar and Restaurant – Venice, Italy


Darlings, it’s time to step out onto the terrace, take a sip of Prosecco, and figuratively pat yourselves on the back. Or literally. That’s not weird. The point is that we’ve all made it to FRIDAY. Huzzah.

Of course, this is all something of an act on our parts, because we can’t claim we’ve suffered through a particularly tough work week, seeing as how we’re posting this from our room at the Bellagio, looking out over the famous fountains. Doesn’t quite compare with Venice, but then again, we’re not staying at the Venetian, so the comparison probably isn’t fair.

So while you enjoy your well-earned entry into the holiday weekend, spare some pity for your poor, long-suffering hosts, who have half a day of air travel ahead of them. Pity us, darlings. Pity us while we sip our mimosas.


The Devil Wears Prada and the Myth of the One and Only “Big Break”
The iconic film reflects a bygone era that glamorized hustle culture and laid the groundwork for the girlboss archetype.

The Devil Wears Prada, which marked its 15th anniversary this week, is just as much a film about working in magazines as it is about perpetuating the propaganda that having a boundaryless work ethic is the only way to propel your career forward. It glamorized hustle culture long before the term was common vernacular. After all, when “a million girls would kill for that job,” as Andy is so frequently told, what’s the harm in having no work-life balance and being subjected to constant verbal and psychological abuse from your boss?


Caroline Kennedy Writes About Jackie Kennedy’s Iconic White House Restoration
This exclusive excerpt is from Designing Camelot, a behind-the-scenes look at First Lady’s landmark renovation.

Sixty years ago, at the age of 31, with a three-year-old and a newborn baby, my mother became first lady. She set about making the White House a nursery and preschool for her children and a home for the president. For the American public, she wanted the White House to reflect American history and art and to be a place where families could learn about our country and its leaders.


Emma Watson, Thandiwe Newton & More Demand An End To “Pandemic Of Online Abuse” Against Women
Every day, women face online abuse on a much bigger scale than men, and more than 200 cultural leaders are calling for that to change. Former British Vogue cover stars Emma Watson and Thandiwe Newton, along with Gemma Chan, MP Jess Phillips and others have signed an open letter – published at the UN Generation Equality Forum in Paris – urging action from online platforms, calling it a “pandemic of online abuse against women and girls”.


Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Share Stunning Previously Unseen Wedding Photos
It’s easy to feel nostalgic right now. Which is exactly why Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are marking their two-year wedding anniversary by sharing previously unseen photos. The couple, who exchanged vows in France in the summer of 2019, certainly had the kind of wedding that most people only dare to dream of.


Cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation: what’s the difference?
How to tread the thin line between celebrating a cultural influence and ripping it off

Christopher Columbus once said: “Gold is a treasure and he who possesses it does all he wishes… When there are such lands there should be profitable things without number.” His words might not directly relate to culture appropriation, but they do highlight the possessive mindset that many imperialists had in conquering and taking for themselves things that belong to other countries and cultures.


How to start over when life’s got you down: 7 steps to launching a comeback
“The people who failed ended up being the bigger successes”

You’ll often hear people motivationally decry: “You’ve got this”. Well, what’s this? Well, it’s anything you’re shooting for right now that other people told you couldn’t happen. Or that maybe you doubted you could do.
It’s your comeback. We often experience this phenomenon via sports: “A comeback is when a person or team accomplishes something that they probably shouldn’t, such as a win after facing a deficit or a disadvantage or when their trajectory was on a downward slope,” says Gregory Chertok, a sports psychology consultant in New York City.


The US used to have over 200 lesbian bars. Now only 21 are left.
Historians don’t actually know what the first lesbian bar was, but many believe it was Mona’s 440 Club, which opened in San Francisco in 1936.
Bars were some of the few spaces where queer people could be themselves. But even these spaces weren’t free of harassment.
Up until the 1970s, most lesbian bars in New York City were owned by the mafia. Violent police raids were common, and anyone caught dancing with a same-sex partner could be arrested.
But the gay rights and feminist movements of the 1960s and early 1970s paved the way for more women to own lesbian bars. By 1987, there were at least 206 lesbian bars in the country.
Fast-forward to 2021, though, and only 21 lesbian bars remain.


How Sophia Di Martino’s ‘Loki’ Costume Was Designed to Support the New Mom on Set
The British actress shared a photo on her Twitter illustrating how the Disney+ series’ costume designer made breastfeeding easier during filming.

Sophia Di Martino has revealed how a simple costume alteration made her life as a breastfeeding mom that much easier while filming Loki.
The British actress, who plays the Loki variant Sylvie on the Disney+ series, posted a message along with a photo to her Twitter account on Thursday detailing how the show’s “genius” costume designer Christine Wada accommodated the nursing mom without major changes to her character’s costume.


This Salvador Dalí exhibition shows the surrealist relaxing at home
A Florida show offers a glimpse beyond the artist’s extravagant persona, featuring intimate photos from his life in Spain

You might think that Salvador Dalí’s life was all lobster phones and wild dinner parties (with even wilder food and surrealist wine selections on offer). That wasn’t always the case, however, and a new show captures the artist in a more intimate light, working and relaxing at home in Spain.
Appropriately titled At Home With Dalí, the show at the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida includes portraits from a diverse group of friends and photographers that were granted rare access to the surrealist’s life. Contributors include fashion photographer Horst. P. Horst, Ricardo Sans, Melitó Casals, Lies Wiegman, and Dalí’s biographer, Robert Descharnes.


Dear Olivia Rodrigo: Ignore the internet. “Originality” is overrated.
No art is original. So why do we get so worried about artists paying homage to their influences?

A paradox of the way millennials and Gen-Zers approach art is that most millennial and Gen Z artists, steeped in internet culture as we are (yes, fellow kids, I am a millennial), have a seemingly infinite wellspring of influences to draw from, and then we mash up those influences in increasingly baroque ways.
Yet when we talk about art, especially on the internet, we too often assume that if we can spot any similarities between one work and another, earlier work, the artist who came second has failed some originality test.
Ironically, the very internet that has facilitated our ability to outline and delineate these similarities is the same one that gave artists their long list of influences to mash up and puree.




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