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Posted on July 23, 2021

Marea Bar and Restaurant – Massa Lubrense, Campania, Italy


There. That oughta hold you over and get you through. Enjoy the day, darlings. You’ve earned this view. We won’t sully it with our yammering, but you should absolutely settle in for a day of yammering amongst yourselves.



The Powerful Story Behind the German Gymnastics Team’s Unitards
On Saturday, the women’s gymnastics competition at the Tokyo Olympic games will kick off, and we will all get to see athletes like Simone Biles compete superhuman feats of strength and artistry. But that isn’t the only story. As team Germany headed to podium training today, they showcased a different kind of competition gear. Not the sleeveless or long-sleeved leotard which has been the standard since the 1930s, but a long-legged unitard. A new sight at the Olympic Games, sure, but Team Germany has been rocking them since earlier this year. Their outfits are, according to the German Gymnastics Federation, a statement against, “against sexualization in gymnastics.”


I’m a Psychiatrist and Even I Kept My Mental Health Meds a Secret
At work, I know how important these medications are. But personally? The stigma against them left me feeling ashamed — until now.

“Are you sure I really need medication?”
That is one of the most common questions I answer in my office as a psychiatrist and one that, quite frankly, makes a lot of sense in a culture that stigmatizes mental health. I am so used to answering it that I even have a bit of a canned response. I start with why I think medication could help someone, transition to discussing the risks and benefits, and because it always strengthens an argument, include supporting evidence from science about how medication plus therapy is the most effective treatment for depression and anxiety.


In the Heights‘ Leslie Grace Will Reportedly Star as Batgirl
Grace is headed to Gotham.

Gotham has a new hero.
Leslie Grace, recording artist and star of In the Heights, was cast as Batgirl for a new superhero film from DC and Warner Bros., Deadline reports. The news comes after several actresses were tested for the role this week, the lineup of finalists including Zoe Deutch, Haley Lu Richardson, and Isabela Merced. While the studio and Grace have not yet publicly confirmed the news, Deadline reports that the rising star’s audition sealed the deal for her landing the role.


Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix in August
See all the exciting new shows, documentaries, and films headed to the platform next month.

August will see a particularly large and exciting influx of new shows, documentaries, films, and anime heading to Netflix.
Finally premiering on the platform is the long-awaited Sandra Oh comedy, The Chair, which follows Ji-Yoon Kim (Oh) navigating her position as the first woman of color to serve as English Department chair at the prestigious Pembroke University. Netflix will also be bringing back the classics with 30 Rock and the fan-favorite film Catch Me If You Can starring Leonardo DiCaprio, along with 80’s throwback Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). The Netflix Original sports docuseries UNTOLD will additionally debut on the platform on August 10, with new installments arriving on a weekly basis.
Though the Twilight saga is probably very much still in everyone’s queue since its release on the platform this month, you can read on for additional films and shows to include on the roster beginning in August. Ahead, everything else headed to Netflix next month.


Thomasin McKenzie Is Wasting No Time
The star of M. Night Shyamalan’s new thriller, Old, defies the adage that youth is wasted on the young.

Thomasin McKenzie is only 21 years old, but lately she’s been thinking a lot about the passing of time. “I think I’m someone who really struggles to be in the moment,” says the actress, who stars in Old, the new M. Night Shyamalan thriller. Recently, at her father’s urging, McKenzie took up meditation. (Sam Harris’s Waking Up is her favorite guided app.) Working on Old, the story of a family whose tropical island vacation turns terrifying when everyone suddenly begins to age rapidly (their life spans each reduced to a single day), helped put things in perspective too. “It made me think a lot about being present and taking each thing as it comes.”


The Jewish American Bakery Renaissance Is in Full Swing
A new guard of Jewish American eateries is playing with pay-it-forward loaves, Key lime pie hamantaschen, and lots of babka.

Imagine sliding into a comfortable, cracked red booth with a steaming bowl of matzo ball soup. There’s a tray of black-and-white cookies just out of reach, alongside mounds of pleasingly dense rugelach, and, if it’s Shabbat, a sculpture garden of challah. Where else could you be but the iconic Jewish American deli and bakery—that temple of nostalgia, comfort food, and chopped liver?
These institutions are known as mainstays of overstuffed Reubens and lacey latkes. But Judaism isn’t a monolith, and neither are today’s Jewish American bakeries and delis. We live in a world where Chicagoans can feast on cinnamon-scented churro babka from Jewish-Mexican bakery Masa Madre, and it’s a delicious place to be. A new wave of chefs and bakers are creating nostalgic foods with a focus on using local ingredients, beloved regional flavors, and progressive labor practices.


51 Rare Photos From Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ Wedding
People were thrilled when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981. The dress! The ring! They couldn’t get enough of the romance—and you’ve likely seen approximately a million pictures from that day as a result. Still, I dove deep into the archives and managed to find some photos you probably haven’t seen before. Prepare yourself for some serious gems, ahead.


A Decade On, Amy Winehouse’s Goddaughter Remembers Her Beloved Mentor
Singer-songwriter Dionne Bromfield was a child when she first met Amy Winehouse through her mother, who worked in the music industry. The bond they developed was such that Amy not only became her musical mentor, but her honorary godmother. When Amy established her Lioness record label in 2009, Dionne was the first artist she signed. A decade after the star’s untimely death at the age of 27, Dionne pens a heartfelt letter to an irreplaceable mentor – and her biggest champion.


It’s time we talked about the reality of childbirth and stopped censoring the truth
The nature-first idealism dominating modern birth rhetoric is doing no one any favours

I understand the immense benefits of hypnobirthing, and know many friends who have found it not just beneficial but game-changing. I also appreciate that recounting nail-biting emergency landing tales to nervous fliers is both futile and cruel (I prefer this analogy as a nervous flier), but sugar-coating birth with an inflated sense of agency via positive thinking and breathing guidance, with scant regard for chance or NHS resourcing, can be extraordinarily unhelpful and damaging. When you embrace it with the level of conviction that I did, you lose the important skill of independent scrutiny and education. You also feel desperately out of control when things begin to go south.


If the Tokyo Olympics Succeed, It Will Have to Be Because of the Content
The cardboard beds weren’t part of a plot to prevent sex, but it still seems like the only place the athletes can be sure to have fun is on TikTok.

When the general manager of Japan’s Olympic Village first announced the plans for recyclable cardboard beds back in January 2020, it was presented mainly as a win for sustainability. The beds, equipped with high-tech mattresses from Japanese company Airweave that can be customized and sanitized for reuse, do have a slight aura of futuristic cool. But as COVID-19 emerged as an unavoidable part of daily life, disposable products have become synonymous with barely tolerated social distancing and business transactions without any physical contact. The Olympic Village has long had a reputation for its sexually charged atmosphere, and the media response included some leering about the beds’ effects on “gold-medal celebrations.” It was almost inevitable that the sleeping arrangements would go viral when they feel so reflective of the international mood. Rumors that the beds were a part of a complicated ploy to discourage sexual congress soon emerged, a perhaps inevitable development in the pandemic era. But back in January 2020, the village’s general manager, Takashi Kitajima, reassured the world that the furniture could hold up to vigorous activity.


NASA’s InSight Mars lander just gave scientists an unprecedented look at the guts of the red planet. Here’s how they compare to Earth’s.
For the first time, we know what the interior of another planet similar to ours looks like. In a trio of studies published Thursday in the journal Science, an international team of more than 40 scientists revealed how the Mars’s core, mantle, and crust contrast with Earth’s. By analyzing seismic data collected by NASA’s InSight lander on the red planet, the researchers estimated of the size of Mars’s core, the thickness of its crust, and the composition of its mantle (the layer in between).


Drugs, Death and Denial at a Rehab for the Rich
Clients are overdosing at the Red Door, a Hollywood-favored recovery center run by a husband and wife duo whose previous facility was shuttered in scandal: “How many people have to die before these people are stopped?”

Among their most damning allegations: that the sick too often aren’t getting well and clients have unnecessarily died as a result of lax care. Meanwhile, clients and their families have been financially preyed on at their most vulnerable. They believe that the facility’s failures aren’t just the Red Door’s own but highlight the lack of answers and protections in the sector at large, where desperation reigns and the nation’s mental health crisis and opioid epidemic rage on.


See the U.S. Olympic Team’s Gymnastics Uniforms Through the Years
So much red, white, and blue.

You just purchased a ‘TEAM USA’ t-shirt on Etsy, your plans for the next few weeks revolve around sports, and you’re suddenly an expert on the ins and outs of gymnastics scoring. In other words: the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have finally arrived (after a year-long delay!) and the time has come to stan the U.S. gymnastics team. And also their outfits, naturally.
While the looks Olympic athletes wear might not seem like the most important thing ever, for the U.S. gymnastics team, they kinda are! Literal points get deducted if their leotards aren’t perfect, they’re custom-made for each athlete, and they take years to design. Basically, they’re the ultimate mix of style and functionality, and the designers who make them have been doing The Most since back in the 1930s.
This year’s leotards are from GK Elite, and feature 7,600 Swarovski crystals each. “There’s a lot of research and development that goes into it,” Kelly McKeown, the chief design officer for GK Elite, told Cosmopolitan back in 2016. “It’s something you don’t want to rush. If you want to use a new technique, if you want to experiment, then you have to wear-test it, you have to wash-test it, you have to make sure that it’s not going to fail on the competition floor.”
Click through all 50 photos to how the U.S. gymnastics team’s uniforms have evolved over the years!


Suddenly It’s Bare Season
Bras in the parks, skivvies on Fifth Avenue: Is this the logical endpoint of increasingly blurred distinctions between public and private?

Who hasn’t had the nightmare? It’s the one about being caught in public dressed in your undies. Therapists and dream bibles tend to cast these dreams as symbolic expressions of shame or repression. Yet what if the so-called experts are wrong and these dreams are instead a subconscious bid for liberation? Shed the embarrassment along with those constricting outer garments. Go forth proudly in your turtle-print boxers or your Cosabella bra. That is assuredly what a lot of people are doing lately, as many venture forth after 16 months of hibernation with a startling degree of license about what passes for street wear.


Companies that make people return to the office will lose employees
The future of work, according to a remote work expert.

After a year-and-a-half hiatus, many offices will open back up in September. Most companies are asking that employees return on a hybrid basis, meaning they come into the office at least some of the time. But what exactly that will look like is uncertain.
What is certain is that more people will work from home than ever before, and this shift has the potential to disrupt everything from physical office space to the way people feel about work. And as US companies face a hiring crisis, companies that don’t offer remote work could find themselves at a significant disadvantage when it comes to recruiting new talent.


The price of Olympic glory
Olympic athletes are the stars of the show. Why aren’t they paid like it?

There is a ton of money to be made at the Olympics, even in a year like this. NBC has paid $7.7 billion for broadcasting rights to show the Olympics through 2032, and it’s already sold $1.25 billion in ads for the Tokyo games. The Associated Press estimates the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which runs the Olympic Games, stands to make $3 billion to $4 billion on television rights for the delayed 2020 Olympics. One NBC executive said they believe this could be the most profitable Games ever. And yet, much of that wealth won’t be shared with the event’s most valuable assets: the athletes themselves.


We’re getting a British remake of Call My Agent and Phoebe Dynevor is set to guest-star
The cult French TV series followed the exploits of a talent agency in Paris

The British line-up includes Lydia Leonard, Prasanna Puwanarajah, Maggie Steed and Jack Davenport, who are all familiar faces on British television. Meanwhile Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor, Dominic West, Helena Bonham Carter and David Oyelowo are all signed up for celebrity cameos – something made famous by the original series.


22 of the most dazzling new High Jewellery pieces to covet
At Paris Haute Couture Week, alongside catwalks debuting show-stopping gowns, historic jewellery houses unveiled their new High Jewellery masterpieces in the boutiques and showrooms of the Place Vendôme. These rare creations, showcasing the greatest expertise in terms of artistry, savoir faire and gem sourcing are, of course, destined for only the most affluent of clients.





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