T LOunge for July 20th, 2021

Posted on July 20, 2021

Feroz Cocktail Bar and Restaurant – Barcelona, Spain


Darlings, the day calls for lushness and luxury, does it not? For it is TUESDAY, universally recognized as the second-worst day of the week. Surround yourself with fabulousness and fascinating people to ward off the awfulness. There are billionairres in space and the sky is hazy with wildfire smoke. Best to drink and eat your cares away rather than deal with all that mess, yes? At least for a little while. If there’s a motto to every T LOunge, it’s “Reality can wait.”

So while we’re off collecting a day’s worth of distractions in service to that motto, chat amongst yourselves, dolls.


Prince Harry Is Writing a Memoir About Royal Life
The Duke of Sussex’s book is set to be released in the fall of 2022.

Prince Harry is opening up about royal life like never before. The Duke of Sussex is writing a memoir that will detail the “definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped shape him,” according to a press release. Set for a late 2022 release, it will be published by Penguin Random House, with an accompanying audiobook edition. The duke will also be donating proceeds from book sales to charity.
The memoir will reportedly cover everything that has impacted Harry’s life, including being in the public eye, his dedication to service, his time in the military in Afghanistan, and his newfound joy as a husband to Duchess Meghan and becoming a father to their two children, Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor.


Karen Gillan Is Finally Leading An Action Film. But She’s Already Ready For What’s Next.
The star of Netflix’s all-female assassin film, Gunpowder Milkshake, talks leading action movies—and why she’s looking for something outside the genre.

Karen Gillan has found a fitting rhythm as an action and adventure star, jumping from stunt to stunt in major roles for Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Endgame, and Jumanji. Yet rarely has she had the opportunity to prove herself as the singular leading lady, the mega-heroine directors shape their casts and crew around. So after a decade in Hollywood, Gillan’s turn as the protagonist of Gunpowder Milkshake, Netflix’s new all-female assassin film.
“Working with those women was probably the highlight of the whole experience for me. I was able to see their process. Lena Headey was absolutely incredible and really silly. I was particularly starstruck by Angela Bassett, and just getting to see how much gravitas she has as a person and a performer. Carla Gugino, who I was a fan of already from her other work. I had to fight Michelle Yeoh, who’s an action legend, which was just embarrassing.”


Kate Herron Won’t Return For Loki Season 2. But She’s Already Left Her Mark On The MCU.
The director of the hit Marvel Studios Disney+ show walks us through the finale—and shares her hopes as she hands off the reins.

“I have an “emotion Bible” I wrote when I was working on the show to help me track where characters were at different points in the story. With Tom—for example, that speech he gives to Sylvie at the very end of the show? That was something we were working on right up to the day we filmed it. The line, “I just want you to be okay,” that came from Tom. I love that the Loki we have at the end doesn’t want the throne, when in episode one he does.
Something that I thought was cool that I wanted to bookend was: The first thing said to Loki in our show is, “Who are you?” And we end on the same line as well at the very end: “Who are you?” And I think that’s sort of the big question of the whole show.”


The 7 Tools You Need to Cook Lobster Like a Professional
Because summer is the best time to learn how to cook lobster.

We all know that lobster is the star of summer seafood, but lobster recipes can actually be enjoyed all year long. From lobster ravioli to lobster mac and cheese, these crustaceans are totally versatile–they’re just as delicious when grilled on a beach as they are when simmered into a cozy winter meal. With all the fantastic lobster recipes at your fingertips, it’s about time to learn how to cook lobster properly.


A Member of the Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team Has Tested Positive for COVID-19
This positive test is the latest in a series of COVID-related events threatening the success of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reporting 727 new cases on Monday alone and only 21.6% of the Japanese population fully vaccinated against the disease. On Sunday, American tennis star Coco Gauff said she had contracted COVID-19 and would not be competing; international and domestic spectators have already been barred from the Olympics, with some questioning the wisdom of holding the series of athletic events at all while the world is still in the grips of a deadly pandemic.


Juno Temple Paid Homage to Kate Moss at the Ted Lasso Premiere
For Temple, who snagged her first Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress, the positive response to the show reflects how much fun it was making it. “I feel like it’s this crazy circle of life situation. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience making it, so having people say, “I watched this show, and it gave me joy in a time I was finding difficult” is amazing,” she says. “Keeley saved my mental health throughout this past year, so I feel like a fangirl even though I’m in it.” Being in the running for TV’s highest honor is an added bonus.


How Chanel Is Innovating The Museums Of Tomorrow
Building on the legacy of Mademoiselle Chanel as a patron of the arts, the house’s Culture Fund will focus on innovators around the world who are mapping out what’s next.

On 20 June 1924, dancers stepped onto the stage of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées for the premiere of the ballet Le Train Bleu. Performed by Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, the production brought together some of the greatest creators in fashion, the visual arts, music and dance. Bronislava Nijinska did the choreography, Jean Cocteau penned the libretto, Darius Milhaud composed the music, Pablo Picasso designed the grand curtain, while the contemporary costumes – bathers, golfing and tennis player outfits; the antithesis of Romantic tutus typically worn in classical ballets – were designed by none other than Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.
Mademoiselle Chanel had met Diaghilev a few years earlier, at a time when he was attempting to restage The Rite of Spring. He was struggling to find financial backing so she anonymously embarked on her first act of patronage. The house has long supported the arts, but now, more than a century later, it has founded a dedicated global Culture Fund. Launched in March, the fund focuses on “on cultural innovators around the world who are mapping out what’s next and new,” says Yana Peel, Chanel’s head of arts and culture.


“It Was A Line In The Sand For Everyone, Including Myself”: One Vogue Writer Reflects On Changing Their Name After Identifying As Trans
I only started to feel happy once I started offloading the stuff I didn’t need. One of these things was my name. I didn’t have the most “masculine” name before (though, what is a “masculine” name?), but it felt mired in years of gender dysphoria and confusion. I’ve often joked with friends that my old name carried so much gender with it in my mind that it might as well have had a codpiece. After so much back and forth in my brain, so many instances where I had the truth on the tip of my tongue, it felt essential that I renamed myself. If I were being romantic, I might say that it was necessary for my rebirth, but that’s not entirely accurate. Renaming myself was a gift to myself; to claim that agency over my life was incredibly empowering, but it was also political.


Ana de Armas is the Bond woman we need now
The actress on practical haircuts, red-carpet nerves, and becoming a bombshell in Hollywood’s new era

Time may have stood still for many of us in 2020, but for Ana de Armas things couldn’t have moved more swiftly. Since her show-stealing performance in 2019’s Knives Out – no easy feat, considering the weight of the A-list cast – the Cuban-Spanish actress has landed perhaps the two most anticipated female roles in Hollywood right now.
In October – after the pandemic pushed back the original release back by over a year – de Armas will finally hit the big screen as the first Bond woman of our post-Time’s Up era, and the last to star alongside Daniel Craig as the famed secret agent.
If No Time To Die presents de Armas as a Bond woman for the 21st century, her next role will surely cement her reputation for bringing a welcome depth to typically glamorous roles. Due to land on Netflix later this year, Blonde will see the actress transform into Marilyn Monroe for a biographical recount of the original bombshell’s rise to fame.


What’s The Deal With Those Olympic ‘Anti-Sex’ Beds?
Designed to be an environmentally friendly alternative in line with the Olympics’ sustainability pledge, around 18,000 lightweight recycled cardboard beds were made by Japanese bedding company, Airweave, and provided to athletes.
The major sticking point that people have picked up on is how the beds were designed to only support one body and collapse under the weight of two or more people. Officials have insisted that this isn’t about discouraging sex, but considering that the Olympic Village is already dealing with two outbreaks of COVID, it wouldn’t be surprising if they wanted to cut down on intimate interactions.


An Intimate Record of Early-Twentieth-Century Wyoming
Lora Webb Nichols created and collected some twenty-four thousand negatives.

On October 28, 1899, Lora Webb Nichols was at her family’s homestead, near Encampment, Wyoming, reading “Five Little Peppers Midway,” when her beau, Bert Oldman, came to the door to deliver a birthday present. The sixteen-year-old Nichols would marry the thirty-year-old Oldman the following year, and divorce him a decade later. The gift, however—a Kodak camera—would change the course of her life. Between 1899 and her death, in 1962, Nichols created and collected some twenty-four thousand negatives documenting life in her small Wyoming town, whose fortunes boomed and then busted along with the region’s copper mines. What Nichols left behind might be the largest photographic record of this era and region in existence: thousands of portraits, still-lifes, domestic interiors, and landscapes, all made with an unfussy, straightforward, often humorous eye toward the small textures and gestures of everyday life.


How hoarding handbags helped shape my identity
Writer Dino Bonacic opens up about his ‘bag lady’ tendencies, and details how his still-growing collection allowed him to explore and accept who he is

I only stole three times in my life. Once, aged four, I swiped a lollipop from my local corner shop. The second time was a couple years later when I nicked half my friend’s Barbie accessories collection of mini-shoes and matching bags. The final time was when I was eight, and happened much closer to home. After eyeing it up for a couple of years, I decided it was my turn to get a hold of my mum’s fanciest shoulder bag – crafted from soft navy Italian leather, its chunky silver hardware was both subtle and statement-making.
Surprisingly, it took a few months for my mum to figure out where her ‘going out’ bag was hiding. When she found it, though, it was too late. The bag was scratched all over and had lost its structured trapezoid shape after being squeezed into my secret box every day after I paraded it down the imaginary catwalk of my bedroom. I can’t really remember what my punishment for this terrible crime was, but it was indeed strong enough to suppress my love of women’s bags… for another decade or so.


Welcome to the age of billionaire joy rides to space
Today, Blue Origin is launching its first flight with humans aboard, including billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is flying straight to the border of space. If all goes well, the billionaire — carried in a rocket built by his space flight company Blue Origin and accompanied by three fellow space tourists — will join a small but growing number of people who have traveled to space but aren’t professionally trained astronauts.
Bezos’s planned trip is a big deal for Blue Origin — although its New Shepard rocket, named after the first American to visit space, Alan Shepard, has already had 15 successful test flights. Tuesday will be the first time the rocket carries humans to space. But more importantly, the journey signals that the era of civilian space tourism is officially here — or at least it is for the very wealthy.


Gen Z doesn’t know a world without fast fashion
Why do we expect teenagers to out-thrift major retailers?

Millions of Americans, specifically those born around or after the year 2000, have never inhabited a world without fast fashion. They became shoppers at the height of its boom: Retailers like ASOS drop at least 5,000 new styles a week, and Shein offers 700 to 1,000 new styles daily. And while these young shoppers are increasingly wary of the evils of fast fashion, they have little room to protest. They buy what’s available, and what’s available is generally fast.


Don’t assume your iPhone is safe from hackers
The Pegasus spyware leak shows that iPhones are vulnerable to hacks, too.

If you were paying attention to the news over the weekend, you might have heard something about “Pegasus.” In this case, Pegasus is not a mythical flying horse, but powerful phone-hacking spyware sold by an Israeli company that’s allegedly been used to snoop on journalists, politicians, activists, and even business executives around the world. But if you don’t fall into those categories or are otherwise unlikely to be the target of a sophisticated hacking operation, how any of this directly applies to you may not be so obvious.


Why Cliveden has been a hotbed of intrigue for centuries
As the lineup for this year’s Cliveden Literary Festival is announced, Natalie Livingstone, its chairman, looks back to a glamorous weekend house party at the Berkshire estate – when a chance meeting beside a swimming pool led to the toppling of a government, a new era of tabloid press and the crumbling of the old establishment. But, says Livingstone, the estate is used to witnessing seismic moments in history

The most notorious swimming pool in the country is hidden inside a walled garden in Berkshire. It’s a quiet spot for private reflection, as I discovered after my husband bought Cliveden in 2012. Above the pale blue water rises a 19th-century clock tower, its gilded faces staring out at the surrounding countryside as if determined to overlook the amenity that lies yards from its base. This is the pool from which 19-year-old Christine Keeler emerged in the summer of 1961, climbing out of the water and into the hungry gaze of a secretary of state for war whose name is now a byword for political scandal: John Profumo.


Can a Yarn Store Be a Place of Healing?
Crafting surged during the pandemic. But experts believe there are benefits to up-close-and-personal crafting that an online quilting class just can’t replicate.

Unlike so many small businesses, Downtown Yarns, Leti Ruiz’s yarn store in New York’s East Village, managed to make it through the pandemic intact. A surge in interest in crafting — including knitting and crocheting, the store’s specialties — brought both returning and new customers in search of comfort and distraction. When people were stuck at home, patrons placed orders over the phone or through Instagram and a friend of the store made deliveries to all five boroughs. In the end, the store actually fared better financially in 2020, Ms. Ruiz said, than it had in 2019. Now, however, Ms. Ruiz is facing a new landscape: the unknown world of post-pandemic crafting. “It’s sort of slowed down because people are going back to work or they’re traveling,” she said. “So I feel like now it’s more like regular times.”




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