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Posted on July 19, 2021

L’Atlantique Bar and Restaurant – Saint Jean de Luz, France


Today’s LOunge is perfect for whatever time of the day you enter it; from morning cocktails to sunset snacks. If you get there early enough, you can spend the whole day moving from seat to seat as the sun slowly rolls through. Let’s do that. Fuck Monday.

We power-cleaned our place and had actual guests over, which is yet another thing checked off the “return to normal” checklist even as it becomes increasingly clear that we’re all still pretty far from normal, whatever that even means anymore. We never truly abandoned mask-wearing, although we relaxed it quite a bit when we went to Las Vegas (giving Tom his first cold in two years), but upon the advice of family members in healthcare (as in, on the Covid Unit and vaccination fronts for the last 15 months), we’re returning to full-time indoor mask-wearing. Those variants are no joke and even if our fully vaccinated asses are fairly protected, we’re still living in the one place Americans have the absolute most difficult time existing: a gray area. There are more things unknown than known and while we have no plans to return to lockdown, we see no problem keeping the masks on for the rest of the year.

Anyway, sorry to get preachy on your asses on a Monday, but as much as we take our responsibility to distract you very seriously, sometimes you’ve just gotta acknowledge reality, if only briefly, before the cocktails arrive.


Shailene Woodley on Why She Doesn’t “Live and Breathe Acting” and New Romances On and Off Screen: “I Love Love So Much!”
The actress talks about battling a secret “physically dominating” illness, why she became closer to fiance Aaron Rodgers during the pandemic and her new Netflix adaptation ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover.’

“I said no to a lot of projects, not because I wanted to but because I physically couldn’t participate in them. And I definitely suffered a lot more than I had to because I didn’t take care of myself. The self-inflicted pressure of not wanting to be helped or taken care of created more physical unrest throughout those years.” Woodley says her health is improving but that the experience left a lasting mark on her. “I’m on the tail end of it, which is very exciting, but it’s an interesting thing, going through something so physically dominating while also having so many people pay attention to the choices you make, the things you say, what you do, what you look like,” she says. “It spun me out for a while. You feel so incredibly isolated and alone. Unless someone can see that you have a broken arm or a broken leg, it’s really difficult for people to relate to the pain that you’re experiencing when it’s a silent, quiet and invisible pain.”


We Need to See More Parents Having Abortions in Film and Television
Parents are the most common abortion patients yet storylines about the medical choice almost always revolve around single teens.

Countless studies have highlighted the importance of representation in the media, be it race, gender, relationships, body size and shape, mental health, or disability status. The same is true of abortion—a safe medical procedure one in four women (as well as trans men and non-binary people) will have by the time they’re 45. But accurate depictions of the most common abortion patients, parents, is still severely lacking—to the detriment of mothers like Winston and the abortion providers who care for them.


Julia Haart Left Her Ultra-Orthodox Community And Became A CEO. Now She’s A Reality TV Star.
In seven years, with no formal training, Julia Haart has executed the rebrand of a lifetime: The fashion mogul launched her own line of high heels, became the creative director of the luxury lingerie brand La Perla, and took over as chief executive of Elite World Group, an international network of modeling and talent agencies representing the likes of Kendall Jenner and Adut Akech. From the outside, her notoriety seemed meteoric. But what most people didn’t know was that Haart worked for years to leave her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and strike out on her own. Now, in the new Netflix reality show My Unorthodox Life, she’s finally ready to share it all.


The 50 Greatest Cannes Film Festival Looks of All-Time
What makes a Cannes Film Festival look iconic? The annual event, which celebrates its 74th anniversary this year, is known for its couture-clad guests, but you don’t make a splash there without going the extra mile. Just as the festival’s top prizes celebrate cinema’s most innovative and audacious talents, its red carpet rewards boldness and irreverence. At Cannes, celebrities are expected to create a moment.


Meet Emilia Jones, Star of the Heartwarming Hit of the Summer
CODA has been breaking boundaries since it bowed at Sundance at the start of this year. Siân Heder’s moving coming-of-age saga about a teen torn between family obligations and her own ambitions was met with rave reviews, acquired by Apple for a record-setting $25 million, became the first movie in history to win all of the festival’s top prizes in the U.S. dramatic category and is poised to head into 2022 as a leading Oscar contender. It may come as a surprise, then, that in some ways the film is a rather conventional high-school comedy—it features a spirited best friend character, a blushing crush, and a flamboyant, encouraging music teacher—but in other ways, it’s far from it.


Jason Sudeikis On His Viral Jumper In Support Of England’s Strikers
“The idea struck me the day before our show’s premiere,” says Sudeikis. “I just felt it was necessary to use the platform of our big, fancy ‘worldwide premiere’ to try and personify our show’s support of those three young men,” he says. “Which is why I chose to put their three first names on the sweatshirt. The names their parents gave them.”


50 Photographs That Prove Princess Caroline Is One Of Europe’s Most Stylish Royals
The eldest daughter of Grace Kelly and Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, Caroline Louise Marguerite Grimaldi was born with all the makings of a fashion darling. Combining the stately charm of Monégasque royalty with the glamour of a Hollywood heiress, the philanthropist and keen equestrian didn’t take long to step into the role of style pin-up.
Throughout her teenage years, in the ’70s, the princess breathed new life into the royal style template, as her mother had before her. Adept at emulating Kelly’s elegance with evening gowns for society events within the principality, state occasions alike saw her inject personality – often via outré accessorises and lashings of striking jewellery – into classic gowns from Marc Bohan at Dior and Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino Garavani. Off-duty, meanwhile, denim cut-offs and bandanas were key summer styling tricks.


Celebrities Who Look Scarily Similar To Their Children, From Reese Witherspoon To Serena Williams
The apple really didn’t fall far from the tree for these famous offspring

From Gigi and Bella Hadid to Ava Phillippe and Blue Ivy, it’s not hard to see who’s who when it come to matching children to their famous parents.
Red carpet events and luxury fashion shows often provide the perfect opportunity for A-listers to take their famous offspring with them and enjoy the perks of stardom while getting in some quality family time.
Whether it’s Brooklyn Beckham ‘stealing’ his famous dad’s clothes or Kaia Gerber sharing her mother’s love of all things catwalk, runway and fancy dress, who better for these famous A-list children to look to for sartorial guidance than their elders?


‘Grease’ Prequel ‘Rise of the Pink Ladies’ Gets Series Order at Paramount Plus
The “Grease” prequel takes place four years before Sandy and Danny’s relationship throws Rydell High into a tailspin. Before rock ‘n’ roll ruled and before the T-Birds were the coolest guys in school, four fed-up, outcast girls dare to have fun on their own terms and spark a moral panic that will change Rydell High forever. The hour-long musical comedy will highlight the rise of the original four Pink Ladies— Rizzo, Jan, Marty and Frenchy— long before they had to whip into shape the clean-cut new girl from Australia.


Getting to the Heart of “Provence Style”
A new book from Vendome Press explores decades of laid-back, light-filled homes in the southern French region.

Provence, the French region known for its lavender fields, charming villages, and rugged Mediterranean coastline, has a distinctive energy all its own. A universe away from the glamour and grandiosity of Paris—which tends to dominate American imaginations when it comes to the definition of “French style”—Provence is all about sunlight, fresh air, and the sounds and scents of nature.


Original David Bowie album artworks are up for grabs in an online auction
Designs, original photographs, sculptures and more by artist Edward Bell are on display in the new sale

A series of artworks created by the artist Edward Bell, after he was commissioned by David Bowie to create the album artwork for the musician’s 1980 album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), are up for sale in a new online auction.
Comprising original designs, portraits, photography, and sculpture, the works are taken from Bell’s personal collection, sold in partnership with Halls Fine Art auction house and the Dory Gallery in Wales. Many also include signatures and comments penned by the musician.


The new Anthony Bourdain doc is ethically thorny but worth watching
Roadrunner grapples with the beloved chef’s legacy.
Bourdain isn’t here to comment on his own life, but the filmmakers dug up a lot of footage from his shows and TV interview appearances, plus B-roll and videos shot by family and friends, which makes it feel as though Bourdain was intimately involved with the movie anyway. The screen is full of him, looking out onto a lush landscape from a plane or firing snark at a producer or sitting on the ground in a family’s home or downing the beating heart of a cobra in a restaurant.


The wellness world’s conspiracy problem is linked to Orientalism
East and South Asian medical traditions have been appropriated and misinterpreted in the West, sometimes for political gain.

For decades, many health and medicinal practices have been exported from Asia to the West, including yoga, ayurveda, reiki, and aspects of traditional Chinese medicine such as cupping, gua sha, and acupuncture. Such traditions are often categorized under the “alternative medicine” or “New Age” umbrella — vague terms that conflate different philosophical and medical systems into a uniquely Western mishmash of ideas. The nuance and history of these traditions, however, don’t exactly get first billing when they go viral.


The Queen Mother glued to Dad’s Army the night before. Charles’s ‘knock ’em dead’ note to Diana.
14-year-old David Cameron camped out in The Mall. Forty years on, everything you didn’t know about the wedding of the century
In glorious July sunshine, the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, 40 years ago this month, provided Britain with a rare blast of celebration during a difficult summer.
Nearly ten per cent of the British workforce was unemployed, interest rates were over 14 per cent, and both were rising. There had been four months of sporadic rioting across England, in places such as Brixton, South London, Handsworth in Birmingham, and Liverpool’s Toxteth. The Government was locked in a battle with Irish Republican hunger strikers – six of whom, including Bobby Sands, had died.
On July 29, 1981, more than 600,000 people lined the streets of London. The wedding reached a global TV audience of 750 million viewers in 74 countries, including 28.4 million in Britain. In the words of one of the bridesmaids, India Hicks, ‘everyone was looking for a fairy tale’.


Why adopting a rescue dog is so hard right now
Adopting used to be a good thing that good people could do. These days, you’re probably not good enough.
The rescue dog is now, indisputably, a luxury good, without a market pricing system at work to manage demand. A better analogy might be an Ivy League admissions office. But even Harvard isn’t forced to be as picky as, say, Korean K9 Rescue, whose average monthly applications tripled in 2020.

And yet someone has to pick the winners — often an unpaid millennial Miss Hannigan doling out a precious number of wet-nosed Orphan Annies to wannabe Daddy Warbuckses and thus empowered to judge the intentions and poop-scooping abilities of otherwise accomplished urban professionals, some of whom actually did go to Harvard.




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