Sarah Jessica Parker on the “And Just Like That” Set

Posted on July 28, 2021

Look, if nothing else, the production of And Just Like That is giving us plenty of discussable fashion. And by that we mean that Carrie Bradshaw is back on her bullshit. And by THAT we mean that once again, nothing she’s wearing goes with anything else she’s wearing.


We suppose there were two ways to go with Carrie, in terms of how to dress the character in her middle age. You could either lean into the trend-chasing and make her look like a tragic fashion victim in the Edina Monsoon mold or you could lean into the “quirky, Boho, moneyed New Yorker” vibe. The latter seems more appropriate to Carrie (it’s pretty much SJP’s preferred style) and probably offers more interesting ensembles to feature onscreen.

There’s a third option that would never have yielded much interest: Aging socialite. They could’ve put her in a bunch of Schiaparelli suits and Carolina Herrera day dresses, but where would the fun have been in that? Regardless of whether you think this series needs to happen, there’s no version of Carrie’s story that winds up with her being responsible and respectable in her style.


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