Heidi Klum Promotes “Making The Cut” in Zimmermann

Posted on July 01, 2021

The Heidster is here to remind you that Making the Cut is coming back soon – which is good, because we kinda forgot about it. Oh, and we should warn you about the upcoming scrolldown surprise.



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Were you surprised? That top half looks way more like a dress than a jumpsuit. It’s a cute look, but we think the floral motif is both overdone and too busy. Edit them out of the yoke and placket and this would be a perfect design in our eyes. Too bad the top doesn’t seem to fit her very well.





Sure. Okay. We guess. The thing is, a fashion reality competition is looking increasingly stale in 2021 and we can’t say the first season of Making the Cut managed to do anything fresh with the idea. It just looked really expensive, thanks to all those Amazon dollars raining down on them. And we hate to say it, but Tim and Heidi both came off insufferable. We’ll be checking in of course, but we won’t claim we’re eagerly awaiting the premiere.



Style Credits:
Zimmermann Floral Jumpsuit with Belt

Styled by Rob Zangardi + Mariel Haenn | Hair by Lorenzo Martin | Makeup by Linda Hay


[Photo Credit: Heidi Klum/Instagram/@heidiklum – Video Credit: Amazon Prime Video
via YouTube]

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