The Stars of HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” Reboot at the New York Premiere

Posted on July 01, 2021

Darlings, we don’t know who most of these people are, but the kind folks at HBO PR have done a lovely job of filling us in. We’re not likely to be catching the new Gossip Girl (seeing as how we never caught the old one), but we are impressed by this cast’s commitment to serving lewks, even if some of them are a weensy bit cray. Let’s introduce them all to the world of red carpet judgment! Welcome, fauxteens!


Jordan Alexander in Wiederhoeft

Here’s that cray part we warned you about, although you probably figured that out on your own. She’s got an amazing look – the hair and makeup in combination are chef’s-kiss perfect – but we cannot sign off on that outfit. The bustier’s fine. In order to tell you what our issues are with the rest of it, we need only describe it: Low-slung harem pants with a sheer overlay, lace hems and hip bows. We trust our point has been made. On the other hand, she got the lengthiest response in this post, so… mission accomplished.


Eli Brown in Thom Browne

This is a cute summer suit but the jacket’s too small on him and the last thing it needs is a sweater.



Thomas Doherty in Givenchy

Love it. It feels modern and chic. We don’t mind the competing whites because they’re clearly deliberate and coordinated. Love the kicks.



Tavi Gevinson in Stella McCartney

Meh. She seems determined to become less interesting as she gets older. This is all fine, but borderline-generic and the hairstyle is really aging.



Emily Alyn Lind in Gucci

Love the rocker-chic head styling, which almost saves the outfit from looking completely cater-waiter. Instead, she looks like a cool girl who works as a cater waiter.



Evan Mock in Gucci

Love the textiles, but the cut of that jacket doesn’t look right to us. And we’d have thought a look like this called for funkier shoes than those.



Zion Moreno in Giorgio Armani

That skirt and bodice don’t look they know each other.



Savannah Lee Smith in Louis Vuitton

Gotta respect a gal who knows she’s hot and keeps the look simple enough to highlight that. It’s not particularly interesting as fashion, but she looks great.


Whitney Peak in Chanel 

We’re two queens who love a good fashion cape, but a) this one looks like it came from the Halloween aisle at CVS and b) this outfit would look better without it.



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