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Posted on June 03, 2021

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Today is THURSDAY, which we have just decided is a high holy day of the week. Let’s all head to church, kittens! And by that we mean let’s hunker down in a cool, dark, swanky LOunge with an ecclesiastical vibe to it; a place where we can confess our sins, judge other people’s sins, and maybe commit a few new ones to add to the list.

Our June is quickly turning into a fun one because we’ve got a trip to Las Vegas to talk about our book and a trip to D.C. to do the same, plus we’re doing a virtual event with an LGBTQ history organization. We’ll be announcing the details on the latter two shortly but for the longest time (and by that we mean THE LONGEST TIME aka the past year), we never knew if any book-related events were ever going to happen, let alone fun, fabulous ones. With haircuts, family reunions and restaurants checked off our return-to-normal list, we’re starting to get the itch to travel and we’re super-excited to have the chance to do so soon.

Anyway, we’re off to the content meadow, which is largely overgrown with weeds this week as we wait for the pop culture engine to kick into gear again. Chat amongst yourselves, dolls!


Lily James’s Pam Anderson Transformation Is Unreal
Hulu is set to dive into one of the most iconic—and scandalous—celebrity couples of the modern era with the new limited series Pam & Tommy. Starring Lily James as actress Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan as drummer Tommy Lee, the project, directed by I, Tonya’s Craig Gillespie, follows the duo’s whirlwind relationship and the bombshell leak of their honeymoon sex tape.


The Enduring Power of Moulin Rouge!, 20 Years Later
Baz Luhrmann’s over-the-top film provided the perfect fantasy for an uncomplicated time.

When Moulin Rouge! was released, the film encapsulated excess at a moment when it was reaching newfound heights. Google was three years old, and people were becoming spoiled by the boundless information that an all-knowing search engine could provide. Apple was on track to debut its first-generation iPod, laying the groundwork for the technology that, in just a few years’ time, would quite literally enable everyone to have the world at their fingertips.


Princess Diana’s Iconic Wedding Gown Is Now on Display at Kensington Palace
Fans can see the lavish dress in person at the new fashion exhibition, “Royal Style in the Making.”

The world can see Princess Diana’s wedding gown in real life again.
The iconic dress, which Diana wore when she married Prince Charles in 1981, is officially on display at Kensington Palace as part of its latest exhibition, “Royal Style in the Making.” Though the presentation doesn’t open to the public until tomorrow, June 3, images have been released, giving potential visitors a stunning first peek.


‘We All Have a Role to Play’: The Fight Against Anti-Transgender Legislation
During a record-breaking year for state legislative attacks against the transgender community, ELLE turned to experts and activists for a roundtable discussion about how we got here—and where the fight goes next.

It only took a few months for 2021 to be declared the worst year in U.S. history for state legislative attacks against the LGBTQ community and a record-breaking year for anti-transgender legislation. By April, state legislatures had introduced more than 100 bills aimed at restricting the rights of transgender people, with most falling into two buckets: bills aimed at blocking transgender young people from playing on sports teams consistent with their gender identity, usually under the argument of keeping women’s sports fair, and bills aimed at blocking transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming medical care.


Secrets of Royal Style Revealed as Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress Goes on Display
Exhibit Royal Style in the Making explores the relationship between five significant royal designers and the clothes they made for the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana from 1930 to 1990.

The exhibit Royal Style in the Making explores the relationship between five significant royal designers and the clothes they made for the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana from 1930 to 1990. Also on show are sketches, letters, prototypes and interviews which tell the behind the scenes story of the collaborations leading up to some of the biggest royal fashion moments.


22 Dried Foods Chefs Always Have in Their Pantries
You can never go wrong with seaweed, shrimp, and spicy beef jerky.

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s the power of a well-stocked pantry. One simple ingredient can be the game-changer to make a quick pantry meal feel as well thought-out as Sunday night supper. From shrimp to seaweed, here are the dried staples your favorite chefs always have on hand at home.


Netflix has announced a sequel to the Sherlock Holmes spinoff starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill.
Millie Bobby Brown will return for more Victorian-era action as Sherlock’s younger sister in Enola Holmes 2. Telling the tale of the lesser known crime-fighting Holmes, the first movie garnered an estimated 76 million views after its September 2020 premiere.
It’s still unknown if other original cast members such as Sam Claflin (of The Hunger Games and Peaky Blinders fame), who played Mycroft Holmes, or Helena Bonham Carter, who played their mother, will appear in the sequel.
“I can’t wait to collaborate again with my Enola Holmes family!,” Brown said in the release. “Enola holds a special place in my heart–she’s strong, fearless, intelligent and brave. I look forward to fans seeing how her journey continues!”


Beloved White House Butler Retires After Nearly a Half Century of Service
William “Buddy” Carter worked across ten presidential administrations for 47 years.

There are few individuals in Washington DC who are adored by both political parties—William “Buddy” Carter is one of those people. Carter has worked as a butler between Blair House, the presidential guest house, and the White House for over four decades. Carter is now retiring from his post, spurring congratulatory remarks from a number of influential figures.
Carter began working at Blair House 47 years ago, where he served for 15 years. He then headed the White House Executive Residence, becoming one of just six butlers on staff. Carter worked on the residence staff of seven presidents, beginning with Ronald Reagan. He is beloved by first families of both parties—he attended both Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush’s weddings.


Business Up Front With a Party in Back, the Mullet Returns (Really)
If you type “mullets are” into Google, a compelling list of thought finishers pops up: hot, ugly, weird, cool. Few hairstyles are as polarizing as the business-up-front, party-in-back optical illusion featuring a straight-on short cut that is quickly betrayed by cascading longer lengths down the neck. It provokes such strong feelings that the look has actually been argued over by legislators—banned in Iran in 2010 and forbidden in an Australian school just this March for being “untidy” and “nonconventional.”
But unusual times call for unusual haircuts. As the vaccine effort ramps up, hairstylists are reporting that their novelty-starved clients, emerging from a year in quarantine, are eager to embrace the drastic, statement-making style, which is fast becoming a symbol for this post­apocalyptic era and its promise for rebirth.


Meet 3 Women Working on the Frontline of Ocean Conservation
Recognizing that the oceans are “the birthplace of all life on the planet,” and that the planet will die without them, Canadian environmentalist Paul Watson established in 1977 what is now the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Its mission? To defend, conserve and protect the world’s oceans using direct action. Through its fleet of 10 boats, Sea Shepherd implements international campaigns, including Operation Milagro (meaning miracle in Spanish)—an effort to save the vaquita porpoise, the most endangered marine mammal—investigating illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing; a marine debris clearing operation; and research into the elusive beaked whale.
Ahead of World Oceans Day on June 8, we speak to three women who were willing to do just that. Here, they discuss their work with Sea Shepherd and why they’re hopeful that the world can come together to enable the oceans to flourish once again.


Christina Hendricks: ‘We were critically acclaimed – and everyone wanted to ask me about my bra’
In 2007, she appeared as Joan Holloway in Mad Men. She played the role for the next eight years, her character growing around the depth she brought to it, until by season seven she was almost the central part. In the early 2010s, Hendricks was talked about constantly, although she says the original focal points of obsession were the male characters: “Men started dressing like Don Draper and Roger Sterling. Suits came back in, skinny ties came back in. It took three to four seasons and then all of a sudden people wanted us [the female stars] on magazines. We were like: ‘This is strange – we’ve been doing this for a while.’”
Hendricks, along with January Jones, who played Betty Draper, came to represent so much. There was a great deal of rumination on their physicality, Jones as elegant as an afghan hound, Hendricks like the pin-up painted on the side of a bomber. What did it mean, people asked, that in the middle of the 20th century there were multiple ideals of the female form, whereas in the 21st century there was only one? How did that complicate the perception of gender equality as a steady march towards the light?


Ellie Kemper was once crowned queen of a debutante ball called the Veiled Prophet — here’s what to know about its racist past
Ellie Kemper, who is best known for roles in Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “The Office,” is at the center of a controversy surrounding her involvement in an annual debutante ball held in St. Louis, Missouri. On Monday, a photograph resurfaced online that showed the actress being crowned as the “1999 Veiled Prophet Queen of Love and Beauty” when she was 19. Shortly after the photos resurfaced, some locals began to point out that the annual event was once exclusively held for the city’s wealthy white elite and excluded Black members for decades.


Hollywood Costume Designers Reveal the Best Thrift Sources for Finding Movie-Worthy Looks
The designers behind ‘The Prom,’ ‘Mank,’ ‘Lovecraft Country,’ ‘Westworld’ and ‘Barb & Star Go to Vista del Mar’ share go-to spots for vintage finds.

Five top Hollywood costume designers — the creatives behind the looks of The Prom, Mank, Lovecraft Country, Westworld and Barb & Star Go to Vista del Mar — share their top picks and tricks for shopping and renting screen-worthy garments.
Unsurprisingly, Hollywood costume designers turn to local vintage shows, film-friendly designer vintage boutiques, and fabric emporiums to uncover pieces for telling each character’s story through fashion.
The Prom costume designer Lou Eyrich tells The Hollywood Reporter that the alfresco Pickwick Vintage Show and A Current Affair pop-up markets offer “so many options under one roof. Also, some of my most treasured finds have come from The Way We Wore,” the high-end vintage boutique helmed by Doris Raymond.


Discover Bridgerton’s lavish filming locations in this sumptuous new book
‘Bridgerton’s England’ delves behind the scenes to uncover the real-life settings used for the Netflix sensation

Following its Netflix debut on Christmas Day 2020, few who watched the opulent period drama remained immune to what’s been dubbed the ‘Bridgerton effect’. From the rise of ‘Regencycore’ interiors to a spike in internet searches for corsets, it’s safe to say we’ve all gone Bridgerton mad. Now, fans of the hit show will be able to indulge their obsession further thanks to a new book, Bridgerton’s England, which explores the stunning filming locations used to bring the Bridgerton world to life on screen.





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