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Posted on June 23, 2021

Lolita Eipprova Café & Patisserie – Ljubljana, Slovenia


For today’s LOunge, Lorenzo went for a chic, end-of-the-world sort of vibe. A year ago, we probably would have found this setting a little depressing, but today it just feels … we don’t know… sort of shabby chic. It could use more comfortable seating, but we bet the conversations are deep, lively and loud. It’s WEDNESDAY, so get on in there and celebrate the hump of it all.

Just a reminder that we’re going to be sitting down virtually with The History Project: Documenting LGBTQ Boston tomorrow evening and there’s still time to RSVP to get your (free!) virtual ticket.We’d love to see you kittens there! Also, don’t forget we’ll be in D.C. this weekend and Las Vegas a week from today if you want to see our big faces in person. We’re all atizzy and atingle over here and there is much preparing and packing happening, but we’re still heading off to the content farm to tend to today’s crop. Talk amongst yourselves!


At 72, Meryl Streep Is Still Queen Of Fresh Beauty Looks
In The Devil Wears Prada it was Miranda Priestley’s immaculately coiffed silver quiff; Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again saw her with the freshest skin and long, tousled locks; and who could forget the sculpted glamour of Madeline Ashton in Death Becomes Her? There’s no doubt that Meryl Streep, who is 72 today, is a master at shapeshifting on screen – physically as well as emotionally. As for her own beauty signature? She has always favoured an immaculate, alabaster complexion, often choosing to wear lighter peachy tones to enhance her skin tone, while experimenting with darker colours around her eyes for definition.
Always admirably forward-thinking when it comes to ageing in the film industry, Streep has financially supported screenwriting labs for women over 40 – the age at which many in Hollywood write off female actors as “too old”. “I remember as I was hovering around 40, I thought each movie would be my last, really,” she previously told WSJ magazine in 2016. “And all the evidence of other 40-year-old women at that time – this is 27 years ago – would lead you to believe it was over.” To mark her birthday, British Vogue revisits Meryl’s very best beauty looks from over the years.


The Remarkable Stories Behind The Two Most Iconic Vogue Photographs Ever Taken
When Vogue 100: A Century of Style, a large-scale and far-ranging historical exhibition celebrating Vogue’s first 100 years, opened at London’s National Portrait Gallery in the spring of 2016, it was the culmination of five years of research. As chief curator, I pored over every issue of the magazine, over 1,500 and counting. As far as we could for the early decades, we wanted to go right back to the very prints that Vogue had published all those years ago. If they were torn, abraded or otherwise displayed the patina of age, then so much the better, we thought, for this was the very stuff of Vogue, its history.


‘Snow White’: ‘West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler To Play Title Role In Disney’s Live-Action Adaptation Of Animated Classic
Although her upcoming breakout role as Maria in Steven Spielberg’s new retelling of West Side Story doesn’t bow until December, Rachel Zegler already appears to have found her next big role. Sources tell Deadline that Zegler is set to star as Snow White in Disney’s live-action adaptation of the film that started it all for the studio’s legendary slate of animated features. Marc Webb will direct, with Marc Platt producing. Production is expected to start in 2022.
“Rachel’s extraordinary vocal abilities are just the beginning of her gifts,” Webb said. “Her strength, intelligence and optimism will become an integral part of rediscovering the joy in this classic Disney fairytale.”


A bride-to-be went viral on TikTok after sharing a letter to her bridesmaids detailing ‘mandatory’ wedding commitments
A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing a letter she wrote to her bridesmaids explaining what was expected of them.
Lisa Torres, 29, got engaged to Alex Cortes, her boyfriend, in April. To prepare for the wedding, Torres said, she sent a “bridesmaid proposal box” to her bridal party that included the two-page letter. Lisa Torres, 29, got engaged to Alex Cortes, her boyfriend, in April. To prepare for the wedding, Torres said, she sent a “bridesmaid proposal box” to her bridal party that included the two-page letter.


Chris Noth Shares Why He Was “Hesitant” to Reprise His Role as Mr. Big on Sex and the City‘s Reboot
“I didn’t really feel I had anything to offer in that role again,” the actor shared.

Chris Noth, of Sex and the City fame, revealed the reason why he was initially apprehensive about taking part in the show’s upcoming reboot, And Just Like That…
Noth, who starred in HBO’s Emmy-winning dramedy series as Mr. Big, the longtime lover of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, explained that he was initially uncertain about whether he would bring something worthy and new to his reprised role. “It was a little bit of a sort of creative negotiation because I didn’t really feel I had anything to offer in that role again,” Noth said in an interview with Yahoo! published Sunday. “It kind of felt like I had done it.”


Has the Pandemic Fundamentally Changed the Way Women Think About Drinking?
Like the many women I spoke to for this article, nearly a year and a half at home made me reassess my alcohol consumption, which had been largely on autopilot since I drank my first Smirnoff Ice in high school. I’ve always been a social drinker, mimicking the ingestion level of those around me. In college, that meant binge-drinking on the weekends; afterwards it meant catching up with friends over a few rounds a couple of times a week. I’ve never been one to drink alone at home, and now that my hangovers reflect my age, I rarely see the point. In recent years, chronic migraines forced me to adjust my drinking habits significantly, but it took the pandemic pause for me to really cut back and see the subsequent reduction in my frequency of attacks. It’s only been in recent weeks, post-vaccination, that my boundaries have begun wavering as social temptations creep back.


Sharon Stone On Healing Through Her New Memoir, Hollywood and the Idolization of Meryl Streep
“The business was set up that we should all envy and admire Meryl because only Meryl got to be the good one. And everyone should compete against Meryl. I think Meryl is an amazingly wonderful woman and actress. But in my opinion, quite frankly, there are other actresses equally as talented as Meryl Streep. The whole Meryl Streep iconography is part of what Hollywood does to women.”
“I hear you,” I start to say, but Stone is on a roll. She starts listing names. “Viola Davis is every bit the actress Meryl Streep is. Emma Thompson. Judy Davis. Olivia Colman. Kate Winslet, for f***’s sake. But you say Meryl and everybody falls on the floor.”


An abandoned 16th-century Spanish church was transformed into a dream home with a 2-story loft and a bedroom in the bell tower
Built in 1530, a Spanish church located among the wooded hillsides of the northern Basque Country sat in near ruin until Tas Careaga happened across the building in 2016. As an interior designer and photographer, Careaga had completed several projects before setting his sights on the abandoned church. “I wanted to take it to the next level,” Careaga wrote on his website. “So I searched for an abandoned building for a long time. One day I saw advertised an old church in ruins and I bought it.”


25 classic British foods that might sound unappealing to Americans
The UK has a number of local dishes that might sound unappetizing to those across the pond. From black pudding to “toad in the hole,” these British dishes taste better than they sound. Marmite, a salty spread made from yeast extract, is polarizing to many people.


Welcome to the New Golden Age of Nightlife
A global pandemic, it turns out, is fertile ground for DIY dance-floor ingenuity.

The connection between dance music and large-scale public crises extends back to the Roaring Twenties, a period of prosperity and debauchery following the deadly Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and World War I. It was a time of young flapper girls experiencing the commixed pleasures of automobiles, cheap booze, and shortened skirts; underground drag balls, which would later give rise to the “Pansy Craze,” as the resurgence of gay nightlife in the late 1920s and early 1930s was known; hot spots like the Cotton Club in Harlem, where Duke Ellington was bandleader, which hosted music and dancing until the early morning hours; and other culture-defining nightlife venues, where many of the towering Black jazz greats of the ’20s and ’30s put on a show. The word “party” is said to have first been used as a verb by the American poet E.E. Cummings, in a 1922 letter detailing how he had “partied” in Paris.


The Women Who Want to Be Priests
They feel drawn by God to the calling—and won’t let the Vatican stop them.

Soline Humbert was a seventeen-year-old studying history and politics at Trinity College in Dublin when she first felt a calling to enter the priesthood. She did not welcome it. A cradle Catholic who was born and raised in France, Humbert knew that in the Roman Catholic Church only men could be priests—it was an indisputable rule anchored in official teachings and traditions. This was in the early nineteen-seventies, and in other religions, and in society at large, women’s roles were being recast under the influence of second-wave feminism. Most of the major Protestant denominations had already either recognized the ordination of women or were moving toward it. Reform Judaism had just ordained its first female rabbi. But the Catholic Church, so ingrained with symbols, held fast to the notion that a priest must bear a physical resemblance to Christ in order to stand in persona Christi.


Marijuana legalization has won
Marijuana legalization is sweeping states from Connecticut to New Mexico. The writing is on the wall.

The US is nearing a tipping point of sorts on marijuana legalization: Almost half the country — about 44 percent of the population — now lives in a state where marijuana is legal or soon will be legal to consume just for fun.
The past several months alone have seen a burst of activity as five states across the US legalized marijuana for recreational use: New Jersey, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, and, on Tuesday, Connecticut.
It’s a massive shift that took place over just a few years. A decade ago, no states allowed marijuana for recreational use; the first states to legalize cannabis in 2012, Colorado and Washington, did so through voter-driven initiatives. Now, 18 states and Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana (although DC doesn’t yet allow sales) — with six enacting their laws through legislatures, showing even typically cautious politicians are embracing the issue.


Why Britney Spears’s fans are convinced she’s being held captive
The #FreeBritney movement, explained.

#FreeBritney is the hashtag Spears’s fans use to follow rumors about her conservatorship — under which Spears answers to a mandated caregiver — and to advocate for its end. Together, they compare notes on anonymous reports about Spears’s living situation, pore through the posts her friends and relatives have “liked” recently, and work to decode Spears’s enigmatic social media presence. In April 2020, they held a protest in Los Angeles demanding Spears be released.
This February, the #FreeBritney movement rose up once again. The New York Times released a much-discussed documentary titled The Framing of Britney Spears that covered Spears’s harrowing rise and fall, and in its wake, celebrities from Sarah Jessica Parker to Bette Midler issued their own calls to #FreeBritney. Justin Timberlake issued an apology for allowing the press to slut-shame her after their breakup 20 years ago.
On June 23, Spears is expected to speak for herself in court, rather than through an attorney as she has in the past. The hashtag “#BritneySpeaks” has trended intermittently for the past few weeks as fans anticipate Spears’s moment, although it’s not clear whether her remarks will be made in public.

The Duchess of Abercorn’s pearls are latest of her collection to be auctioned at Christie’s

Fabergé eggs that had belonged to the aristocrat – who had Russian heritage and was descended from Pushkin – went under the hammer earlier this month
As a proud Anglo-Russian who counted the Imperial Royal Family and celebrated author Alexander Pushkin as her ancestors, it is is unsurprising that Alexandra Anastasia, Duchess of Abercorn, cultivated an impeccable collection of artworks and jewellery from her grandparents’ homeland. Yet aside from her numerous pieces from the celebrated Russian jeweller Fabergé, the Duchess also had a penchant for pearls, with three of her necklaces making up Christie’s next Handbags and Jewellery auction.




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