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Posted on June 22, 2021

Le Bar Anglais du Raphael – Paris, France


Let’s all break down the doors of the gentleman’s club and force them to serve us today! Let’s all spew our gayness and ladyness all over this joint! Let’s be noisy troublemakers! Glitter and nail polish for everyone!

Sigh. Today is Tuesday. Officially the day for burning it all down in a fit of pique.

We have a few book-related things to take care of before we launch our little mini-book tour later in the week, so content may occasionally be sporadic, but don’t worry, darlings. We’ll still slew plenty of opinions your way today. It’s like breathing for us. Now we must dash. One of us is off to the content orchards and the other (God help him) is off to the DMV for the morning. Chat amongst yourselves!


In Paris, La Samaritaine Is Ready for Its Selfie
A century and a half after its founding by the self-made merchant Ernest Cognacq and his wife Marie-Louise Jaÿ, the second-oldest department store in Paris is ready for her close-up. And not only is she going to launch a zillion selfies, it only gets more experiential from there.
Imagine, say, Macy’s transitioning, swan-like, after 15 years (plus one) in deep sleep and a €750 million makeover, into a stunning hybrid of Bergdorfs, Barneys in its heyday, and the much-missed Colette, with add-on flourishes such as a stylish personal shopping apartment, a Cinq Mondes spa, and historian-led guided tours of the neighborhood. There’s even an underground passage leading from behind the Louvre straight into the largest beauty space in Europe.


The Story Behind Jordana Brewster’s Fast & Furious Couture Moment
Brewster and stylist Katie Bofshever wanted a look worthy of reemergence. The Versace gown, with its sequin embellishment and tone-on-tone hand-embroidered florals, fit the bill. “This dress felt like a celebration,” says Bofshever. “I was totally in love with the fall show and reached out to Versace immediately in anticipation of the premiere. We iterated on a few different options and ultimately ended up with this fabulous fuchsia dress.”


I have experienced the toll of being a refugee first hand; it’s time to treat us differently
Mimi Kayeye fled from violence-stricken Burundi twice and came to Australia seeking asylum in 2015. Here, she tells her moving story

I was five years old the first time I was forced to flee my home. Burundi’s first democratically elected president was assassinated, leading to a wave of ethnic violence and mass killings. My father, then working as a journalist at Burundian National Radio and Television, was a target. Many of his friends were hunted down and killed. Fearing for our lives, we fled to Tanzania by boat with my mother and two siblings.


10 books to read in your lifetime
From To Kill A Mockingbird to Wuthering Heights, these are the literary creations you have to experience

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid,” writes Jane Austen in Northanger Abbey. But while there are many, many novels out there to enjoy, some are considered arguably greater or more important than others – whether for their excellent prose, thought-provoking storylines or the boundaries they broke at the time of publishing. To give yourself a good literary grounding, we’ve narrowed it down to 10 must-read novels that everyone should experience at some point in their lifetime – many of which are still included on school reading lists today.
From Harper Lee’s exploration of racial tensions in To Kill a Mockingbird, to Emily Brontë’s gothic romance Wuthering Heights, and F Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece The Great Gatsby, these are the classic books to revisit – or add to your reading list right now.


The NFL’s first openly gay player just came out of the closet with a $100K donation to an LGBTQ+ charity
For the first time, an active NFL player publicly identifies as gay.
Carl Nassib — a defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders — came out as gay with a heartfelt post on his personal Instagram account Monday evening. The 28-year-old described himself as a “pretty private person” but decided to share his sexuality openly because “representation and visibility are so important.”
“I actually hope that one day, videos like this and the whole coming out process are not necessary,” Nassib said in his video post. “But until then, I will do my best and my part to cultivate a culture that’s accepting and compassionate.”


AMC Theatres Offers Free Unlimited Popcorn Refills to Celebrate Cinema Week
Hundreds of reopened theaters across the country are offering various promotions as part of an organized effort to lure moviegoers back to the big screen.

Mega-cinema chain AMC Theatres on Monday announced that it will celebrate the first-ever Cinema Week by offering free — and unlimited — popcorn refills to all customers buying any size of the popular concession.
The offering is one of numerous promotions being plotted by exhibitors across the country as part of an organized effort designed to lure moviegoers back to to theaters.


How Emilia Clarke Paid Homage to ‘Game of Thrones’ with Her New Comic Book
In a wide-ranging interview, the actor dives into her Image Comics miniseries ‘M.O.M.: Mother of Madness,’ reflects on the ending of ‘Thrones,’ and talks the “unfinished business” of ‘Solo.’

From Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains to Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea and the Unburnt, Emilia Clarke is used to playing a character with a multitude of names. Well, now the Game of Thrones and Solo: A Star Wars Story star has a new title of her own: comic book creator. On July 21, the first issue of Clarke’s comic book, M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, hits shelves via Image Comics, and her concise elevator pitch describes the three-issue miniseries as “Deadpool meets Fleabag.” Mother of Madness follows Maya, a single mother, chemical engineer and superhero whose powers derive from her menstrual cycle. If you’re wondering whether Mother of Madness is a tribute to Daenerys Targaryen, the nod was very much by design.


Is a Famous Face a Form of Intellectual Property?
A Philadelphia news anchor’s fight with digital giants, including Facebook, who hosted an unauthorized image of her in ads, raises novel questions about likeness rights and has drawn the attention of SAG-AFTRA.

As the co-anchor for Good Day Philadelphia, the local Fox affiliate’s morning news program, Karen Hepp is accustomed to hearing and seeing all sorts of crazy stuff. But nothing could prepare this TV veteran for the moment three years ago when colleagues began taking her aside to show her something remarkable: a screenshot of Hepp smiling at a hidden security camera. The image was captured at a convenience store in New York and was now being used to advertise an online dating app. Soon, Hepp would discover that her visage had spread to every dirty corner of the internet — she was the face for an erectile dysfunction cure; she had become the featured example of a “MILF” on message boards; and her image had even made it to porn sites. Hepp, a mother of three, was embarrassed and disgusted. So she acted.


30 Patriotic Nail Designs Perfect for the 4th of July
Stars, stripes and nail art galore!

Upgrade your Independence Day beyond the fireworks and barbecues by rocking easy, patriotic nail art this summer in red, white, and blue. Get inspired by the images below and show off your American pride with fun summer nail designs, ranging from subtle stripes and simple stars to full-blown tie-dye tips and glitter galore. These manis take inspiration from some of the summer’s biggest nail trends, from the French manicure revival to abstract, wavy designs. Want to take your holiday spirit up a notch? Don’t forget to check out our 4th of July decoration ideas to really get into the spirit.


Billie Eilish Apologizes For Use Of Racial Slur In Resurfaced Video: “I Am Appalled And Embarassed”
On Monday, Billie Eilish apologized for her use of an anti-Asian slur in a resurfaced video, which has recently been circulating on social media.
In the compilation video published last week on TikTok, Eilish can be seen mouthing the words to Tyler, the Creator’s song, “Fish,” which included the slur. “Many of you have been asking me to address this,” Eilish wrote to her fans, “and this is something that I WANT to address because i’m being labeled something that I am not.”


Lockdown was not a sabbatical
Don’t worry if you haven’t grown as a person during the pandemic.

Did you become a better person during the pandemic?
It’s a question many of us are being asked, in ways large and small, as more people get vaccinated, restrictions lift, and public life starts to return to some semblance of normal.
Sometimes the question is explicit, like when a job interviewer asks if you used lockdown to pursue “passion projects.” More often it’s implicit, present in stories about how to rearrange your “friendscape” after the pandemic or personal finance lessons to learn from the last year.
But overall, as our second pandemic spring turns into our second pandemic summer, there’s a certain pressure to have learned or grown as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, even if it’s still going on. The pressure is part of a larger tendency in American culture, some say. “When we’ve been through a traumatic experience, a lot of people try to rush to make meaning of that,” Joy Harden Bradford, a psychologist and host of the podcast Therapy for Black Girls, told Vox.


Your power company can turn up your thermostat remotely — if you let it
You may not be the only one controlling your smart thermostat.

Texas’s power grid is unpleasantly surprising its users again. After last winter’s storm disabled parts of the grid for several days, causing potentially hundreds of deaths, a summer heat wave is once again threatening the grid. One potential solution Texas power companies have found is to turn up the temperature on some customers’ smart thermostats. Problem is, some of those customers weren’t aware that their power company could and would do such a thing — until their homes got uncomfortably warm.


Why Did We Fall for the Angels?
How the pomp and pageantry of Victoria’s Secret worked for so long.

Ever since the news broke that Victoria’s Secret, the lingerie behemoth and Barnum & Bailey of fashion shows, was retiring its bevy of “Angels” in favor of a diverse posse of women with equally diverse resumes, media has been full of gleeful “it’s about time” responses, as well as photos of then and now, taking us down a memory lane of cleavage, costume and sex kitten cliché. On this side of the #MeToo and recent social justice movements, the imagery that drove Victoria’s Secret to record profits and viewership — and made its favored models part of pop culture — seems not just retrograde but practically unimaginable, like coming upon some lost civilization buried beneath a dusty mound of garter belts and thigh-highs.






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