Pop Style Opinionfest: Dr. Jill’s Jacket, the Queens of Hacks, a Forgotten Queer Icon and Lilibet Diana

Posted on June 11, 2021

It’s another pod-pourri of topics this week, touching on the worlds of queerness, fashion, politics and royal goss. What more could you possibly want out of an opinionfest from these two bitches?


We have a few things to say about Dr. Jill Biden’s “Love” jacket, which made international headlines yesterday when she wore it during the Biden visit with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie ahead of the G7 conference. You’ll have to listen in to hear what those things are, but we’re warning you: one of us is not happy about the choice and what it likely portends.

Jumping from that into a little royal gossip, we welcome little Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor into the world and point out all the dumb controversies surrounding the name and the ways that Harry and Meghan may or may not have botched the announcement. Plus: Lorenzo goes off on a surprising rant!

Then, we’re off to Vegas to gush a little bit more about Hacks on HBO Max, which just dropped its FLAWLESS first season finale. Without spoiling anything, we talk about not just the amazing performances of Jean Smart and Hannah Einbender, but about how deceptively complex and grown-up the writing is, allowing every character the have an agenda that makes sense for them, even if it conflicts with the agendas of other characters. The result is one of the most humane shows on TV this year.

And finally, we wanted each of our June podcasts to have a little bit of Pride content, so we take some time to profile the life and accomplishments of a nearly forgotten queer icon (and the most famous and glamorous transgender Philadelphian of all time), Rachel Harlow, who first came to the world’s attention when Crystal LaBeija basically used her to show the world what the art of shade really was in the iconic 1968 documentary The Queen.




That’s Rachel at 20 seconds in, talking about someone “mistaking” her for a woman back when she was starting out (as so many trans women did back then) in the drag pageant scene. We profiled the legendary LaBeija here and in our book, as well as the importance of The Queen here and in our book, but if you listen in, we’ll tell you why the amazing Harlow is so near and dear to our hearts.


She’s a queer icon who remained a Philly girl through and through, even as she was causing international waves with her style, personal life, and career.







[Photo Credit: Toby Melville/PA Images/INSTARimages.com, Anne Marie Fox/HBO Max]

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