Florence Pugh Promotes “Black Widow” in Blumarine

Posted on June 28, 2021


We finally figured out how to look at Florence Pugh’s promo style. For some reason, a description or framework was nagging at the edges of our thoughts every time we assessed one of her ensembles. “What is it?” we’d ask. What is that thing we’re trying to articulate? Today, it hit us. How to look at Florence Pugh’s style?





Think of it like “Chloe Grace Moretz, except fun.” And with great taste in footwear.

Like, she has a similar tendency to pick shapes and elements that really aren’t great for her (such as high necklines or accentuated shoulders), but somehow, she manages to convey a real sense of joy at the prospect of playing with clothes. This outfit is silly and doesn’t suit her at all but it has such a playfulness to it that we can’t be mad at it.



Style Credits:
Blumarine Floral Print Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection
Blumarine Boots from the Fall 2021 Collection

Styled by Rebecca Corbin-Murray | Hair by Peter Lux | Makeup by Naoko Sofia Patrizia Scintu


[Photo Credit: Rebecca Corbin-Murray/Instagram, @rebeccacorbinmurray, Courtesy of Blumarine]

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