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Posted on May 04, 2021

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Are you AWAKE, darlings? Because if you weren’t before arriving at today’s LOunge, you certainly must be now. Once again, we need major stimulation to get our dragging asses to stop dragging so much. All of our cocktails today will have caffeine in them.

Today is TUESDAY. Horrible.

Anyway, we’re off once again to plough the content fields, although things are looking pretty dire on that front what with all the stars in their post-Oscars hermit mode. Until we return with something to dazzle y’all, talk amongst yourselves while sampling from our generous buffet of distractions.



Isabella Rossellini Has Defined—and Redefined—Beauty for Decades. She Doesn’t Intend to Stop Now.
The 68-year-old model, actor, and filmmaker opens up about refusing to be hemmed in by Hollywood and her pandemic fling (“it was delightful”).

Rossellini has lived a rich life that models a different kind of dream—one in which women can imagine their lives dynamically, courageously, beyond the confines of what society considers beautiful. The daughter of film royalty—Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman and Italian neorealist auteur Roberto Rossellini—she has displayed an astonishing range of creativity throughout her career as a model, actor, and filmmaker. Thanks to the financial independence secured through her fruitful association with Lancôme (some reports put her original contract at $2 million a year), as well as the influence of her father’s perspective on art, Rossellini pursued more experimental and daring projects.


‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 Is Officially Filming
“The first season, we only had ten episodes to really explore her new friends at work and who she meets outside of work, so I’m excited to dive deeper into those backstories and spend more time intermingling the two groups of people that she meets,” said Lily Collins. “Now that we’ve seen her with all these ‘Parisisms,’ maybe we get to actually get to a bit more of her backstory, and experience that with some of the other characters.”


The Current State of the Tampon Tax—and How We’re Going to Eliminate It
In states like Alabama and Texas, you can grab a Snickers bar from a vending machine tax-free, but when women need to purchase a tampon or pad—for a routine bodily function that often causes pain, discomfort, and prohibits many of us from attending work or school—these items are not considered “necessities of life,” and are therefore taxed. Because of this tax, women in the United States are estimated to spend an additional $150 million per year on menstrual products. Just women. If men got their period, would we still be having this conversation?


This Sweet-Tangy Crisp Recipe Made Me a Rhubarb Dessert Believer
I used to think rhubarb didn’t belong in sweets, but this dessert changed my mind.

I’ve never understood the hype around rhubarb, although I can appreciate why someone might be initially excited by its arrival. After weeks of eating cellared root vegetables and overwintered kale, rhubarb’s perky, pink stalks poke out of the soil and reach toward the warming sun, a rosy and dramatic welcome to spring. It’s all very promising. That is, until the first bite. It’s not just that rhubarb is tart—I adore the tartness of foods like cranberries and tamarind, and I keep a bag of citric acid on hand in my kitchen—it’s the other flavor that turns me off. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it other than vegetal. It’s not that it tastes terrible, but it does make me wonder why someone took a bite and then decided the best thing to do was to make pie.


I Have a Rare and Chronic Skin Condition. Does the Beauty Industry Care?
Beauty and wellness writer Kaleigh Fasanella reflects on her experience living with Netherton syndrome.

Netherton syndrome is an inflammatory disorder that falls under the umbrella of ichthyosis—a group of around 20 different skin conditions typified by extreme dryness—and is caused by a mutation in the SPINK5 gene, which prohibits the skin barrier from functioning properly. As a result, my skin cell turnover is expedited twofold and requires me to exfoliate once or twice a day. This leaves my limbs aggressively dry, raw, and vulnerable to external aggressors like pollution, UV exposure, and other allergens known to irritate and age the skin (as well as scary infections like staph, which I’ve had several times). So what happens if I don’t exfoliate daily?


The Greatest Legends in History, from Stravinsky to Capote, Used These Pencils
The enduring allure of the Blackwing 602.

From woodworkers to Broadway legends, artists to Pulitzer Prize winners, one indispensable tool unites them all: a pencil known as the Blackwing 602. Created in the 1930s by Eberhard Faber, this writing instrument, characterized by its unique ferrule design and rectangular eraser, is famous for its smooth-as-silk graphite. “The calligraphy pen of pencils,” according to T&C contributor Will Kahn. “It turns note taking into an artistic experience.”


Fake Steak, Well Done
Science is promising us steak that’s heart-healthy, eco-friendly, and still decadent. But will we eat filet mignon from a bioreactor?

Aleph is one among an expanding field of companies racing to bring to market what they would rather not be called “lab-grown meat” (they prefer “cultivated” or “slaughter-free”). Though the technology did not exist even just a few years ago, today at least 33 startups in 12 countries are producing a variety of meats—from dog food to foie gras, pork to duck, chicken nuggets to beef patties. Some are promising cultivated meat in stores next year.


Joe and Jill Biden Say White House Cat Is “Waiting in the Wings”
No comment from Major Biden
There has not been a cat in the White House since George W. Bush’s presidency, when he and his wife, Laura Bush, brought their black cat, India “Willie” Bush, to Washington. She lived with the Bush family for nearly two decades. Prior to India, Bill and Hillary Clinton had an adopted stray cat, Socks Clinton, who garnered quite a bit of media attention. Will the new Biden cat will capture the public in the same way as prior presidential cats?


How to Care for Vintage and Delicate Garments
Fashion is fragile. Consider that of all the extant objects from bygone decades housed in museums, the most care is taken in the conservation of fashion and textiles. While oil paintings remain forever on the walls of a museum’s permanent collection, fashion departments limit the display of clothing to six months only. Of course, vintage that isn’t housed in a museum is meant to be worn and loved, but it does require a level of care. For this, I reached out to New York-based storage and fashion archivists Garde Robe. The company helps to store, maintain, and care for precious collections of fashion (vintage included) assembled by individuals and institutions.


Does Your Wine Really Taste Like Rocks?
What does the wine-world buzzword “minerality” actually mean?

My father used to own a small vineyard on a Hungarian volcano in the Balaton Uplands, where vines have grown since Roman times. Starting in the late nineties, he spent most weekends there, writing essays about politics and making white wine with Olaszrizling grapes. The wine tasted like lemony mineral water. He loved it, even if his early efforts qualified as guggolós bor (or “crouching-style wine”), an expression used to describe wine so awful that visitors crouch down when passing by its maker’s home to avoid being spotted and invited in for a drink.


Lumber mania is sweeping North America
A lumber frenzy has taken over homebuilding, Home Depot, and the internet.

For some people, the journey into America’s lumber crunch starts with the decision to build a new home, or at Home Depot, where the pandemic-driven home renovation craze has contributed to making basic materials pricey and hard to come by. For others, it starts with the memes. The price of lumber has soared over the past year, and it’s an incredibly hot commodity. The internet has taken notice.


Lily James on Pursuit of Love character: “I relate to her passion and open heart”
James stars as Lydia Radlett in the dazzling BBC One drama starting this weekend

Speaking about her similarities with the character, James said: “The choices she makes at times feel harsh and quite brutal but I instinctively feel I understand her and love her deeply. I recognise a lot of myself in her.”
She continued to describe how she had found old diaries while researching the role, saying: “I was texting Emily Mortimer [the director] months ago as I had found my old diaries. Some of the things I wrote were so Linda. I wish I was as brave and courageous as her, she lives for herself. I relate to her passion and her open heart. I think people want to be more like Linda.”


Everything You Need to Know About the 2021 Met Gala and Costume Institute Exhibition
Part one of the exhibition, “A Lexicon of Fashion,” will open September 18 at the Anna Wintour Costume Center at the Met, marking the Costume Institute’s 75th anniversary. An intimate gala to celebrate the exhibit’s opening will take place on September 13, cochaired by Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman, and Naomi Osaka with honorary chairs Tom Ford, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri, and Anna Wintour. The exhibit will be organized to resemble a home, with intersecting walls and rooms that will establish what Bolton calls “a new vocabulary that’s more relevant and more reflective of the times in which we’re living.”





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