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Posted on May 19, 2021

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Let’s drop acid and have a big gay tea party all day long, darlings! Today’s LOunge practically demands it! Put on your best Mad Hatter drag and get with this vibe. Reality is overrated.

Speaking of which, today is Wednesday. Hurrah. Make the most of it and all that.

We, for our parts, are once again heading off into the wilds of pop culture to see what treasures we can find. Wish us luck! Chat amongst yourselves!


At 73, Grace Jones Is Still The Most Fabulous Beauty Icon We Have
It’s hard not to feel delighted while perusing photographs of Grace Jones, who turns 73 today. Born in Jamaica, she quickly rose to prominence in the ’70s as a singer, model and actress, working with everyone from Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin to Yves Saint Laurent – and famously frequenting Studio 54. With a powerful, disco-led aesthetic – from those wonderfully striking Philip Treacy headpieces to her lurex, sharp-shouldered suits and all manner of shine – she also pioneered a beauty look as fantastical, directional and uniquely her as her ensembles. She is, to put it simply, the epitome of fabulous.
The cheekbones! The eyeshadow! The brows! The hair! Every element of her look is as distinctive as the last, and has paved the way for a number of enduring trends, in both the beauty and fashion worlds. In fact, of her iconic shaved hair, she once said: “It made me look more abstract, less tied to a specific race or sex or tribe. I was Black but not Black; woman, but not woman; American, but Jamaican; African, but science-fiction.” We are truly not worthy.


Nine Perfect Strangers: What to Know About Nicole Kidman’s Next TV Hit
She’ll be joined by Regina Hall, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, and more in the series.

If Nicole Kidman and David E. Kelley are behind a series, it’s bound to be a hit, right? After working together on Big Little Lies and The Undoing, the actress and screenwriter-producer have teamed up again for a new, delicious drama.
Nine Perfect Strangers, an eight-episode Hulu series, is based on the eponymous novel from Liane Moriarty (the author of Big Little Lies), which follows a group of city folks whose stay at a secluded wellness retreat is nothing like what they expected. With a star-studded cast joining Kidman, the drama is shaping up to be an addictive, end-of-summer watch.


Renee Montgomery Got Her (Atlanta) Dream—Now It’s Time to Get to Work
With the league’s 25th season underway, the former WNBA player is ready to lead the Dream into its next chapter.

“I take it seriously because I understand the magnitude of it. Not meaning the position that I’m in, but where this could go for other former athletes, women, Black women, men, any athlete. All of upper management in sports should have at least 50 percent of former players because who else would take better care of a brand that they gave their life to than a former athlete? As athletes, we grow up thinking about making it big and making it to the pros. So, once we’ve fulfilled our dream and played in the pros, of course we want to continue that legacy and have other little girls look up to us and want to play in the WNBA. Then, maybe one day they want to be a vice president or an owner. I take that role very seriously.”


Pickle Hard Seltzer Goes from April Fool’s Joke to Reality
One brand is making a briny and boozy carbonated drink this summer.

Last April Fool’s Day, drinkware company BrüMate posted a picture on Instagram of an artfully lit 12-pack of pickle-flavored hard seltzer. “We’re committed to providing our BrüCrew with the perfect drinking experience,” the caption read. “It’s only fitting that we bring you the Afternoon Dillight, the world’s first Pickle Hard Seltzer.” It was meant as a joke then, but that’s not the case anymore.
Everything We Know About the Dear Evan Hansen Movie
The hit Broadway musical is being turned into a feature film.

Time to dust off your blue striped polo—Dear Evan Hansen is set to hit the big screen. Universal Studios is currently developing a film adaptation of the acclaimed musical, which garnered six Tony Awards.
Starting in 2015, Platt originated the musical’s lead role of Evan Hansen, playing the part from early workshops to off-Broadway to Broadway. His portrayal garnered him the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Platt concluded his Broadway run in 2017, but will be returning to the role for the film adaptation.


Mary J. Blige Looks Back On Her Best Beauty Moments From Over The Years
“It’s a very powerful, queen look for me―I’m in control of my life and my destiny.”

Her golden blonde tresses are now part of the Gold Bond #ChampionYourSkin campaign, aimed at calling attention to and celebrating Black stuntwomen who work in the entertainment industry.” I’m not seeing any progress for black women in entertainment,” Blige says. “Thank God I have a great team who fights for me to get roles and opportunities. That’s why I am fighting for these stuntwomen—I don’t really see any progress being made for black women in entertainment.” Blige walks us down memory lane and explains each of her iconic beauty beats in her own words.


I Never Knew My Bra Size, Until I Got Virtually Fitted
I’ve never actually known what my bra size is. I’ve gone my whole life thinking I was a dainty A cup. (Or as they would tell me in high school, which was when I started wearing bras, “flat as a board!”) I had never been properly measured. I lived with my father and the thought of broaching the bra subject was mortifying. At a local Walmart with some friends in freshman year, I bought a fat padded bra for $7.99, which gave me boobs that sat just below my chin, horizontal enough to serve hors d’oeuvres on. By the time I reached Vogue in 2015, I got tired of having two pillows attached to my body and stopped wearing bras, save for a shock-jock story. That is, until I got an email in my inbox about a virtual bra fitting, and figured why not?


100+ Of Rihanna’s Most Jaw-Dropping Fashion Moments
‘Work, work, work, work, work…’

She’s one of the biggest stars in the world, and she plays by her own rules – including when it comes to fashion.
Dressed by every big name designer you’d care to name over the years – think Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Balmain and having designed herself – Rihanna cemented her status as a modern style icon a long time ago and continues to do so now. Need we mention the impact of Savage X Fenty?
Check out Rihanna’s most headline-making and head-turning looks of all time.


Inside Eurovision Song Contest: How The World’s Largest Live Music Event is Produced During The Pandemic
At the best of times, the massively popular Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s largest music event, is a logistical challenge to produce, with many moving parts.
But amid a global pandemic, the undertaking is downright bold, with stringent safety measures including distancing, sanitization, COVID-19 PCR tests, and all the jargon that has now become commonplace in the lexicon adding to the enormity of the enterprise.
The team behind the European Broadcasting Union show is equal to the job at hand. Martin Österdahl, a senior TV executive with two decades of experience, including producing the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 and 2016 and the Nobel Prize ceremony, was appointed executive supervisor for the event in 2020. Due to the rapid spread of the pandemic, it was canceled that year, and the contest’s location, Rotterdam, was rolled over into 2021.


Chaka Khan Tells Jazmine Sullivan Her Secrets to Longevity
The 10-time Grammy-winner opens up to the Heaux Tales musician about the lessons she’s learned over her 50-year career.

“I am actually shy. I still dry-heave sometimes when I go onstage. Yes, I’m scared to death. Are they going to like me? Am I going to fuck up? Will I remember the words? I think that the moment I become confident for real is the time that I will probably need to do something else. Because as long as I have these feelings of inadequacy, I will always strive. You know what I’m saying? I’ll always have something to work on.”


The blandness of TikTok’s biggest stars
Or, how algorithms reward mediocrity.

TikTok fame celebrates a different kind of mediocrity, though, the kind where “relatability” means adhering to the internet’s fluctuating beauty standards and approachable upper-middle-classness and never saying anything that might indicate a personality. This, as opposed to the kind of relatability you get from hearing someone articulate a specific feeling or watching someone else experience a similar kind of mundanity you recognize in your own life. The songs, the shows, and the specials to come out of TikTok fame feel hollow, the opposite of good art, which has a point of view and a meaning beyond itself.




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