Duchess Kate’s Casual Fashion Tour of Scotland

Posted on May 27, 2021

Cathy Cambridge is having her busiest week in well over a year as she and her prince tour Scotland, begging the country not to break up with them. She’s kept her royal drag on the extremely relatable side of things (which is smart), but in the last 24 hours, she went through a minor explosion of looks. When the Duchess changes her outfit this many times in one day, you can tell you’re looking at one seriously coordinated public tour.

The Cambridges have gotten much more adept at social media in the last year or so (we’re going to court scandal here by suggesting they’re better at it than the Sussexes, in terms of their ability to keep the narrative and the image tightly locked down), which makes gathering information about their various activities so much easier for the press and for sites like ours. We don’t have to explain any of the context for these pictures because Bill and Cathy are quite happy to do so themselves.


We got that hybrid version of Cathy between the sporty and dressy versions. Casual Cathy is always fun and usually has a cute sweater and a coordinating pair of kicks. The blazer keeps the outfit just dressy enough without making her look dressed up.



Because don’t we all wear a stunning nearly floor length tartan coat for movie night? Note the extremely Kate matchy-match accessorizing: blue earrings, green shoes.



We’re back to blazer-and-kicks Casual Cathy. We think we liked the sweater from yesterday a bit more than this polka dot blouse, but she rarely wears this print and we feel like we need to encourage it more.


And finally, we’re back to Sporty Cathy, wearing the perfect little tennis ensemble. The sweater’s cute. Note the G,C,L necklace, one of several that she has with the initials of her children.


Style Credits:
First Look: Holland and Cooper Double Breasted Blazer | Erdem Lotus Stripe Jumper | Veja + NET SUSTAIN Esplar Sneakers
Second Look: Holland and Cooper Marlborough Trench Coat | Manolo Blahnik Pumps
Third Look: Massimo Dutti Suit | Superga Sneakers
Fourth Look: Superga Sneakers


[Photo Credit: Cover Images/INSTARimages.com, Andy Buchanan/Pa Images/Instarimages.com, Phil Noble/PA Images/INSTARimages.com]

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