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Posted on April 02, 2021

La Cervecería Pincho Bar – Amsterdam, Netherlands


For today’s LOunge, Lorenzo has opted for charm, energy and ambience over comfortable seating for one very good reason. Today is FRIDAY and you need to get on your feet and flit to and fro like the social butterfly you are, if only in your imagination. Let’s switch up seats every hour or so and sit with a new group! Let’s push some of the tables out of the way and dance! It is the day for such things. Indulge.

Or not, of course. Order nibblies all day and sit there with your book. We never judge how folks choose to get through the day in the LOunge. We are merely your humble hosts, using our exquisite taste and ability to curate interesting things to read to give the world a little spot of quiet fabulousness. No, no. It’s our pleasure. Don’t make a fuss over it. We’re doing the Lord’s work here.


Fran Drescher on the Enduring Charm of The Nanny
The show’s iconic star speaks about the comedy’s new home at HBO Max, her finest fashion moments, and what a reboot could look like one day.

“I can’t tell you how blessed I feel that I am part of a project that has been such an amazing, enduring, incredible piece of art,” says Drescher of the show’s impact on the fashion world. “The clothes just made such a powerful impact on everybody. It was such a visual treat. [We understood] right from the get-go that television is a visual media, and everything has to be beautiful, and everything has to be better than real life. Comedy is an escape, and that’s the way we wanted it to be.”


Amy Winehouse’s Mom Is Making a Documentary About the Singer’s Life
Tentatively titled Amy Winehouse: 10 Years On, the film will share insight into the singer’s life, career, and legacy through the eyes of her mother, Janis Winehouse. Janis, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003, chose to take on the project as a way of commemorating her daughter as MS “threatens to strip her of her memories of Amy.”
“I don’t feel the world knew the true Amy, the one that I brought up, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to offer an understanding of her roots and a deeper insight into the real Amy,” Janis Winehouse said in a statement.
Janis will be joined by friends and family in the Marina Parker–directed film, which will deliver a “a new female-driven interpretation” of the singer’s journey.


I Grew Up in a Majority-Minority Country. We Still Have a Problem with Anti-Blackness
As the tragedy of George Floyd re-enters headlines, Amanda Choo Quan explores the ways that case exposed systemic, global anti-Blackness, even in supposed post-racial paradises like Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago, known for its Carnival and sunny beaches, is a compelling study of colonialism’s enduring psychological wounds. Trinidad was invaded by the British in 1797. Tobago, a nearby island, was annexed to Trinidad in the late 1800s. British rule in Trinidad and Tobago shared characteristics with other countries also owned by the crown, including a political system that stripped most of the country’s population of their rights and humanity, policing that preserved white people’s positions at the top of the race-class pyramid, and a primary aim of extraction that molded the country into a plantocracy.


The Queen’s 95th Birthday Collection Has Been Revealed and It Includes a Corgi Ornament
Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 95th birthday this year (on April 21, to be exact) and that means presents for the rest of us.
In honor of the monarch’s upcoming birthday, the Royal Collection Trust has released a new range of chinaware and decorations for royal fans to collect. Let’s start with the china collection, which includes a mug, pillbox, tankard, side plate, teacup, and saucer.
The china’s design features the royal coat of arms (naturally), as well as some special nods to some of the places that mean the most to the Queen—the United Kingdom and her beloved residence in Windsor. The coat of arms is positioned above the National Emblems of the UK—a garland of roses, shamrocks and thistles—and the whole design is surrounded by pink roses that were inspired by the roses the Queen can see in the East Terrace Garden at Windsor Castle.


42 Murder Mystery Movies That Will Satisfy Your Inner Detective
Complete with more than a few twist endings.

We’re living in a golden age of true crime content, from documentaries to podcasts to TV shows and books. Which means, no surprise, that the murder mystery film is also seeing a resurgence in popularity. The classic genre has had some major standouts over the last several decades, and the typical whodunit setup—several people in a house, one dies, a detective has to solve the crime—has expanded to include truly unique settings and stories. That’s a good thing: It means that a lot of these mysteries can play with form and framing while still giving you a perfect twist ending. There are horror films, action movies, and dramas on this list (not to mention a couple comedies!). From Alfred Hitchcock to the Coen brothers to David Fincher to Rian Johnson, some of the best directors in history have tried their hand at this iconic genre. The one thing these movies have in common? A killer mystery—pun absolutely intended.


It’s Not Just You, Peeps Really Are Everywhere Right Now
After a shortage in 2020, the marshmallow confections are back and popping up with even more collaborations from 7-Eleven lattes to Pepsi.

Almost exactly a year ago, Just Born Quality Confections, the Pennsylvania company that produces those pastel Peeps marshmallow candies, announced that it would be temporarily suspending production at two of its factories due to the “rapidly evolving” coronavirus pandemic. As a result, it expected that some retailers might face Peeps shortages during the spring. “We will continue to work with our retail partners to ensure that the fans of our brands can continue to enjoy them during this challenging time,” it wrote.
Those production issues stretched through the end of last year, and prevented Just Born from producing Peeps for last Halloween and Christmas, and for Valentine’s Day last month. On its website, the company explained that its willingness to sacrifice those other seasonal shapes meant that Just Born would most likely be able to meet the demand for the beady-eyed candies this spring.


The Evolution of Camilla’s Royal Style
The Duchess of Cornwall has carved out her own unique corner of the royal style pantheon.

From royal weddings and black tie events to international tours of the Commonwealth, Camilla carries out a number of official duties—and she has to look the part of the wife of the future King of England. Unlike the Queen—and her step-daughter-in-law Kate—the Duchess of Cornwall usually steers clear of bright colors, favoring neutrals, pastels, and navy—with the occasional pop of bright blue. But when it comes to hats, she’s not afraid to make a bold statement.


Derrick Adams’s Art Celebrates Black Life at its Most Exultant
Ideas pour from Derrick Adams, and what’s surprising is how many of them work out. A couple of years ago, around the time that he was making his Floater paintings, depicting Black people lounging on swimming-pool inflatables, he thought, Why not start a creative persons’ retreat where the only obligation would be to appreciate leisure? His eight-bedroom retreat opens next year in Baltimore, his hometown. Struck by The Green Book, the guide compiled by postal worker Victor Hugo Green beginning in 1936 to help Black travelers find safe amenities, Derrick initiated Sanctuary, a series of exhibitions located in and inspired by the cities covered by the guide. He wanted to emphasize the accomplishment of the book, not the racism that made it necessary.


Has Marianne Faithfull Finally Conquered Her Demons? Vogue Catches Up With The Rock ’N’ Roll Survivor
Marianne Faithfull is back – making new music, inspiring a biopic and beating Covid-19.

In February 2020, Marianne Faithfull – singer-songwriter, actor, author, legend of 1960s London – took a flight to Paris to sit front row at the Chloé show. Google photographs of her there and you’ll see the now 74-year-old smiling and chatting with Lucy Boynton, the actor set to play her in an upcoming biopic. By then, Faithfull believes, she had already contracted Covid-19, but looking at those images it’s difficult to imagine what was to follow: weeks later, she was taken to intensive care with the virus. It almost killed her but, miraculously, she came out the other side.


A Bowl of Cut Fruits Is How Asian Moms Say: I Love You
When I was growing up as a third-generation Malaysian-Chinese, my mom had strict rules and expectations for me. This is an all-too-common occurrence, and even stereotype, amongst the children of Asian immigrants. Piano lessons and extra Mandarin classes were compulsory, sleepovers were strictly forbidden, and good grades and achievements were superseded by demands for better grades and more achievements. To an outsider, this may seem cold and devoid of affection, but I knew all along that I was still being lavished with love. Because instead of hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement, my mom loved through bowls of cut-up fruit.


Revisiting the Great COVID Social Media Scolding
In the early days of the pandemic, it was a justifiable—even natural—impulse to shame the influencers who appeared to flout quarantines.

For a few brief weeks last spring, for once, we didn’t really want to hear from celebrities and influencers. Their work, which depends on connecting with others through relatability and authenticity, was ill-equipped to meet the moment. Presenting oneself doing anything that wasn’t personal suffering or giving gobs of money to a cause felt tone-deaf at the time—and even those acts could sound tone-deaf. It was a moment for nuance, and social media is famously not a nuanced place.


Relocate to this enchanting Dorset manor house that inspired Thomas Hardy
For £3.75 million this slice of history to the north of the Jurassic Coast, visited by King George III on a number of occasions, could be yours

Poxwell Manor, located in a small hamlet of the same name just north of the famed Jurassic coastline, has stood pride of place since 1654. Through history, the Grade I listed, wonderfully romantic ash-grey manor with stone-mullioned windows twinking through ivy, has captured the imagination of those who encounter it. It served as a place to rest for King George III, who visited the house on a number of occasions when passing through Weymouth, and supposedly inspired Thomas Hardy’s Oxwell Hall in The Trumpet Major.


Do You Have Nafas, the Elusive Gift That Makes Food Taste Better?
The Arabic word refers to a mysterious factor that renders some people’s cooking exceptional. Whether it’s innate or acquired is up for debate.

A concept used mostly to describe home cooks, not chefs, nafas speaks to a certain intimacy that stretches beyond the physical attributes of a dish. It is about the person preparing it, and what she imparts to the food. It is the time and energy spent selecting and preparing the ingredients; the patient dance back and forth with seasonings until every flavor is just right; the generous presentation and warm hospitality; and, above all, the love of cooking and the desire to feed others.


A Ruthless Ranking Of The 25 Best Muppets, According To Listeners
When we asked our trusty Pop Culture Happy Hour listeners to vote for the Best Muppet, we knew they’d come through. Over 18,000 votes were cast; over 150 different Muppets received votes.
Yes. Some brave, beautiful, misguided soul voted for H. Ross Parrot. As Best Muppet. That is a thing that happened.
Someone else — you can always count on PCHH listeners to bring the deep, deep cuts — cast a single vote for Delbert the La Choy Dragon.
But naturally enough, votes accreted around the Muppets with greater notoriety. (Sorry, Ma Otter, it’s not your time.) On Friday’s episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, we reveal the top ten vote-getters, so stop reading now if you want to listen and be surprised.







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