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1Q1 Kitchen and Bar – Bangalore, India


Kittens, we’ve still got a full plate of celebrity style on the roster for today and for that, we once again thank the content gods, but it also means we have to be brief. Today is THURSDAY. Huzzah.

As you gaze in dreamy wonder at today’s LOunge, spare a thought and perhaps some time to consider what you can do for, the people in India, who are in the midst of a horrifying health crisis. We didn’t want to use one of the country’s chic destinations as a visual getaway without acknowledging what’s happening and pointing you in a productive direction. As always, there are distractions and discussion prompts to help you get through the day, but the only one we urge you to read is the first one:


A COVID-19 Surge Is Decimating India’s Health Care System—Here’s How You Can Help
More than 200,000 have died of COVID-19 in India as the country battles a record high in new coronavirus cases.

Though India seemed to have endured the worst of the pandemic last year, with cases at record lows in January and February, things took a turn for the worse by early March.
Some experts believe that a homegrown variant called B.1.617 is behind the resurgence of coronavirus infections across the country. Another well-known and highly transmissible variant, B.1.1.7, which emerged in the United Kingdom late last year, may also hold responsibility for the uptick. Lax social distancing guidelines, declining vaccination rates, and a slow response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi only served to exacerbate the situation in India.


The Beauty of Looking at Beauty
Science tells us that gazing upon beautiful things is a form of self-care. Can it also be making us more beautiful?

Art doesn’t simply have the ability to make you feel good, it may also help you look good. Research has shown that those regularly exposed to art have experienced dramatic dips in cortisol, the increased production of which can affect not only mental well-being but also sleep and digestion, and accelerate the aging process of the skin. While lowering cortisol is key for curbing waves (or, when it comes to this past year, tsunamis) of anxiety, it’s also essential for diminishing the damaging impact of stress on the skin, a precursor to inflammation and a slew of conditions like acne and eczema.


Shadow and Bone Star Amita Suman On Bringing The Beloved Books to Screen
“How can a character who’s been through so much hell still see the beautiful things amidst all the havoc?”

One of the series’ most compelling characters is Inej Ghafa, a knife-wielding spy who becomes part of a ragtag gang attempting to change the fate of Ravka. She’s played by actress Amita Suman (a Doctor Who veteran) and gives the series some of its most enjoyable (and nail-biting) cloak-and-dagger moments. So, what did it take to turn a Budapest set into a mythical world and what does Shadow and Bone’s TV adaption hold in store for the books’ legion of fans? Here, Suman shares all.


The Golden Age of American Pizza Plus The Best Pizza in Every State
This year, people really wanted to eat pizza—and chefs really wanted to make it. Take-out friendly and profoundly comforting, pizza has been the unofficial dish of the pandemic.

After the initial pandemic shut-downs of March 2020, the restaurants that survived eventually returned, in mutated forms, operating at limited dine-in capacities or offering takeout only. To both resource-strapped chefs and homebound diners, pizza made a lot of sense: It’s one of the all-time great takeout foods. Not only did many high-profile restaurants add pizza to their menus to help keep the lights on, but newly out-of-work talent launched new pizza operations of their own, with Instagram as their storefront.
While so much about the future of restaurants remains uncertain, there has never been a better time to eat pizza in America. Take-out friendly and profoundly comforting, pizza became the unofficial dish of the pandemic. It’s certainly what I wanted to eat most nights the past year, and it’s what so many chefs wanted to cook.


How Journalist Connie Walker Is Fighting For Missing Indigenous Women
“I have a responsibility to tell the truth.”

Being a Cree woman influences every aspect of my life and also improves my ability to tell stories about Indigenous people and communities. I grew up in my community and have a lived experience as an Indigenous woman that allows me to report on this crisis of violence that Indigenous women and girls face in an empathetic, nuanced way.
Our stories have been so underrepresented in mainstream media and even when we get some media attention, it’s often a misrepresentation of our lives and our realities. There is a long history in journalism of people coming into our communities and taking stories and leaving and causing harm to the people who are at the center of these stories. I don’t want to do that.

Crocs Are Finally Getting the Recognition They Deserve — Just Ask the Stock Market
Looks like everyone’s been buying the “ugly” shoes they claim to hate.

In a glorious turn of events that could, perhaps, only be brought forth by a year of staying home, on Tuesday Crocs reported record-breaking sales during the first few months of 2021. The brand, known for its uniquely ugly duck shoes, reported that its revenue grew by 64 percent compared to a year ago. In other words: Shoppers have finally succumbed to the daddest of dad shoes — and it’s about time.
For too long, Crocs have been viewed as a shoe for those who have given up and chosen arch support over style. But now, after more than 365 days of living in a pandemic, the world agrees that arch support is, in fact, trendy. And, dammit, our feet deserve this moment of clarity.


Kate Middleton and Prince William Celebrate Their Tenth Anniversary With Two Joyful New Portraits
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating a major milestone—their tenth wedding anniversary.
To mark the occasion, the couple released two touching portraits taken by photographer Chris Floyd at Kensington Palace. In the first, they sit smiling on a tree trunk. Kate wears a light blue wrap dress by fashion brand Ghost, whereas William has donned a periwinkle sweater. It’s a classic color combination for the duo—in November 2010, they announced their engagement while wearing blue, too. “10 years,” they captioned the snap simply on social media.
A second photo shows the Duchess nestled in her husband’s arms. She appears to be laughing as William beams at the camera. ” Taken this week ahead of The Duke and Duchess’ 10th wedding anniversary,” Kensington Palace wrote.


Emma Mackey Makes A Perfect Emily Brontë In First Look At New Biopic
The biopic will chart Brontë’s life as she navigates the world as a 19th century woman who wants to write. Considered a rebel, she wrote her classic novel Wuthering Heights in secret because, as a woman in 1847, the home – and not a publishing house – was regarded as her natural habitat.
“Emily Brontë’s writing is steeped in such passion, feeling, violence and fierce intelligence – that I’ve always yearned to know who she really was,” said Frances O’Connor – a double Golden Globe nominee for her performances in Madame Bovary and Missing – said of what will be her directorial debut. “Emily is about a rebel and misfit, a young woman daring to form herself, to embrace her true nature, despite the consequences. And, in creating an imagined life for her, I hope Emily Brontë will live again.” The film will be produced by David Barron and Piers Tempest, and executively produced by Embankment. O’Connor has also written the script.

The Renais-socks: the great comeback of the humble sock
How lockdown statement socks became synonymous with laidback luxe

Many a portmanteau has been coined on planet fashion over the last 12 months of lockdown – see sadwear, gorpcore and a particular favourite, the pant-demic. Yet one has been sorely overlooked: The Renais-socks – that is until now.
It refers to, of course, the great comeback of the humble sock which, if you have been paying close attention to peoples’ ankles of late, you will have noticed is humble no more.
What may have started as comfy slipper substitutes over the course of early lockdowns (that made padding from our kitchen tables to the toilet and back again feel a bit more Nancy Meyers rom-com than Groundhog Day), has since swung into a trend to be reckoned with and suddenly everyone is wearing them as statement rather than sole necessity.


Historic photo marks the first time 2 women flanked the US president at a speech to Congress
President Joe Biden made his first presidential address to a joint session of Congress, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris, sitting behind him at the rostrum, made history.
The occasion marked the first time that the Speaker of the House and president of the Senate were both women — and the first time that a US president was flanked by two women presiding in those positions during a presidential address.


Kate Winslet’s ‘Mare of Easttown’ Residence Is a Wallingford, Pennsylvania Traditional
For the house where Mare lives with her mother, Helen (the always brilliant Jean Smart), teen daughter Siobhan (Angourie Rice) and young grandson, Drew (Izzy King), the production team zeroed in on a traditional bi-level located at 705 Blue Hill Rd. in Wallingford, an unincorporated Delco community situated about 10 miles outside of downtown Philadelphia. Built in 1967, the modest 2,243-square-foot home stands on a short sleepy one-block street consisting of 10 similar-looking brick and clapboard residences.


The Lost Legacy of the Girl Stunt Reporter
At the end of the nineteenth century, a wave of women rethought what journalism could say, sound like, and do.

Sensational: The Hidden History of America’s ‘Girl Stunt Reporters’” is cheekily dedicated to “the ink-stained Amazons”—an image that, in author Kim Todd’s hands, evokes a league of Wonder Women slinging their lassos of truth. In the second half of the nineteenth century, Todd argues, a new breed of journalist emerged: plucky, clever, and dedicated less to flaunting her “natal mind” than to exposing society’s ills. She impersonated factory workers in order to reveal inhumane labor conditions, dramatized the need for public ambulances by fainting in the street, rode elephants, circumnavigated the globe, and conducted interviews with suspected murderers. Nellie Bly is this figure’s most famous incarnation, but the girl stunt reporter had many faces.


Of course you’re anxious about returning to normal life
Some of your worry may actually be resistance to the injustices of our pre-pandemic society.

The pandemic has given many employees a glimpse of just how feasible remote work is for a range of jobs — an option that may soon disappear for many as the pandemic recedes.
“Now, if everything goes back to normal, where would that leave people like me who do have disabilities and would like to continue working but may not have that option anymore if work-from-home isn’t allowed?”
Voglewede added that the lockdown opened up lots of doors for her professionally because all the conferences and webinars moved online. She’s afraid that going back to normal means she’ll be shut out of those opportunities again.


Herstory in the making: How the pandemic has changed the future of live drag
Various entertainers from across the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise talk to GAY TIMES about how COVID-19 has impacted the drag industry.

You’re gonna find this hard to believe, but at one point in time, it was the norm for queer people to attend queer bars and fork out £10.75 for a single vodka and coke, before having their faces collide with a stranger’s sweaty armpit as a drag queen flips, kicks and splits on a nearby stage. No, we are not lying! Over the past year, however, that once-familiar stench of BO, spirits and desperation that dominated the dancefloor has come from [whispers] inside the house [ends whisper] as we’ve been sequestered in lockdown. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, drag entertainers have been forced to adapt their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent for virtual performances, from lip-sync-athons to hosting and – depending on the queen – re-enactments of their most iconic moments from their reality TV stint. Whatever the situation, drag will continue to flourish – even under adverse circumstances such as these. Drag queens can do anything! But, like Bimini Bon Boulash stated on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, the art-form proved to be “unfeasible” for many performers in lockdown, whose livelihoods primarily depend on income from club appearances.





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