Style File: Beyoncé in Area and Auné Out in Las Vegas

Posted on April 19, 2021

“Always Start With Beyoncé” will be the title of our next book, should we decide that it will be a guide to successful blogging (which it will not be, because we like the idea of writing books that people might want to read). See, when we were going over today’s possible posts and settled on the few that caught our eye, Lorenzo asked Tom which order they should go in and Tom responded with what sounded like a universal truth. “Always start with Beyoncé.”



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Do we know why Bey suddenly posted a couple of style serves to the ‘gram? Does it matter? Does a queen need a reason? We’re just thankful for these fashion blessings. Evidently these are shots from her “Las Vegas getaway” with Jay-Z in March. That would explain why she’s wearing a suit with a whole bunch of nameplate necklaces. Not that a queen needs a reason, but if you’re not doing a little self-promotion in Vegas, are you really doing Vegas?




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No tea no shade, but we’ve always said that she’s not what we’d call a fashion-forward kind of gal. Her stagewear has always been way more interesting than her public style choices. Even so, while the dress is fairly basic in style, we really like the color story and the sheer gloves lend it a sense of drama it wouldn’t otherwise have. You might think a pair of stilettos or platforms would be the de rigueur shoe choice here, but Bey went a different way and we appreciate the slight weirdness of the heel.










Style Credits:
First Look: Area White Ensemble from the Spring 2020 Collection
Second Look: Auné Trompe L’œil Print Mesh Mini Dress

Styled by Zerina Akers


[Photo Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram,,]

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