Oscars 2021: “Pieces of a Woman” Star Vanessa Kirby in Gucci

Posted on April 27, 2021

We think this entire look is a pretty good argument against a star (especially an Oscar nominee), rigidly sticking to a very basic sort of style.


Because eventually, you’re gonna paint yourself into a style corner and the approach will yield diminishing returns over time.

Vanessa Kirby is young, beautiful, looks great in high fashion and we spent two years reviewing her work in The Crown portraying the young Princess Margaret. Given all that, and the fact the she’s a first-time Best Actress nominee, you’d think we’d have spent months going over every inch of her Oscar campaign wardrobe. But despite her regular appearances (whether virtual or otherwise) at the major awards shows, we found almost every outfit she wore, while elegant, to be too boring to comment on. She seems to prefer (or to have settled on for her Oscar campaign), a sleek, chic, classic look; the kind of look we tend to shorthand as “Revlon ad” fashion. Which we suppose is a little ironic here because one of the issues with the look overall is that her makeup’s too harsh.

The previous looks were fine, but this one just isn’t getting the job done. The color washes her out and there’s too much puckering in the bodice. The skirt is fine but the top is flimsy and unresolved as a design. It looks like it should still be pinned to a dress form. Along with the harsh makeup, the severe hair isn’t helping either. None of this seems to flatter her or play to her strengths. If someone had been able to talk her into switching things up a bit more and loosening up her style restrictions now and then, she might not have backed herself into this corner.

Have we mentioned how nice it is to be able to give full style critiques with real red carpet pictures? You can’t really get this deep into the weeds when you’re literally going off the celebrity’s own social media posts. Yet another reason to pray to the content gods for the return of real red carpets, kittens.



Style Credits:
– Custom Gucci Silk Strapless Gown with Box Pleat Dramatic Train
Cartier High Jewelry Necklace of 1,112 Diamonds Totaling 27.45-carats Creating Infinite Plays of Light

Styled by Ryan Hastings | Hair by Adir Abergel | Makeup by Jo Baker


[Photo Credit: ABA]

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