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Posted on March 02, 2021

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To return to a sentiment expressed many times over the last year, if we’re going to hunker down in a bunker, let it at least be a fabulously appointed, delightfully colorful one. Hence today’s LOunge. Grab a seat and plant yourself. The hunkering has begun for the day. Let the hunker bell ring out!

Today is TUESDAY. Well, shit.

We are seeing avenues toward vaccination slowly open themselves up to us, although absolutely nothing is definite at the moment. It just feels like there’s movement happening, however slow and imperceptible it may be to the naked eye. We’ve allowed ourselves a moment or two to think about a post-lockdown life, although we’re cautious enough not to get ahead of ourselves on this. Like everything else in the last year, we’ll just have to wait and see. If nothing else, we may come out of all this with an admirably elevated sense of patience. No social skills whatsoever, mind you. Feral, but patiently feral.

Anyway, we’re off to judge a whole bunch of Golden Globes gownery and finery, praise be to the celebrities for bestowing upon us these gifts. Talk amongst thyselves!


How WandaVision Travels The Decades Through Hair And Makeup
The hair and makeup heads break down how they brought the sitcom world of Wanda and Vision to life.

A new haircut or shade of lipstick has the power to lift one’s mood, but Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) takes the makeover to superhero heights in WandaVision. Marvel’s Disney+ series has sent fans down a theory rabbit hole regarding the idyllic sitcom suburbia Wanda constructed as a happily-ever-after with Vision (Paul Bettany). From black-and-white hits like I Love Lucy, Bewitched, and The Dick Van Dyke Show to the recent pop culture entries like The Office and Modern Family, Wanda’s journey explores multiple era-defining TV favorites in a bid to suppress her grief.


Ignoring The History Of Anti-Asian Racism Is Another Form Of Violence
Most people, however, do not know, or have failed to grasp, the horrid and racist details of wars that helped bring many Asians to this country. Our experiences, including those of Southeast Asian refugees, are rarely told or acknowledged. Instead, distant family members recount their refugee stories to one another, sharing harrowing narratives of escaping pirates at the sea or famine and starvation. These same communities have been and are facing detentions and deportations.


Stop Telling Women They’re Amazing
When we call women “super moms,” we’re actually complimenting them for living in a completely unsustainable way.

When we tell women they’re amazing or call them “super moms” for handling everything that they do, implicit in that is the idea that they should keep doing it without some form of compensation. We are actively encouraging women to keep managing everything; to take care of the kids and the house while working a full time job; to get their pre-baby body back, and maybe even do some volunteer work, all at the same time. When we say they’re “amazing,” we’re actually complimenting them for living in a completely unsustainable way. This has to stop.


Anya Taylor-Joy Had a Queen’s Gambit-Inspired Manicure at the Golden Globes
While the actress took home the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress In A Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for Television for her role in The Queen’s Gambit, Taylor-Joy was paying tribute to the role that got her to the virtual red carpet way before the gold statue was even in her hands.


Hair as Art
How styling Black hair became a cultural celebration.

It’s a buffet for the senses: dope music, grooving marching bands, flashing lights, and catsuit-clad hair models; hairstylists cutting neon strands in the dark and styling models’ hair upside down, underwater. The show-stopping pageantry and unparalleled floss of Black hair shows, including the Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show—the pinnacle of them all—are undeniable. Decades before the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement and the introduction of the nation’s first CROWN Act (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair), Black hair shows served as cultural incubators for creativity, community, commerce, and pride. They unapologetically showed the world that Black hair in its numerous reincarnations—whether braids, twists, or weaves—isn’t just beautiful. It’s art. It’s boundless. It’s political. Today these shows illustrate that if Black lives matter, then Black hair, and the laws that seek to protect it, must matter as well.


Rosamund Pike Thanked “America’s Broken Legal System” for Inspiring I Care a Lot
That’s the weird, sad truth behind the Netflix film.

“An estimated 1.3 million adults are under the care of guardians—family members or professionals—who control approximately $50 billion of their assets,” Senator Susan Collins said in a statement. “Guardianship is a legal relationship created by a court that is designed to protect those with diminished or lost capacity. We found, however, that in many cases, the system lacks basic protections leaving the most vulnerable Americans at risk of exploitation.”


A New Book of Photographs Traces the Portrayal of Black African Women Through Time
The author and contributors of The African Lookbook, a collection of archival portraiture captured between 1870 and 1970, speak to the power of photography.

In an age of selfies and Instagram, it’s easy to forget how rare and special photographs once were. How powerful a tool they can be in both documenting history and suggesting cultural narratives. Writer and curator Catherine E. McKinley, who specializes in African photography, has spent a lifetime thoughtfully collecting images of Black men and women whose fuller stories may elude us, but whose photographs offer viewers snippets of histories in which others might find glimpses of themselves.


Sandra Lee on Her New RBG Documentary Ruth: Justice Ginsburg in Her Own Words
The film premieres March 1 on Starz.

“What touched me the most were her forethought and her compassion. She was very obviously compassionate about the subject and the subjects that were attached to the subject matter. I also think that a lot of people don’t realize how funny she was. The film also made me think about—by way of Ruth’s example—what we are contributing to the next generation. And when it came to this film, when we were putting together our team, the executive team, had a discussion about who is going to carry this film, this message, and this legacy forward. So, we brought in two very young executive producers who are tasked with and are thrilled to have the responsibility of taking this forward for us as we all mature, which we all will.”


Ella Emhoff Is Launching a Knitwear Collaboration with Batsheva
Memorably, the Vice President’s stepdaughter wore a Batsheva dress to the inauguration.

The pair announced the news in a Good Morning Vogue video, which began with Emhoff having a candid conversation with two of her friends. She reflected on how rapidly her life had changed, after signing with IMG Models, walking for Proenza Schouler, and dropping a five-piece collection on the e-tailer Mall in the space of a month. “I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting this,” she says. “I think life really did a 180.”


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Winston, the Trailblazing American Jeweler
He bought and sold the world’s most spectacular diamonds, and today the house unveiled another show-stopping stone for the record books.

Harry Winston’s obsession with diamonds was so great that he carried important stones, some worth millions, in his pockets—just for the pleasure of keeping them nearby. He handled the world’s most legendary diamonds, from the Hope and Lesotho to the Jonker. That tradition continues today under the house’s owner Nayla Hayek, who has proven she has that same passion—and buying power—for the world’s rarest jewels. Today, she unveiled the Winston Pink Legacy, an 18.96 fancy vivid pink diamond ring, on what would have been Mr. Winston’s 125th birthday.


How to Make Fresh Soba Noodles at Home
DIY soba noodles are easy to make—if you have a guide like cookbook author Sonoko Sakai. Here’s how.

“All of my senses are working—that’s what I love about soba. You have to be particularly alert,” says Sakai. For Sakai, the process of making soba is a soothing act that’s all about trusting her senses, whether that’s running her fingers through crumbly buckwheat flour and making slight adjustments to the dough, or tasting and tweaking the simmering umami-rich broth destined for slurping up with the cooked noodles. Even her signature instructions for how to bring the water and buckwheat flour together in loose, circular motions with one’s hands (“Wax on, wax off,” she says jokingly) come down to learning to rely on intuition. “You put water in the flour, you start mixing it, and you have a conversation with the dough. It’s a humbling experience.


Jodie Foster’s Appearance With Her Wife at the 2021 Golden Globes Captured the (Wonderful) Mundanity of Queer Love
[The Golden] Globes proceedings were as disjointed and, at times, confusing as one might expect a hybrid-virtual awards show to be. But they offered one significant advantage over the formality and pomp of more typical years—we were given the privilege of seeing celebrities in their natural habitats, surrounded by their loved ones without the smile-and-wave tradition of an in-person ceremony. In the case of Foster and her wife, photographer Alexandra Hedison, that meant witnessing the sheer ordinariness of two women sitting on their couch with their dog and celebrating.


Gillian Anderson, Emma Corrin And More React To Prince Harry’s ‘The Crown’ Review
‘It’s fictional, but it’s loosely based on the truth,’ said Prince Harry

During an interview with James Corden for The Late Late Show, which aired on February 26, the Duke of Sussex seemingly revealed that not only has he seen the series, but that he also doesn’t have any major objections to it.
Series four of the series received significant backlash for its depiction of the royal’s parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, with much debate as to whether its makers should label the show as fiction.


Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Speaks Out About Shooting
Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs Gustavo and Koji have been returned unharmed after a Los Angeles gunman shot the artist’s dog walker Ryan Fischer last Wednesday and abducted the two beloved pets. Fischer, who was able to save Gaga’s third dog, Asia, from being stolen, is expected to make a full recovery. In light of the happy news, he’s also issued his first public statement on the horrifying incident.


Golden Globes Producers Explain Those Zoom Rooms, Catherine O’Hara’s Gag and More Behind the Scenes Details
It was the most unusual Golden Globes Awards since 2008, when the writers’ strike forced producers to scrap it in favor of a press conference. But this year, the show strived to be, in the words of executive producer Barry Adelman, as “Golden Globes-y” as possible.
That meant embracing unpredictable moments, such as when Catherine O’Hara’s husband added sound effects from his phone to the “Schitt’s Creek” star’s acceptance speech, or when “Judas and the Black Messiah” star Daniel Kaluuya accidentally had his laptop on mute (something that was quickly rectified).
“There were a number of surprises all night long where suddenly people popped up in situations that you had no idea that it was happening,” Adelman said. “I thought it made the show extremely interesting. You suddenly saw children walk into the frame, you saw dogs. Jodie Foster and her wife and their dog was a total surprise and a wonderful picture.”


Farther, Faster and No Sweat: Bike-Sharing and the E-Bike Boom
Social-distancing, sustainability and accessibility helped accelerate e-biking during the pandemic, and the trend is showing up in urban bike-sharing programs.

As with all bicycles during the pandemic, electric bikes, or those with battery-powered motors to handle propulsion, boomed. The market research firm NPD Group said sales of e-bikes grew 145 percent in 2020 compared to 2019, outpacing sales of all bikes, which were up 65 percent. “Bike categories that catered to families and recreational and newer riders grew better than more performance-oriented bikes,” said Dirk Sorenson, a sports industry analyst at NPD, adding that e-bikes “overcome challenges like big hills or going on a longer ride than a typical bike.” But it’s not just consumer sales that have mainstreamed e-bikes. Municipal bike-sharing systems have increasingly adopted the technology, with some cities, including Charlotte, N.C., going with an all-electric fleet during the pandemic.





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