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Posted on March 29, 2021

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We don’t want to face the world today, darlings. Let’s all hunker down in this fabulous basement and pretend like sunlight and other people don’t exist. Just for a little while. Why? You know why. It is MONDAY; the unholiest of days. Self-care is important while we all plod our way through the next 18 hours, so let’s not do anything of import or circumstance today. Let’s be frivolous as fuck.

Sigh. Fine. We suppose being productive is a way to go. If you’re into that sort of thing. In fact, our plans for the day tend to fall more into that category, thanks to a flutter of celebrity style offerings, and a bunch of random administrative and professional thingies we’re supposed to check off our daily list, which is a rather long one today. We think that light at the end of the lockdown tunnel is causing us to shift into productive mode whether we want to or not. We made our first plans of the summer, which is giving us a concrete date for when things will feel more “normal” for us and we think having an actual defined number of days left to this fakakta lockdown is resulting in a natural sprint in our pace.

Haha, who are we kidding? In three weeks, we’ll have another meltdown and become catatonic for a few days. May as well ride out that lockdown cycle all the way to the end, right?

Anyway, how are we all doing this fine spring morn? Distractions and discussion prompts are provided on the mimeographed worksheet below:

Viola Davis Gushes About Playing “Goddess” Michelle Obama in Showtime’s The First Lady
“I lost my damn mind for about five minutes and made a damn decision that I can’t take back.”

“Because [Michelle] is a goddess. And everybody knows her, everybody feels like they want to protect her….Here’s the thing. I’m just gonna do the best I can. That’s what I say to my daughter. I say, ‘Genesis, let me tell you something. Mommy is doing the best she can,’ so that’s it.”


Duchess Kate Helps Turn “Hold Still” Pandemic Exhibition into Coffee Table Book to Support Charities
The photography book will feature all 100 images from the National Portrait Gallery exhibition that the Duchess of Cambridge spearhead in 2020.

Money raised from sales will benefit a number of different charitable programs, with 50% of net proceeds going towards helping the National Portrait Gallery continue to deliver educational and community programs across Britain. The other half will go towards supporting leading mental health charity Mind, including support initiatives being run in local communities across the country.


The Agony And Ecstasy Of Getting Vaccinated
Seven women on the excitement—and extreme guilt—they feel about the vaccine.
Since vaccine distribution began in the U.S., more than 130 million doses have been administered, which means around 14 percent of the total population is now vaccinated. As states expand eligibility, that number will only continue to spike—a sliver of light after a long year in the shadow of the pandemic.
Sandra Lindsay, the first person in the country to get the COVID-19 vaccine, said it felt like “hope” shooting into her arm. But for others, the process has been unexpectedly polarizing: Some get the shot in secret, agonizing over vaccine guilt. Others have given up their spot in line to people who “need it more.” In short, it can be an emotional experience. Below, seven women* on the elation, stress, and, at times, extreme guilt they feel about getting vaccinated.


How To Stream The 2021 Oscar Nominees
Oscar season is upon us, and with that comes the anxious need to check all the nominated films off your to-watch list ahead of the ceremony. In the time of quarantine, most of the year’s nominated films are available to stream, meaning you barely have to move from your couch, bed, or pillow fort to get a quality cinematic experience. Peruse the nominated features available below, and keep checking back between now and the 93rd Academy Awards, which are scheduled for Sunday, April 25.


Mauree Turner On The Rewards And Challenges Of Being Oklahoma’s First Muslim Lawmaker
What’s the most challenging part about becoming Oklahoma’s first Muslim lawmaker?
I don’t have the political capital to be able to have a bad day or to be able to say something or do something off-kilter and have people show me grace. I come into things with an open mind and an open heart, ready to work with anybody. But I am not met with that same open-heartedness. There are people, to this day, that still refuse to look at me, refuse to talk to me in this building. That was something that I had anticipated, but I didn’t think it would feel how it does.


Happy 77th Birthday, Diana Ross! The Pop Icon’s Best Beauty Looks of All Time
“It takes a long time to get to be a diva,” Diana Ross once said. “I mean, you gotta work at it.” True to her own mantra, the queen of Motown, who turns 77, has been doing just that throughout her career with equal parts directional hair and makeup. While attending high school, Detroit-born-and-bred Ross enrolled in cosmetology school, practicing hairstyles on herself as well as taking neighbors as clients. But it was when she became the lead singer of The Supremes that Ross’s look—her coif and thick lashes especially—reached new heights. “My mom does all her own hair and makeup, and always has,” explains Tracee Ellis Ross. “Eyelashes, the whole deal—she does it herself.”


Vintage Photos of Presidents Celebrating the Holidays Through the Years
They go all out at the White House.

Between the White House Easter Egg Roll and the elaborate decorations for Christmas, the president and first lady typically go all out for holidays while living in the White House. From carrying out long-standing traditions to celebrating privately with their family, see how former first families got into the festive spirit—no matter the season.


Prepare To Be Outraged By This New Documentary About Grace Kelly’s Life
In the pantheon of Hollywood idols, Grace Kelly stands alone: a Hitchcock heroine and on-screen love interest for the likes of Cary Grant and William Holden, she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956, with 30 million people tuning in to watch their fairytale wedding. Yet, when she died suddenly in 1982, her car plunging into a ravine following a stroke at the wheel, the 52-year-old had just $10,000 to her name, along with a single cottage in County Mayo that belonged to her grandfather. How, exactly, does a Hollywood legend turned princess end up with so little in the way of assets?


Aidan Turner to return to our screens next month as Leonardo da Vinci
The Poldark heartthrob returns to screens for the first time since the Cornish series ended with a new show about the Renaissance polymath

The Irish heartthrob will be playing Leonardo da Vinci in a new series, Leonardo, coming to Amazon Prime about the Renaissance polymath’s life. Already airing in Italy, the series reportedly plays hard and fast with the truth, inventing a new muse and a murder accusation against the Italian genius.






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