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Posted on March 16, 2021

The Nolen Rooftop Bar – San Diego, USA


Let’s all spread out and take in some air and light today, darlings. But worry not! We’re sure we can set you up in a dark corner somewhere if air and light make you hiss and recoil. There’s room for everyone at the T LOunge, even the cranky and unsocial. Especially the cranky and unsocial, for they are near and dear to our bitter, judgmental hearts.

Today is TUESDAY. Oh, well.

Speaking of being unsocial, is anyone else feeling a little bit of post-lockdown anxiety? Like, we all want to get out of this mess and get back to something like our old lives, but at the same time, we’re a little anxious about our rusty social skills or the fact that we haven’t been around any children or elderly people in a year, which is a weird thing to admit, but it really illustrates how limited our contact has been during this time. Believe us, this is a problem we’re thrilled to have and in our more clear-eyed moments, we wave off any fears about re-assimilating into society. Even if it’s weird and awkward at first, it will obviously be worth it in the long run. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to start our crash diet so we can fit into jeans again.


How To Stream The 2021 Oscar Nominees
Oscar season is upon us, and with that comes the anxious need to check all the nominated films off your to-watch list ahead of the ceremony. In the time of quarantine, most of the year’s nominated films are available to stream, meaning you barely have to move from your couch, bed, or pillow fort to get a quality cinematic experience. Peruse the nominated features available below, and keep checking back between now and the 93rd Academy Awards, which are scheduled for Sunday, April 25.


Lady Chatterley’s Lover is Getting A New Movie Adaptation
The new take on the classic and controversial novel will star The Crown’s Emma Corrin.

On its surface, the role of Lady Constance Chatterly may sound pretty closely aligned with Corrin’s quietly miserable Diana. Lawrence’s novel introduces Lady Chatterly as a wealthy young woman born into a life of immense privilege, who gradually realizes that her marriage to an upper-class former soldier has become loveless and hollow. Frustrated both physically and emotionally, she falls into a passionate affair with a gamekeeper (aka a professional hunter) and experiences an intense sexual awakening.
Although Lady Chatterley’s Lover was first published in the late 1920s in Italy and France, it wasn’t until several decades later, in 1960, that it reached the UK. That’s also when it was thrust into the spotlight, as the subject of an obscenity trial that would have a groundbreaking impact on the publishing world.


The Maine Event
Last August, a wedding in Maine became a COVID-19 superspreader event, ultimately infecting 177 and killing seven. On the one-year anniversary of pandemic lockdown, ELLE journeys to the center of the drama.

“Most people in Millinocket had absolutely nothing to do with that wedding,” a longtime local business owner told me with a heavy sigh. “The bride got married in her father’s church in East Millinocket, and it was just beyond stupid and foolish for them to have a wedding. Most everybody here thinks that. They endangered a bunch of people.”


The Best Korean Dramas to Stream on Netflix Now
Warning: these are highly bingeable and dangerously addicting.

Long before Parasite created a worldwide sensation and swept up nearly every important award in film, including the top prizes at the Oscars last year, Korean culture had been steadily gaining global popularity. With this Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, you may have heard of the boy band BTS. Or perhaps you’ve developed a taste for haute Korean cuisine thanks to Michelin-starred restaurants like Cote and Atomix. Or maybe you have a shelf lined with Korean beauty products for your nightly 10-step skincare routine. Korean television dramas, though they may not have as much critical clout as the country’s cinematic output, are an indispensable part of the cultural fabric—and several of the best ones are on Netflix. Below are the most entertaining K-dramas to watch on the streaming service, from a charming romantic comedy-slash-thriller to a stunning period piece.


The Most Ornate Art Nouveau Jewelry to Add to a Collection
From enamel laden engagement rings to golden cameo cufflinks, there’s a piece of art nouveau jewelry for everyone—whether there’s a wedding on the horizon or not.

A precedent for the Art Deco movement, the Art Nouveau period of design was brief (it spanned from the 1890s to the early 1910s) and was characterized by undulating lines and soft curves with natural motifs such as plants, flowers, birds, animals, and the female body featured as the cornerstone of design. The stylized movement, which extended to jewelry, found stones such as agate, garnet, and opal as the pet gems of the period, while techniques like enameling reigned supreme.


Brandon Maxwell Is Walmart’s New Creative Director for Its Elevated Fashion Brands
Maxwell’s conversations with Walmart began a year and a half ago when a mutual friend set up a lunch between him and Denise Incandela, the company’s executive vice president for apparel and private brands. “We started talking and I expressed—as I had with my friends and family for years—how passionate I felt about what we’ll be doing,” Maxwell said. “By and large you can always get to a Walmart, and to be able to bring fashion to so many different people is what I’ve always wanted to do. I was excited to hear from Denise that passion is a big priority for Walmart, also.” Incandela, for her part, calls Maxwell a “powerhouse.”
Spring 2022 will be Maxwell’s first full season at Walmart, though he said that he’s been able to “influence” the holiday offerings behind the scenes. He’ll design four seasonal collections a year for the trend-driven Scoop brand and the more essentials-oriented Free Assembly.


Top designers ask Boris Johnson to ban the sale of fur in the UK
The move would make us the first country in the world to do so

“[We have a] shared belief that fashion, driven by consumers and enabled by innovation, is evolving to make animal fur obsolete, as more and more luxury fashion designers and high street retailers eliminate it from their collections,” the letter reads. “The majority of UK consumers reject animal fur on ethical grounds.”


The true story of Quartzsite, Arizona, the tiny, desert town from ‘Nomadland’ that attracts 2 million RVers and snowbirds every year
“Quartzsite, Arizona, is a town and a meeting place,” traveler Thomas Farley wrote in Rock & Gem magazine in 2017. “In winter it is a gathering of the clan for recreational vehicle snowbirds, flea market enthusiasts, ham radio operators, off-road motorists, geo-cachers, and rockhounds.”
From the purported largest RV gathering in the world to gem and mineral shows to a man known as the naked bookseller, here is the real-life story of Quartzsite.


What Was Life like for Women in the Middle Ages?
While depictions of the Middle Ages often revolve around knights, dragons, and fairy tales, the stories of how real people lived during this tumultuous time are often even more fascinating—particularly the (often-untold) stories of women. A day in the life of a medieval woman could include working alongside men in the fields, teaching their children how to read, or even influencing politics at court, all while enduring fashion trends and health and hygiene practices that we might find questionable today.


The problem is work
Pandemic parenting is impossible. American work culture is a big reason why.

Erica, an Indiana mom, was working part time last spring as a computer scientist. At the same time, she was taking care of her first-grader, preschooler, and toddler at home, with schools and day care centers in the area shuttered due to the pandemic.
Stories like this — about moms trying to manage everything during a seemingly endless public health crisis — have prompted many necessary conversations about America’s failure to invest in child care and the stubborn gender inequity in many American families. But there’s another issue that the pandemic has laid bare perhaps more starkly than ever before: the problem of work.





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