T LOunge for March 11th, 2021

Posted on March 11, 2021

Eduard’s Bar – Stuttgart, Germany

We’re feeling the need for something cool and modern and chic today, just to get us through it. Confession time: the above LOunge is a perfect example of the kinds of places T & Lo love most for imbibing and soaking up atmosphere. We love ourselves a cozy little pub or quirky little space as much as the next two queens, but give us a lounge that looks ready to mount a runway show and we’re there, pinkies raised and cheeks inwardly sucked.

Today is THURSDAY. Hello, let’s celebrate that.

We’re so very over all of the “A year ago today” retrospectives. We get why they’re necessary, but we honestly can’t read another one. A year ago we had to shut down our book tour and reminiscing about that time just makes us sad. You know what we should all be talking about? What we’re doing a year FROM NOW. Speak it into existence, darlings! We haven’t made firm plans, but we know our perky asses are traveling to another country within the next 15 months; that’s for sure.


Prince Harry and Meghan Have Joined the Pandemic Chicken Craze
The couple introduced Oprah to their flock of rescue chickens at their California home.

Chicken enthusiasts point out that birds have a way of multiplying. A small flock is inevitable, especially if you hatch the chicks from the eggs (another layer of bird ownership). It can also be difficult to tell a chick’s gender, so people accidentally end up with roosters, which are forbidden as pets in many urban counties. As a result, owners are constantly re-homing birds, networking and meeting other chicken owners.


We’re Still Not Over the Confusing ’00s Dress-Over-Pants Trend — and Now It’s Back
At least Ashley Tisdale will be ready.

To be honest, we thought society as a whole agreed never to bring back a handful of ’00s trends. But, as we continue to debate which jeans are cool, and reluctantly embrace colorful leggings and popcorn shirts, another (and, possibly the most cringey) trend snuck in nearly undetected: Styling dresses over pants.
For those who lived through round one of this confusing look, you might remember that nothing was off-limits when it came to how to wear it. Pairing skinny jeans with a silky fit-and-flare? Go ahead. What about layeingr a pleated skirt over cropped cargo pants? According to Ashley Tisdale or Miley Cyrus’ old outfits, all signs pointed to yes.


The 30 Best British TV Shows You Need to Binge This Year
It’s time to spice up your Netflix queue with a few programs from across the pond.

It’s easy to get caught up in addicting American dramas like The Queen’s Gambit, The Undoing, or Big Little Lies, but true TV buffs often look across the pond for the juiciest programs to binge watch. There’s also a whole world of television out there that touches on everything from Queen Elizabeth’s early reign to home baking, so here’s a list of some of the best British TV shows available to stream right now.


What Famous Women in History Were Achieving When You Were Born
Women across the globe have been fighting for equal rights for themselves and for others since the beginning of time. Yes, we’re still often faced with blatant discrimination on the basis of sex, but real progress has been made. For inspiration that’ll drive you to make your own mark on the world, find inspiration in the women, ahead, who have shifted our culture in meaningful ways.


Not Even LVMH Can Convince Me to Wear Birkenstocks
Nor can a $76,000 pair swathed in deconstructed Hermès Birkins.

I will happily succumb to athleisure. But Birkenstocks? I will never be caught dead in them. (Confession: I did buy a pair in high school, wore them once, realized the terrible mistake I had made, and never put them on again.)
Obviously, the popularity of Birkenstocks isn’t a novel concept, or even unique to the pandemic, though its circumstances have certainly contributed to their resurgence. They are nothing if not perseverant, a fact that doesn’t bode well for haters like me (the family-owned company is older than America—Birkenstock was founded in 1774).


A Tina Turner Documentary Is Coming to HBO Next Month
This is simply the best news.

According to the network, the film will follow Turner’s rise to fame, her personal and career struggles, and her earning icon status in the ’80s and beyond. It will feature interviews with the artist herself, filmed at her home in Switzerland, appearances from people close to her, and rare archival footage spanning 60 years. Others providing on-screen commentary include Angela Bassett; Oprah Winfrey; I, Tina co-author Kurt Loder; playwright Katori Hall, who wrote the musical about Turner’s life; and Turner’s husband, Erwin Bach.


Is This The End Of The Girl Boss?
The past 12 months have seen myriad female leaders step down following a series of very public reckonings over accusations of toxic workplace cultures. The deserved consequence of their own failings? Or proof that we still hold women in power to impossibly high standards?

Should 2020’s fallen women have stayed in their roles? Probably not. Did they deserve to pick up a disproportionate amount of attention for their failures? That’s where it gets complicated…
The women in question are alleged to have behaved badly or, at the very least, thoughtlessly. There is a real need to address inequality and damaging work cultures. But the invisible hand of sexism was also present, as were the usual questions about money: who has it and who doesn’t, and what that means. So, how does this break down?


‘WandaVision’: Elizabeth Olsen and Jac Schaeffer on Wanda’s Kids, Fan Theories and the Future of the Show
“Naively, I didn’t expect people to get carried away in that way. I’m curious to hear what Lizzie has to say about this, but we didn’t anticipate that the show would drop after a full year of an MCU drought in the middle of a pandemic. I think we’re all so delighted by the response and so happy, I think, especially about the emotional response and how our discussion of grief has been embraced. I can speak for my writers room, I think that was our chief motivation and guiding light, and then all the other things are the fun of it.”


Ruth Carter’s Global Parade of ‘Gorgeous’ Costumes for ‘Coming 2 America’
The Oscar-winning costume designer updated the world of Zamunda, working with more than three dozen designers from around the world, in the new film starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and Leslie Jones
No stranger to designing looks for fictional African royalty with the exotic Black Panther’s Wakanda, costume designer Ruth. E. Carter was the first person who director Craig Brewer called about creating the stylish world for the new film Coming 2 America, out this weekend on Amazon Prime Video.


He Went to 105 Shows in One Season. Now He Watches TV.
What has this year been like for the most voracious of culture vultures? A super fan in Chicago lets us into his life without the arts.

The performing arts depend on people like Minieka — culture vultures, often retired, who fill the seats at many a show. And that dependence is mutual. There are lots of people, many of them older, for whom the arts are a way to stay connected to the world — intellectually, emotionally and socially. This last year, when live performance before live audiences has been largely banned, has hit the most devoted especially hard.




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