WERQ From Home: Chloe Bailey in Burberry and Versace

Posted on February 03, 2021

Miss Chloe had a bit of a rough week because she’s in the midst of establishing herself as a performer independent of her sister and because in doing so, she incurred the wrath of people who love to police the behavior of young women on line. In other words, she was feeling herself and the world being what it is, folks decided to slap her down a little bit in the name of propriety.

But look, one of the reasons we once declared ourselves honorary gay uncles to celebrity teen starlets is so that we could encourage any and all of them to spend these years wearing crazy fashion and enjoying how hot they are. You’ll regret it later if you don’t, girls.




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And if things hadn’t gotten so heated, we might have suggested she tone down her posing for shots like these, not because we’re prudes but because it’s not the best way to show off a high-fashion look. But you know? You go and arch your back or show off what you love about yourself, girl. We love this look and we think the styling is just right. The hair and hoops are perfect.



Personally, if we’d been asked, we’d have told the sister of the gal who got cast as Ariel in The Little Mermaid to avoid any style choices that would cause people to confuse you with her at a time when you’re trying to break out. In other words, an “under the sea” themed dress would not have been our first recommendation in this situation. It’s a cute dress, though; in a tacky sort of way. Maybe this is weird, but our only quibble with it is the color. That shade of blue just looks a little cheap to us. It makes the dress look more like a novelty shower curtain than a Versace. Having said that, the fit is fantastic and the head styling is gorgeous.



Style Credits:
First Look: Burberry Cut-out Check Stretch Jersey Dress from the Fall 2020 Collection
Second Look: Versace Dress Crystal-embellished Dress


[Photo Credit: Chloe Bailey/Instagram, burberry.com]

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