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Posted on February 09, 2021

Le Drugstore Bar and Restaurant – Paris, France

It’s TUESDAY. Might as well get that out of the way first, what with it being the quintessential “let’s just get this out of the way” day of the week.

Not that we’ve dispensed with the necessaries (so to speak), let’s all grab a spot and start with the nibbling and the drinking and the gossiping and the venting. You know. The important stuff. The life-affirming power of being petty and lazy! That’s what we’re all about ’round these parts!

Feel free to sample from our lovingly curated library of distraction if you’re feeling more introverted at the mo. All are welcome to our little kaffeeklatsch, even those who don’t drink kaffee or do much klatsching.


Black Beauty Leaders on Their Biggest Inspirations in the Industry
In the beauty industry specifically, Black people have been trailblazing within the space for decades. Think: Annie Turnbo Malone and Madame CJ Walker, who were successful entrepreneurs within the haircare industry. Then there are the models who help us to feel seen in the pages of magazines, like Beverly Johnson, the first Black model to be on the cover of American Vogue. And of course we can’t forget our beloved artists, such as the late, great Cicely Tyson, who brought us wisdom and head-turning, unapologetic beauty, on screen and off.
Here, to further celebrate our inspirations, 38 beauty trailblazers in their own right—from supermodels to beauty business owners, makeup artists to hairstylists—share their biggest beauty heroes of all-time.


Timothée Chalamet on Paying Homage to Edward Scissorhands in the Coolest Super Bowl Ad of the Year
A longtime Burton fanatic, Chalamet jumped at the chance to revisit one of the director’s most beloved cinematic universes. Airing during the fourth quarter of tonight’s Super Bowl LV, the 90-second spot sees the Oscar-nominated actor carve out a full emotional arc for his character, complete with a patchwork-leather suit modeled after Colleen Atwood’s original designs. Chalamet shared his thoughts on teaming up with Cadillac for the project, tackling the role of Edgar, and getting to have “America’s sweetheart” play his mom.


Britney Spears Gets a Wave of Support After a New Documentary Digs into Her Conservatorship Battle
There are new calls to “Free Britney” after the Framing Britney Spears documentary debuted on Hulu.

Britney Spears fans are speaking out in support of the pop star after a new documentary, Framing Britney Spears, analyzed details of her conservatorship battle. The singer has been under a conservatorship controlled by her father, Jamie Spears, for at least 12 years, dating back to her psychiatric hospitalization in 2008, granting him the legal right to make decisions about her person and finances. After the film premiered Friday on Hulu, as part of The New York Times Presents series, viewers, celebrities, and supporters of the #FreeBritney movement called for an end to the singer’s legal bind.


The Mystery of Lee Radziwill’s Missing Givenchy Gown
How a London costume designer discovered one of fashion’s lost treasures in a most unexpected place.

Decades before Lee Radziwill passed away in 2019, she unwittingly laid the pattern for a fascinating fashion mystery—one with all the hallmarks of an Agatha Christie novel.
It begins in 1961, in a glamorous Paris atelier, and involves the American-born princess, a torn dress, a soured relationship, political alliances, European royalty, and even a detective of sorts.
The story starts to unfold almost 60 years later when, last March, London-based costume designer Henry Wilkinson—our detective—stumbled across the remnants of what was clearly a haute couture Givenchy evening dress consisting of an elaborate Lesage-embroidered bodice with just a few inches of severed skirt still attached. “I immediately recognized it was from the 1960s,” recalls Wilkinson. “And I could see from the photos it was in very bad condition.”


Peek Inside Princess Anne’s Charming, Messy Gatcombe Park Living Room
The Princess Royal cheered on Scotland’s rugby team with her husband.

Royal watchers got a rare look at Princess Anne’s home this weekend, when the Windsors shared a sweet photo of Anne and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, watching a rugby match in their very lived-in living room.
The Princess Royal’s Gatcombe Park residence, it turns out, is filled to the brim with books, figurines, photos, and other miscellaneous ephemera. Combined with the orange, floral-printed couch set, heavy wooden furniture, and collection of landscape paintings, it all reads as very charming country grandmother—fitting, as Anne is indeed a grandmother, living in the country.


The Best Doughnuts in Every State
Doughnuts, donuts, crullers, beignets, malasadas—by any name, these are the finest fried dough treats in America.

The American doughnut is as varied as we are, and there’s almost no corner of the country that hasn’t been hooked for generations, or failed to put their own stamp on the genre. This list of the best doughnuts in America is, fair warning, intensely personal, assembled after several years of doughnut eating in the name of research. Pull up a chair, and let’s do some traveling.


The Britney Spears Documentary Is a Case Study of Music Industry Misogyny
The documentary presents a damning example of the matrices of misogyny, money, and power that are upheld by those within the music industry and even by those who might exist outside of it, whether that be label executives, ex-boyfriends, or members of the press who made it seem that for so long, she was just a helpless sexpot puppet doing whatever her managers told her. For many years, Spears did control her own narrative, and it is especially astonishing to witness how the control she seamlessly exerted in the beginning of her career is the very thing that was taken away from her by the conservatorship and has prevented her from making her own decisions about her life to this day.


Who Really Created the Marvel Universe?
Stan Lee presided over a world of superheroes, but his collaborators and readers sustained his vision—and his characters outlasted it.

In the early nineteen-forties, decades before he was Stan the Man, the impresario of the Marvel Universe, Stanley Martin Lieber fetched coffee, took notes, and sat on desks playing the piccolo—or perhaps the ocarina—in the offices of his uncle’s comic-book company. There, before and after his Army service, and into the decade that followed, Stanley became one of many typists and scribblers providing copy for word balloons and prose for the books’ filler pages. He was as efficient as his older colleagues at churning out scripts, and already distinguished himself in one way: he put his pen name, Stan Lee, on all his work. He said that he was saving his birth name for a more respectable project, like a novel. Still, if he was going to make comics, he wanted credit.


18 Captivating Archive Images Of Michelle Pfeiffer
From her impossibly glamorous turn as Elvira Hancock in Scarface, to her similarly alluring embodiment of Catwoman in Batman Returns, few can forget Michelle Pfeiffer’s resumé of mesmerising, era-defining performances.
Archive film stills of the actor capture her bold on-screen attitude, as well as the diverse repertoire of costumes that she has worn over the years. Glossy latex bodysuits, royal gowns and an array of preppy outfits have featured in Pfeiffer’s dressing room wardrobe, many of which have become hallmarks of popular culture (her instantly recognisable arsenal of low-cut slip dresses seen in Scarface populate myriad Pinterest boards, for one).


From ‘Lupin’ To ‘Call My Agent!’, How A Netflix Addiction Inspired Me To Learn French Fluently
Growing up with a francophile mother, French has always been part of my life. My special stuffed animal was Babar the Elephant, and weekends were spent singing the translated version of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” with a group of children who were far more multilingual than me. In college, I spent a year studying in Paris, living with a host family and their three-legged dog, Colonel Moutard. Still, like many adults who spent their school years learning a foreign language, my opportunities to speak it dwindled after graduation, and so did my confidence.


You can actually buy royal-approved replicas of the Queen’s jewellery
Most of us can only dream of owning as lavish a jewellery collection as Her Majesty the Queen has. From her vast selection of historical tiaras to her significant brooches, diamond necklaces and earrings, they are simply priceless.
And even you could figure out their value, it would probably take several lifetimes to save up enough to purchase them. However, it’s not all bleak, as I’ve found the next best thing.
You can actually buy royal-approved replicas of a few of the Queen’s favourite jewels at none other than the official Royal Collection Shop.


Watch the making of this exquisitely delicate Dior couture gown
Step inside the atelier and see how the team brought together the iconic Miss Dior dress

The collection explored and celebrated the the fascinating universe of the divinatory arts and, within this, recreated one of Christian Dior’s most iconic designs, the Miss Dior dress, in gold.
The design features a mini corset-style bra and, underneath, a dress entirely covered with flowers on a lattice base, which are all hand stitched and attached via a painstakingly precise process.


“Black Art: In the Absence of Light”Reveals a History of Neglect and Triumph
An HBO documentary explores two centuries of art by African-Americans, and the path they forged for contemporary Black artists.
“Black Art: In the Absence of Light,” a rich and absorbing documentary directed by Sam Pollard and debuting on HBO Tuesday night. The feature-length film, assembled from interviews with contemporary artists, curators and scholars, was inspired by a single 1976 exhibition, “Two Centuries of Black American Art,” the first large-scale survey of African-American artists. Organized by the artist David C. Driskell, who was then-head of the art department at Fisk University, it included some 200 works dating from the mid-18th to the mid-20th century, and advanced a history that few Americans, including art professionals, even knew existed.





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