John Krasinski on “Saturday Night Live”

Posted on February 01, 2021

To be quite blunt about it, there’s a reason we don’t feature the Saturday Night Live guest host fashions on all that regular a basis, even at a time when celebrity style content is hard to come by. They so rarely give us a reason to. And that’s fine. The culture provides many opportunities for stars to show up in some highly curated finery and SNL’s well-cultivated image as a plucky, rag-tag haven of outsiders and satirists doesn’t necessarily provide the best backdrop for high-fashion displays. Every once in a while, a Kristen Wiig or Harry Styles shows up to bridge that gap between sketch comedy and high fashion, but if you’d asked us ahead of time, we’d never have predicted that John Krasinski would come out this hard.

No shade in that statement. He always dresses well and presents himself in a consistently more polished manner than a good deal of his make contemporaries, but we guess we always saw his style taking a bit of a back seat to his wife Emily Blunt’s. Here, he and his stylist Ilaria Urbinati have taken a little time and space for him to break out of his style shell, so to speak. These outfits are all seriously cute and well-suited to him.


Paul Smith


Sandro Paris and Dolce&Gabbana


Ami Alexandre Mattiussi



What’s nice about them is that they show a little bit of range, from the low-key earth tones to the rich green of the suit, to the ridiculously cute Paul Smith and the … uh, somewhat challenging D&G sweater. Just a really great, eye-catching selection of looks and pieces that work really well for him – and given his size, it’s not always easy to curate high-fashion ensembles with this range and to this effect.







Style Credits:
First Look: Paul Smith Ensemble | London Sock Company x Ilaria Urbinati Floral Socks
Second Look: Sandro Paris Shirt | Dolce&Gabbana Blazer
Third Look: Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Hunter Green Suit
Fourth Look: Dolce&Gabbana Silk and Cashmere Printed Polo Shirt

Styled by Ilaria Urbinati


[Photo Credit: NBC]

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