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Posted on January 05, 2021

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Darlings, let’s all go back to being fabulous vampires today. We’re sensing a need for moody, dark, luxurious spaces with a little sense of grandiosity to them. We’re feeling like a day in the shadows, silently judging everyone while maintaining a devastating mystique and a drop-dead chicness is exactly the kind of fantasy you’re looking for. Why?

Today is TUESDAY. That’s why. Truly the most cursed day of them all.

Not much to report on the T Lo homefront. Our frontline healthcare family members have all gotten the vaccine, which is a huge weight off our minds. We have to let a plumber in today, which should be nice and stressful. It seems like every Christmas, one of the sinks in this place decides they’ve had enough and just go on strike. Maybe it was all the hand-washing. Aside from that, it’s the usual T Lo day of scanning the culture for content and keeping the cats from fighting with each other. What’s on your plate for today?


How This $70, Extremely Sound of Music-esque Nightgown Changed My Life
A few weeks before December 25th, my dad texted me to ask what I wanted for Christmas. “A red flannel Lanz nightgown,” I told him, sending a link to the exact, lace-collared variety I wanted, to which he took a beat and responded, “That’s what we got you for Christmas when you were nine.” He wasn’t being funny; I had literally received the same exact nightgown as a child, somehow forgotten about it, and rediscovered it anew at 27.


The Best Films of 2020
In a year of delayed blockbusters and more at-home streaming, the best films were humanistic indie releases.

In a year that threatened to collapse film for good, Hollywood gave us an abundance of offerings that challenged that fear and the means we take to consume great content. For the first time in too long, independent cinema wasn’t just something those in the know experienced. It was something everyone with a Wi-Fi connection could watch, discuss, and recommend.
As a result, the movies we collectively—and often simultaneously—engaged with were more humanistic, exploring the extraordinary minutiae of our lives. With few grandiose special effects, the films largely came down to raw, unflinching stories about humanity that became increasingly more crucial at a time of social unrest and rampant demands for empathy.


Citrus Is My Therapist
I didn’t know true happiness until I started growing fruit in my very dark apartment.

When I was growing up in Kentucky, there were essentially four kinds of citrus available to me in a calendar year: lemons, limes, grapefruit, and exceedingly average oranges that were a staple of soccer games and Christmas stockings. Once I moved to the East Coast, I developed a strange dependence on easy-peel clementines, downing half a dozen at a time—likely my body screaming out for sustenance (or maybe just sugar) to counteract the stress I was putting it through as a broke-plus-loans grad student who often neglected to eat until she fell off her bike on the dirt road home. I told myself I was taking my vitamins.


The Best Meditation Apps for a Moment of Calm in 2021
This past year has been tough on everyone, creating further motivation to practice self-care as we begin 2021. Meditation can be an effective, low-cost way to deal with stress, and you don’t need a coach or class to learn key techniques. The best meditation apps provide calming guidance when anxiety and overwhelming feelings arise. There are many on the market—including Liberate, a meditation app designed for Black, Indigenous and other people of color; as well as Headspace, which is equipped with mindful workouts, sleep sounds, and guided meditations with soothing voices that will carry you into a state of bliss, no matter where you are or how much time you have.


23 Easy Mocktail Recipes to Try In 2021
Even better than the real thing.

Don’t be fooled by the myth that mocktails are merely a substitution for a “real” drink. These non-alcoholic cocktails can shine on their own—especially if you follow these colorful, exciting, delicious recipes, which come straight from bartenders, drink experts, and brands like Mocktail Club. From the refreshing to the sophisticated, there exists a mocktail for every occasion and every palate. Maybe you’re abstaining from alcohol for a month; maybe you’re taking a night off; maybe you just want to mix it up with a non-alcoholic favorite drink—whatever your mocktail needs, these recipes have you covered. We might not know what to expect from 2021, but at least these 23 tasty mocktails can guarantee it’ll be hangover-free.


An Enduring Icon: Notre-Dame Cathedral
Notre-Dame has come to embody a range of meanings in the cultural imagination: a major religious structure, a masterpiece of medieval architecture, a repository for important relics and art, a symbol of Paris, and a French landmark.
When a fire ravaged the 850-year-old cathedral on April 15, 2019, the fate of the building became uncertain.


Netflix teams up with the British Fashion Council to create gowns inspired by Bridgerton
See the show’s stars modelling the incredible designs

Netflix’s lavish period drama Bridgerton, set in the world of Regency London high society and resplendent with extravagant gowns, has been a huge hit since its release on Christmas day and is currently no.1 in Netflix’s UK top 10 chart.
Following its launch, Netflix has now announced its partnership with the British Fashion Council, commissioning three young scholars to create regency garments inspired by the series.
The BFC Scholars Aurélie Fontan, Edward Mendoza and Shanti Bell, were mentored by designer Richard Quinn to create fabulous period costumes worthy of modern-day gossip columns.


The Year of Buyer’s Remorse
In 2020 we stocked up on a lot. Maybe some things we didn’t need.

“I saw a Walmart employee wheel out a whole stack of toilet paper from the back and head toward the toilet paper section,” she said. “I followed him there and took a 20 pack right from the shelf!” When she got home to her one-bedroom apartment Ms. Alaezi realized she had nowhere to store her purchase. Then she realized something else, “It felt a little rough,” she said. “I checked the packaging, and it was single ply!”


A Kitchen Resolution Worth Making: Follow the Recipe Exactly
Home cooks often tweak dishes, but hewing tightly to instructions can help us better understand others and their cuisines and cultures.

My New Year’s kitchen resolution is to follow recipes exactly as written, to get to know their creators without altering the dishes to match my own experiences or tastes. The obvious benefits are eating something delicious and learning something new, not as an armchair traveler or restaurant diner but as an active participant. The more nuanced reward is challenging my culinary framework, to keep moving toward a more expansive and equitable worldview. And my hope is that this form of cooking with empathy, if enough people adopt it, can lead to greater unity and understanding even beyond the kitchen.


How to Pretend You’re in Cartagena Today
The Colombian port city, home to the trademark sounds and dances of the region, is so full of magic that it has inspired entire books by Gabriel García Márquez.

On a clear day, from the 17th-century La Popa Convent on the crest of a 500-foot hill, the view of Cartagena can trigger mild vertigo. Slowly, using the skyline as your guidepost to the Colombian port city, you can begin to get your bearings. That improbable cluster of skyscrapers is Bocagrande, a neighborhood where beach resorts share space with gleaming office towers. Next in the panorama is the walled old city, where narrow alleyways connect colonial-era churches with brightly colored shops and restaurants. In between the two neighborhoods is another: Getsemani, unremarkable from afar but, on closer inspection, a veritable street art gallery exploding with creative energy.





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