WERQ From Home: “The Prom” Star Jo Ellen Pellman in Christian Dior

Posted on December 18, 2020


In a different world, Jo Ellen Pellman would be experiencing the first rush of excitement and promotion that comes when you get your first breakout role. We may have had some quibbles with how The Prom was executed, but she and co-star Ariana DeBose were responsible for some of the best parts of the film, despite all the big-name stardom chewing up and spitting out the scenery left and right.

But even without the photo calls and red carpets and talk show appearances that should have been on her calendar for this month, it’s clear Miss Jo is going to wear whatever high fashion pieces she can snag, even if only to stand out in the snow and look cute. We should, however, warn you: the scrolldown may not be the payoff you wanted or expected:




What a super-cute sweater! What fabulous loafers! What a useful and unique way to use a camping blanket!

Yeah, we can’t with that skirt, we’re afraid. We’re all for pattern-mixing, but you’ll need to convince us that an argyle and tartan coordinate well. This look’s not making the case. The textile of the skirt looks too heavy and the fringe is … well, we’re very anti-fringe. Take our opinion with that in mind: the fringe is AWFUL.

We are thrilled, however, that she and her team resisted the urge to put her in kneesocks. Schoolgirl looks can be cute on grown women so long as you don’t style them too literally. Skirt aside, this has enough sophistication that it doesn’t come off juvenile on her.


Style Credits:
Christian Dior Ensemble from the Fall 2020 Collection

Styled by Andrew Gelwicks


[Photo Credit: Andrew Gelwicks/Instagram, christiandior.com]

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