T LOunge for December 30, 2020

Posted on December 30, 2020

The Chedi Andermatt Bar and Lounge – Andermatt, Switzerland



It’s the FINAL T LOunge of 2020, so we figured you’d want a spot that’s both comfy-cozy and fucking spectacular at the same time. Pick a fire and cozy up to it. Someone disturbingly attractive will be around shortly to take your order.

Today is — ah fuck it. Who cares? We made it, y’all! Drink up!


Zoom for the Holidays: How the World Celebrated Online in 2020
The German photographer Thomas Dworzak has made it his goal to document this new normal for holiday festivities. From the early days of lockdown at the beginning of the year, Dworzak has been joining Zoom groups and observing how our most hallowed rituals—everything from election night parties to funerals—have translated to the digital sphere. “I could have photographed this year in a more traditional way, but somehow I figured I should do it differently,” says Dworzak. “I didn’t really want to go out and take photos of this empty world, and meanwhile, there was this whole other world appearing on Zoom.” As the holiday season approached, Dworzak began reaching out to communities and asking if he could join their Zoom calls; over the past few days, he’s been moving from one to the other almost non-stop. “I’m glad to be finally off my computer,” he laughs.


Remembering Pierre Cardin With His Best Looks in American Vogue
The indefatigable Pierre Cardin, creator of space age and unisex looks, avid businessman, and early proponent of ready-to-wear, has died. He was 98. “I did it my way,” might have been the motto of this always forward-thinking polymath who broke with convention on every front. “What I am now never existed before,” the designer declared in Vogue in 1982.


Royal Family Portraits Through the Years
From Queen Victoria to Princess Charlotte.

Royal portraiture is a longstanding tradition that’s survived for centuries, but the medium has changed almost as much as the British monarchy has. Here, we highlight some standout images over eight generations of the British royal family, spanning from Queen Victoria’s reign (when photography was first introduced) to baby Archie’s birth. From rigidly-posed portraits to sweet candids, take a look at these official royal snaps.


The Customer Is Not Always Right
Customer entitlement at restaurants is at an all-time high, making work unsafe and unbearable for many in the industry. The way we think about hospitality needs to change.

Customer entitlement, or what customers believe they are owed, has long been an issue in the hospitality industry. Restaurant workers swap stories like war veterans about ridiculous demands, difficult customers, and bad tippers. But the pandemic, and the terrible customer behavior that has come with it—impatience regarding wait times, name-calling, frustration over limited seating and menu options, and disregard for safety protocols—has only served to highlight how pervasive and, frankly, dangerous the problem really is.


Which Disney Movie Is the Most Medieval?
Spoiler Alert: It’s not Frozen

Disney’s Middle Ages is also deeply tied to the tradition of 19th-century fairy tales, most notably those of the Brothers Grimm (first published in 1812). These “Once upon a time” stories adopt “medieval” European characters, creatures, and the overall aesthetic: princesses wearing flowing gowns, knights in shining armor, castles that dominate idyllic landscapes, dragons and fairies, witches and wizards, forbidden forests, and all the rest. If you happened to catch Onward, you’ll notice the classic Disney combination of magic and fantasy with a touch of historical accuracy.


Life Without Amazon (Well, Almost)
For concerned customers, avoiding one of the world’s largest retailers and web service providers is proving harder than expected.

Even the most determined abstainers find their limit when trying to eliminate Amazon Web Services, which counts among its clients thousands of other companies, including popular websites and apps, as well as The New York Times.
Amazon has grown into a company larger and more powerful than almost any retailer in the world. It sells everything. It directly employs more than a million people. Its founder is a household name. It undergirds much of the internet. And it’s intertwined with politics by default, drawing ire from across the political spectrum.


Revisiting the Unseen Corners of the World
During a year with limited travel possibilities, our World Through a Lens series offered Times readers a weekly escape. Here are some of the highlights.







[Photo Credit: thechediandermatt.com]

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