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Posted on December 28, 2020

Out of Office Cocktail Bar – Guangzhou, China


Kittens, let’s all put on our pencil skirts and skinny ties and head into the office to drink all day while writing problematic ad copy! It’s a hell of a lot more fun than heading into our real jobs to do real work, right? Keep the holiday going by refusing to be productive, we say. After all, is this not the least productive week of the year? Hello, let’s celebrate that!

Today is MONDAY. Sorry for the hard shot of reality, but you can at least console yourself with the realization that it is the final Monday of 2020. Unfortunately, you’ll have to defeat the Big Boss before you can advance to 2021.

We have officially reached the portion of our holidaying where we just want to switch to green smoothies and salads for a day or two. Yes, the feeling passes quickly, but it allows us to stop, consider our privileges, and be thankful that we were able to have any sort of real holiday at all when so many folks are facing serious financial problems as this hellyear winds down.

So what kind of reflecting and/or imbibing are you doing during the weirdly liminal week?


The Top 10 Most-Read Culture Stories of 2020
The culture section of Vogue encompasses a wide range of coverage; from cinema, to theater, to books, to politics, to the coronavirus pandemic and protests for racial justice. And why write across all of this? Because that’s the point of Vogue: to capture the cultural zeitgeist, and consider how our lives intertwine with it.
During a year like this one, when so many things were happening simultaneously, readers both wanted to stay up-to-speed with the news, and escape from it. As such, opinion pieces about the 2020 election were popular, as was more comforting content about soothing Netflix movies and, back in February, the Super Bowl.  


The 9 Best Fashion Moments From 2020’s Most Stylish Films
While 2020 may have disrupted the entire landscape of entertainment, few corners of the creative industries underwent as high profile a reckoning as that of film. With many of the year’s biggest blockbusters postponed, theaters around the world shuttered indefinitely, and studio lots put on pause due to Covid-19 restrictions, the industry was plunged into an unprecedented state of limbo which saw the future of cinema itself come into question.


Bridgerton: The Real-Life Lady Whistledowns of Regency-Era England
Yes: Regency, or late Georgian-era England, was booming with “scandal sheets,” or newspapers strongly focused on personalities and juicy stories. Multiple factors led to this golden age of gossip: In 1695, London got rid of their “Licensing Act,” which previously limited the number of printing presses that could exist. Then there was the shrinking importance of the monarchy. In 1688, parliament significantly limited the power of the king and his court. So by the 1700s, more people could print more things, and they could print them about powerful people to boot.


A Third Wonder Woman Movie Is Officially Happening. Here’s What We Know So Far.
Director Patty Jenkins will return to complete the “long-planned theatrical trilogy.”

“As fans around the world continue to embrace Diana Prince, driving the strong opening weekend performance of Wonder Woman 1984, we are excited to be able to continue her story with our real life Wonder Women—Gal and Patty—who will return to conclude the long-planned theatrical trilogy.”


Bridgerton Features 7,500 Glorious Costume Pieces
Costume designer Ellen Mijornick opens up about the grand endeavor of bringing the Netflix series to life.

For Mijornick, the challenge wasn’t just the size of the cast, it was the depth of the story. In just eight episodes, there would be ten balls, which would require a lot of gowns, tiaras, and tailcoats. “And although we have fictionalized the Regency period, 1813, there’s still there basic truth. Meaning the girls changed their clothes a lot,” she said. “They wore a different dress to every ball, aside from the amount of dresses that would take place from morning ‘til dinner. So we knew just roughly that this was going to be a large, large endeavor.”


Who Is Regé Jean-Page, ‘Bridgerton’s’ Breakout Star?
The 30-year-old actor is the hit show’s undeniable breakout star and a gorgeous specimen of human attractiveness—both on- and off-screen. If every part of your body tingles and flutters with butterflies every time you see Page on your screen (or Google photos of him…or Instagram stalk him…or just think of his perfect face and mischievous eyes), then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about Regé-Jean Page, aka Simon Basset, aka the Duke of Hastings, aka quite possibly the best bright spot of 2020.


8 Moments in Pop Culture When Women Asserted Their Sexuality and Owned Their Stories
In a year when women’s rights were threatened, women in entertainment reclaimed their power and voices.

While societal and governmental attempts to suppress women’s rights and police their bodies continue in real life, artists responded by expressing femininity and sexuality in pop culture and on screens, big and small. It’s refreshing and important to see women reclaiming their power in the music, television, and film industries, where themes of equality, choice, consent, pleasure, and accountability thrive. This year, songs like “WAP,” shows like I May Destroy You, and films like Never Rarely Sometimes Always have provided radical sociopolitical commentary, forcing people to listen, watch, and make necessary changes.


The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast 2020 Is for Those “Missing Friends and Family Members”
The monarch spoke to everyone who wished for “a simple hug or a squeeze of the hand” this Christmas.

For her 2020 Christmas Broadcast, the queen sat in front of her Christmas tree, with a framed photo of Prince Philip on her desk. For the special recording, Queen Elizabeth wore a purple dress by Angela Kelly, which she adorned with a Queen Mother diamond and mother of pearl shell brooch.
Her Majesty emotionally addressed the coronavirus pandemic, and expressed her gratitude to all of the essential workers who have helped out during 2020.


17 Spirited Archive Photos Of A Young Goldie Hawn
For more than three decades she played a string of leading roles in box office hits, including Nancy Meyers’s Private Benjamin, Death Becomes Her (with Meryl Streep), and The First Wives Club. She’s a powerhouse, and the mother of three children who followed her into the business: Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson and Wyatt Russell. After meeting on the set of Overboard in 1983, Hawn and actor Kurt Russell have been love’s young dream ever since. Having never felt the need to get married, they’ve gone against the grain, and proven that enduring partnerships do exist in Hollywood.


“My Childhood Self Provided Clues About My Trans Non-Binary Identity – I Just Didn’t See Them”
Upon watching a video of themselves as a child at Christmas, Erin Paterson was struck by a revelation: “What I saw was a family who loved me, and a camp little boy who was happy, and essential to who I am today.”

I’ve often pondered the question of what I would say to my teenage self. As I’m sure is the way with most people, my answer to this question has changed dramatically over the years, often ricocheting between admonishment and encouragement. Now, as I’m edging closer to my 39th birthday, I’m feeling more indulgent, and looking gratefully back on my childhood self, and the clues I peppered throughout the years about who I would eventually become.


A Brief History of Royal Pets
A young Queen Elizabeth II staged a funeral for a chameleon—but that was nothing compared to the lavish dog wedding thrown by Indian ruler Muhammad Mahabat Khan.

Exotic pets were also frequent gifts from one powerful ruler to another. According to the historian Marina Belozerskaya, “Chinese emperor Xian Zong Zhu Jianshen…was presented with so many lions that when an embassy from Sultan Ahmid, the Timurid ruler of Samarkand, arrived at his court in the 1480s with two more of these beasts, the emperor protested.”


The 8 Biggest Nail Trends Coming in 2021
Pro nail artists break down their predictions for the trends and designs that are bound to be big next season. Their top takeaway: The impact of shelter-in-place orders and working from home amid the pandemic will linger well into the new year.

Even nail artists and manicurists aren’t totally sure what to predict of the future, but they are confident about one thing: DIY nail trends are going to remain every bit as popular, even as professional manicures once again become a routine part of life. We asked them to break down which nail colors, art, and techniques are going to be big next year — based on their feedback, it’s going to look nothing like what we had predicted last year.


Kristen Wiig Would Have Said Yes to One Line in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’
Getting to play Cheetah was even better for the “Saturday Night Live” star, who loves superhero movies: “It was huge on my list of things I wanted to do.”

“I knew about Cheetah, but there are so many different versions of that character and I was curious as to what she was going to be. But when I heard Patty’s ideas, I understood a little bit more why she thought of me. Maybe because Barbara’s really awkward in the beginning — I do have that side to me. And then after I got the part, she got into more detail of who Barbara was.”




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