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Le Rouge and Après-Ski Club, Restaurant and Lounge – Verbier, Switzerland


Happy holidays, kittens! Since today is the end of our work week (we’ll be back on Monday with year-end lists and movie reviews plus some other goodies; promise), we almost did our usual thing of putting up some sort of warm-weather ocean-view vista for you to gaze serenely upon while doing nothing of import. But since it’s the holidays, we figure a little winter wonderland action might be more appropriate. Throw on something chic and puffy, breathe in that brisk mountain air, and order a table full of toddies and nibblies for yourselves. It’s on us. Embrace being sedentary today. You’ve earned it.


Manolo Blahnik Shares His Festive Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
Mr. Manolo Blahnik would like to share his beloved gingerbread cookie recipe. Why now? Because it’s 2020. Times are tough and the holidays will be hard. In Europe, where he is, most countries are entering a second lockdown. So, like so many of us, the designer is finding happiness in small things, like crafting Christmas confections. “Baking and cooking is a welcomed distraction to many,” he says. “And for the sweet tooth lovers, like myself, there is nothing better than gingerbread cookies.”


This 22-Year-Old Is Paying for College by Selling Rare Vintage on Depop
Her Depop page, where she has 26,000 followers, is a treasure trove, including a bold-print ’90s mesh tank top by the Paris-based label Xuly.Bët and a race car–inspired pair of stretchy shorts by the Japanese label Hysteric Glamour. Balancing out these indie finds are Insta–must pieces like a Jean Paul Gaultier mesh shirt with the image of Jesus and a lime-green Gianni Versace bodysuit. She’s been a collector since she was 10 years old, so it was only destiny that she become a vintage seller.


50 Christmas Movie Quotes to Get You Into the Spirit
“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!” —Kevin McCallister and also me the whole month of December.

Christmas movies to Christmas are like a Starbucks red cup to December: One just wouldn’t be as wonderful without the other. There’s something about a Christmas movie that allows it to rise above the logic of a sensible plot in a way you not only don’t mind but actively indulge in—getting back with your high school sweetheart because it’s the month of December? Normal. Your father accidentally making Santa fall to his death, therefore making him the de-facto man in the red suit? No problem! Got left behind for Christmas while 10-plus of your family members causally freak out halfway across the world, because who leaves an 8-year-old home alone for the holidays? Hey! It happens. So for all the Grinches in your life, past, and present, I am gifting to you this year: The best Christmas movie quotes. Ever.


Miu Miu’s Upcycled Vintage Dress Capsule Has Us Ready for 2021
The Paris-based label is giving new life to styles from past decades.

Looking for an outfit to ring in the New Year (at home, of course)? Upcycled by Miu Miu is a capsule collection of, well, upcycled vintage dresses that will surely look dazzling on-screen—and, hopefully in the near future, IRL. The 80 one-of-a-kind looks comprise styles from the ’30s to the ’80s, sourced from vintage dealers worldwide, then lovingly restored at the label’s atelier and finished with signature Miu Miu embellishments and embroideries.


Christmas Puddings Made by the Queen and Prince George Are Handed Out to Military Veterans
Four generations of royal family members joined forces last year to make four Christmas puddings together—and now, the festive creations are ready to be gifted to members of the British Armed Forces.
The sweet creations—hand-made by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George—are being given to veterans in the United Kingdom as part of the Royal British Legion’s Together at Christmas initiative, which is helping tackle loneliness and isolation experienced by many during this time of year.


Elvis Presley and the Role Celebrities Can Play in Convincing People to Get Vaccines
The King posed while getting a polio shot in the 1950s. Will Mike Pence or Joe Biden lifting a sleeve today help the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines?

On Monday, December 14, Sandra Lindsay, a 52-year-old nurse from New York City, became the first American to receive the newly approved vaccine for the coronavirus. She was surrounded by camera crews and beaming colleagues when she got the shot in her left shoulder. Afterwards, she told the New York Times that, as a Black woman, she hoped “to inspire people who look like me, who are skeptical in general about taking vaccines.”


A Brief History of the Pearl Engagement Ring
From Emma Stone to Ariana Grande, why is everyone getting engaged with pearls?

For some it’s a matter of superstition. “In my family,” a friend whispered, “they symbolize tears.” For others it’s simply impractical. “Pearls must be last jewelry on, first jewelry off. They are sensitive to fragrance and makeup and moisturizer,” one jewelry naysayer wrote. “I wouldn’t want to keep removing my engagement ring every time I put on hand lotion or perfume.” But others supported the trend. “Pearls mean purity and they are a natural wonder—a miracle that happens despite it all. That sounds like love doesn’t it?”


Our 33 Favorite Christmas Desserts
From a sour cherry–cheesecake trifle to rich chestnut-chocolate mousse, here are some of Food & Wine’s most festive desserts.


‘Mank’: How the Cinematography of David Fincher’s Film Took Inspiration From ‘Citizen Kane’
Gregg Toland is one of the most influential cinematographers of all time, and his work on Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane (1941) — with innovations including deep focus, which keeps the foreground, middle ground and background all looking sharp — is iconic. So when director David Fincher and cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt set out to make Mank, the Netflix drama that stars Gary Oldman as screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz in the throes of writing Kane, Toland’s efforts had to be carefully considered.


How Did Ancient Greeks and Romans Celebrate Special Occasions?
If the ancient Greeks and Romans were still around today, we might say they “know how to party.” With dozens of gods and goddesses to celebrate, plus birthdays and other religious holidays like Saturnalia, the Greeks and Romans had many opportunities for revelry and merrymaking throughout the year. And they sure took advantage! Modern party-goers would feel right at home among many Greek and Roman party traditions, like drinking wine, enjoying cake, and giving gifts. Then again, ancient customs like animal sacrifices probably haven’t been on your party agenda.


What’s going on with the USPS this holiday season?
Don’t count on timely Christmas deliveries this year.

The United States Postal Service has been no match for the current chaos of shipping delays, which threaten the on-time delivery of Christmas gifts for many Americans. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are shopping online this year: On Cyber Monday, for example, shoppers spent $10.8 billion, according to Adobe Analytics, setting a record for the largest US online shopping day in history. Amazon urged customers to order gifts in advance this year, fearing an overload of orders would affect their delivery capabilities. That’s borne out in long lines, untrackable packages, and delayed mail across the country.


The Royal Family’s Most Memorable Christmas Cards Through The Decades
When you’re the British royal family, your Christmas card list isn’t just family friends and neighbours – it’s an entire country. And now, thanks to social media, the whole world. So, some haphazard photo from a family holiday or university graduation? Not going to cut it.
Fortunately, with a 170-year-old tradition of sending out Christmas cards, they’ve got plenty of practice. Take 1914, when Princess Mary sent out a demure picture of herself alongside the message “with best wishes for a Happy Christmas and Victorious New Year,” as part of a gift tin for soldiers, or 1942, when the then-Princess Elizabeth sent out a card of herself in her wartime uniform. Fast forward 50 or so years, and there’s a black and white photograph of an eyeliner heavy Princess Diana and her sons, Princes William and Harry.


Coping With Grief During A Covid Christmas
Writer Alexandra Sims recalls Christmas traditions with her late mother and opens up about the effect of grief during the coronavirus pandemic.

The day I scattered my mum’s ashes, I fell headfirst into a canal. I was walking back from the cemetery to spend the night with a friend who lived in a canalside flat. As I tried to find my way in the dark, I took a wrong turn and plummeted into the water. It was the most ridiculous moment of my life, made funnier by eventually being pulled out by two men on a stag do. The absurdity of it makes for an easy anecdote to pull out whenever I feel like a laugh is needed, or there’s a lull in conversation.


Wonder Women: Kristen Wiig in conversation with Gal Gadot
“Gal? Oh I love Gal, I could talk about Gal all day,” Kristen Wiig told us on the set of her Harper’s Bazaar UK digital cover shoot earlier this month. Indeed, the pair, who face off in the new superhero sequel Wonder Woman 1984, have become firm friends. Despite not knowing each other beforehand, the on-screen enemies have now very much become off-screen allies after eight months of filming together in London; so much so that Wiig requested Gadot interview her for this story. The pair connected – as so many of us have become accustomed to this year – via Zoom: Gadot in Los Angeles and Wiig in New York.


Carey Mulligan Won’t Let Hollywood Off the Hook
The actress delivered the performance of her career in the dark comedy “Promising Young Woman.” Then came those with their tired views of women.

Not every Carey Mulligan movie begins with a Charli XCX song, but maybe more of them should. When “Promising Young Woman” deploys the 2017 pop bop “Boys” in its opening moments, it’s the first sign you’re about to get something from Mulligan that you’re not used to: namely, a contemporary setting.


It’s Peak Season for Tamales in Los Angeles
Big tamaladas are canceled this year, but many of the city’s tamaleras press on because tamales, along with the cultures and microeconomies they sustain, are essential.

To understand how deeply tamal culture runs through California, you have to know why Enrique Zaragoza and his cellmates collected bags of Chili Cheese Fritos from the Centinela State Prison commissary. Crushed into a soft, umami-rich powder, then hydrated to form a grainy mash, the chips stood in for masa. Using a piece of plastic, the men pressed and rolled it around a snack pack of Cheddar and Chata-brand chilorio, building makeshift, contraband pork tamales to mark holidays in their cells.


How to Pretend You’re in Quebec City Tonight
As the song goes, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Wherever you are, you can embrace the coziness of the season like Québécois do.

When the snow falls and the wind howls, the people of Quebec City don’t hibernate. Rather, they bundle up and celebrate with one of the most picturesque winter carnivals in the world.





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