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Posted on December 18, 2020

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We could say more, we suppose, but it’s FRIDAY and THAT is your view for the day. Soak it up. And when you need a break because the sun is just so strong and warm today, feel free to distract yourself with our Menu of Frivolities. Drinks are on us and all of the food is magically calorie, carb, and fat-free. Enjoy, darlings! Ciao, darlings!


Little House on the Prairie reboot in the works
EW has learned exclusively that Paramount TV Studios and Anonymous Content (Homecoming, Dickinson, 13 Reasons Why) is developing a long-awaited reboot of Little House on the Prairie as a one-hour dramatic series adaptation.
Trip Friendly — whose dad, Ed, bought the TV and movie rights to the Laura Ingalls Wilder auto-biographical novels — is expected to serve as an executive producer.


Is It Just Me, or Has Texting Become Harder During the Pandemic?
I’ve always been the friend who responds to texts right away. Perhaps it’s the writer in me, but I enjoy giving a lengthy, essay-like response whenever a friend is in need. Or if I need to vent, a quick text to a loved one has always served as an easy release.
But like many of us, I noticed a shift in my temperament when quarantine set in. I couldn’t put it into words at the time, but I now realize it was tech exhaustion. Whether I was texting, emailing, or even responding to DMs, a wave of anxiety would course through my veins. What was once a normal part of my routine became something I dreaded.


Ian McKellen Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine Has Warmed My Cold Heart
I don’t know precisely why watching McKellen get vaccinated has sparked so much joy for me, to be honest. Is it because seeing familiar faces do their part to protect themselves and their communities against COVID-19 gives me hope for a future in which I can safely leave my bedroom with some regularity? Or quite frankly, is it because McKellen is the most lovable man on earth, and I just want him to be happy and safe?


Why I’m Using Dr. From Here on out
My education remained a point of pride—and it informed almost everything I wrote. But I rarely spoke of it, and I never used my title. In truth, there was much about my years of studying literary theory—the intensely analytical approach to language, the widely touted death of the author—that was crippling, creatively. There were lessons from those years that I had to unlearn in order to find my voice. And then the credential seemed superfluous to the urgent task which lay before me each day, of slinging words together while on deadline.


How Savannah Guthrie and Kristen Welker Won the 2020 Election Coverage
In a season of political tumult, amid an increasingly polarized and partisan media landscape, Guthrie and Welker have emerged as pillars of the fourth estate—two roundly tough-but-fair network newswomen determined to hold leaders of both parties to account. For viewers raised on voice-of-God, elder-statesman anchors, they are redefining who occupies the seats of power in television media.


35 Emerald Engagement Rings to Envy
Go for the color that symbolizes truth–and eternal love.

It’s no surprise that the emerald is one of the most popular gemstones–whether you’re wearing it for an evening out, a stunning pair of earrings, or a (not-so-slightly) unconventional engagement ring. This luxe stone, with its known calming powers, has been coveted for centuries by the likes of Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O, and, more recently, Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde, Irina Shayk, and Dakota Johnson.
While unique, a colorful center stone has become more and more mainstream; with all the stunning options available, we can’t help but see why. Here, 30+ emerald engagement rings you’ll envy—until one of them becomes yours.


How Jackie Kennedy Began the White House Christmas Tradition
The official Christmas decor can be credited to her vision.

One of the many duties assigned to the First Lady is decorating the White House for the holidays each year. It will come as little surprise to learn that Jackie Kennedy is the founder of this festive tradition. Although other administrations, like the Eisenhowers, put up Christmas décor in previous years, it was Jackie who created a theme in 1961, choosing Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and putting up decorations that were elegant, but also appealed to everyone. The next year, she chose a children’s themed tree using bright packages, candy cakes, gingerbread, and other ornaments made by senior or disabled craftspeople across the U.S.


Kamala Harris’s Mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, Taught Her Daughters Resilience
Harris once said her mother was the “greatest source of inspiration in my life.”

We now know that Senator Kamala Harris will be the next Vice President of the United States. Harris made history—she will be the first Black, first female, and first Indian American to serve just a heartbeat away from the nation’s highest office. In her work as a prosecutor, Senator, and on the campaign trail, Harris often discussed how paramount this familial background is in shaping her beliefs. Specifically, Harris credits much of her success to her mother, who passed away in 2009. The Senator once called Shyamala Gopalan Harris, “the reason for everything.”
Maya Harris, Kamala’s sister once tweeted, “You can’t know who Kamala Harris is without knowing who our mother was.”


The Wild Holiday That Turned Ancient Rome Upside Down
How the Romans celebrated Saturnalia

Happy Saturnalia! This ancient Roman holiday honors Saturn, the god of seed-sowing, and celebrates the promise of a spring harvest. Originally just one day, over the centuries the festivities grew to last a whole week, starting on December 17 and coinciding with the winter solstice.⁠⠀
In Rome, the holiday was kicked off with a religious ceremony in the Temple of Saturn, followed by a free public banquet open to all. Businesses and law courts were closed so everyone could take part.⁠


“People Are Unhinged—We Had to Install Blockades”: Restaurant Workers Reveal Bad Behavior During the Pandemic
“There’s just been a huge uptick in entitlement. Americans think it’s their right to be served.”

From grueling hours spent on their feet to dealing with rude customers on the daily, being a service worker has never been an easy job. But being a service worker during a worsening pandemic? That’s a special kind of nightmare.
Sure, lots of businesses have closed their doors and people continue to hunker down into their at homes across the country, but your neighborhood baristas, bartenders, and servers are still hustling. Despite a national daily death toll that will—for months—surpass 9/11’s, service workers are expected to put on their PPE and a smile as they prepare your favorite meals and beverages. Plus, the entire industry has had to be scrappy as the constantly adapt to government guidelines, boomeranging between offering different kinds of dining and service. Now more than ever, these workers need understanding and patience but are instead being treated with the opposite. A recent study found that patrons are tipping less and harassing even more—a slap in the face to those who are just trying to stay safe and financially afloat during a terrifying time.


I Said They Didn’t Have to Come to My Wedding. But I’m Still Hurt.
How to deal with declined invitations and delayed R.S.V.P.s in the time of Covid-19.

I recently got married. After several changes to our original plans, we had a small, in-person, socially distanced event. We told invited guests that we would also livestream the wedding and that there would be no hard feelings if they decided that was the better choice for them. We outlined the safety protocols of the venue to all invitees. But we still had to ask for firm R.S.V.P.’s like any other wedding. Some guests declined parts of the celebration (after the deadline) and others didn’t show up after saying they would. Every single one of them cited Covid-19 as their reason. I am really hurt by this — especially from our nearest and dearest. How do I move forward with these people?


Bumps on the Road From Broadway to Hollywood
Not for decades have so many plays and musicals been turned into movies. But even in the best of the new crop, a lot gets lost in translation.

Theater lovers are getting familiar with that feeling. These days, it seems like everybody’s coming to our house — and walking off with the furniture. Not for decades have we seen so many Broadway shows, whether musicals (“Hamilton,” “The Prom”) or plays (“What the Constitution Means to Me,” “The Boys in the Band,” “Outside Mullingar,” “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”) or unclassifiable offerings like “American Utopia,” taken up by Hollywood, squeezed through the camera lens and turned into film.


Cola de Mono Is the Chilean Holiday Drink You Need to Finish Out 2020
If you love eggnog, you should try Cola de Mono.

If you’re a proud member of Team Eggnog, there’s another beverage that should be on your radar: Chile’s quintessential Christmas cocktail, the Cola de Mono. A White Russian-esque concoction made with aguardiente, milk, sugar, coffee, and winter spices like clove and cinnamon, the Cola de Mono (which means “monkey’s tail” in Spanish) is the holidays in a cup for Chileans. Traditionally prepared at home for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, each Chilean household has its own special version of the recipe, varying the amounts of each ingredient or adding different spices like nutmeg, vanilla, or cinnamon. There’s no singular way to make Cola de Mono; it just has to taste good to you and your (over the Chilean drinking age of 18) family, and there should be plenty to go around.


10 Questions with Chris Evans
Chris Evans is getting better with age and even better with success—more gracious, more engaged, more willing to use his voice. And just cooler. He didn’t even tell us to mind our own damn business when we pried about everything from which songs bring him back to what he would tell his 13-year-old self. The Knives Out star, Sudbury native, shameless dog lover, soon-to-be voice of Buzz Lightyear, and co-founder of the civic engagement website A Starting Point, took time out from shooting to gamely answer 10 of our most miscellaneous questions.


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