WERQ From Home: “Sylvie’s Love” Star Tessa Thompson in Marine Serre

Posted on November 11, 2020


When it comes to promotional style, there’s one thing you can always expect from Tessa Thompson: the unexpected. You can never predict what style she’s going to adopt, what persona she’s going to promote. She can go from retro-romantic to afro-punk from one day to the next. On this day, she went for… well, we’re not sure how to characterize it. She went for this:



And this is… hard to pin down. We’d say this is the textbook definition of “over-designed” but that’s pretty much Marine Serre’s whole aesthetic. It’s at least marginally more workable than the runway version (Serre often upcycles old garments, which may explain why this is similar to the runway design, but not exactly the same). We can’t say we love it as fashion, but we’re impressed by how effortless Tessa’s making it seem. It’s definitely bold and impossible to pass by without stopping to look, which makes it perfect for an Instagram photo call. Her hair looks fabulous and it may be helping to sort of unify the whole look.


Style Credits:
Marine Serre Dress from the Fall 2020 Collection


Styled by Wayman + Micah | Hair by Lacy Redway | Makeup by Nina Park


[Photo Credit: Wayman + Micah/Instagram, marineserre.com]

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