The Crown Season 4 Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 13, 2020


Season 4 of The Crown drops on Sunday and the cast were not going to let a little thing like 2020 get in the way of their promotional celebrating. Netflix sent them each a literal patch of red carpet and a backdrop and told them to work it like the real thing. The results were pretty much exactly what you’d have expected them to wear on a real red carpet, except perhaps slightly more casual than usual. After all, who’s going to put on a gown to stand alone in their front hall for 5 minutes?


Helena Bonham Carter

Well, she would, of course. But this is pretty much how HBC dresses all the time. Love the earrings, but wearing an actual crown was an inspired and appropriately wacky touch. Her escorts seem unimpressed.




Olivia Colman in Paul Smith

It’s not the best shot in the world, so we can’t quite see all the details, but we think we love this for her. She wants maximum coverage in her public style, but she also likes to throw little style curveballs, like playing with shapes and silhouette. One thing’s for sure: cream kitty bow blouses and flared pants have had a hell of a month.




Josh O’Connor in Loewe

Very sharp, from what we can tell. We wish we could see the shoes. You just know he’d pick out the wildest pair he could find.




Emerald Fennell

It’s a twee and pretty dress; like something Cathy Cambridge might wear, funnily enough. Maybe she wanted to appear demure and aristocratic after playing the royal homewrecker this season. We don’t love this look for her – we suspect she’d do better in something much bolder and more modern. On the other hand, she gets one of the best scenes of the season: Camilla’s lunch with Diana, which quickly goes Dynasty in its subtle bitchery. We kept waiting for a wine glass to be thrown.



Gillian Anderson in Dior

That’s a sharp dress that suits her perfectly. Black pumps feel like the dullest possible choice, but she gets a pass for just grabbing whatever was in the front of her closet. She was probably in yoga pants ten minutes after this shot was taken.



Emma Corrin in Miu Miu

LOVELOVELOVE that she opted to really go for it, full bore. Everyone’s going to be talking about her in a week, so a girl’s got to take her spotlight moments where she can get them at a time like this. She probably had this picked out months ago in the hopes she’d be walking a real red carpet and we’re glad she didn’t opt to tone things down for the home version. This is funky-weird and totally modern. It suits her perfectly – and it looks like something Diana would wear if she were 20 years old today.



[Photo Credit: Netflix UK & Ireland/Twitter, Gillian Andersn/Twitter]

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