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Posted on November 24, 2020

Twenty Five Lusk Bar and Restaurant – San Francisco, USA


It’s a day for wasting time in a cozy-chic setting, darlings. Because we said so, that’s why. Listen to your hosts. They know what’s good.

Today is TUESDAY. But don’t fret, because this week is only three days long if you’re an American.

We put our Christmas tree up, which is unusual for us because we never put it up this early, but like so many other folks (we can see several trees in our neighborhood windows already), we’ve decided this year called for as much Christmassing as possible. We don’t plan to take it down until the inauguration. As for the holiday at hand, today is PIE DAY! We’ll be baking apple and pumpkin pies because we’re traditionalists when it comes to our holiday sweets. Have you guys started your Thanksgiving prep yet? Have you jumped into Christmas early? Or are you vehemently opposed to merry-making at the moment? Feel free to ignore it all and just enjoy today’s menu of distractions:


In 2021’s West Side Story, Rachel Zegler Will Deliver a Maria for the Moment
Timelines tend to go askew for Rachel Zegler. “I remember sending an email to the head of admissions at Montclair State University saying, ‘I know this sounds like a lie, but this is what happened, and this is why I can’t attend.’ ”
“What happened” was that the 19-year-old singer and actor, then a musical theater–obsessed high school student, was cast as Maria in Steven Spielberg’s revision of West Side Story. A year earlier, in January 2018, Zegler’s friend Makena Reynolds had shared a casting-call tweet along with a “Thank me when you’re famous” quip. That night, Zegler submitted a homemade video of “I Feel Pretty”—or, as Zegler expressed it, “Me Siento Bonita.” Within weeks she was auditioning.


This Jewelry Designer Uses Statement Earrings to Tell Stories
The earliest iteration of designer Areeayl Goodwin’s business began when she was 16, and would sell her jewelry out of a shoebox to friends at her high school. “I thought it was so classy,” she laughs. “I called it, ‘Mrs. G.’” Her passion for jewelry design continued while Goodwin studied acting at Howard University, where she realized she was onto something. “Howard is such a fashion-conscious campus, so every time my friends went out [in my pieces], they got asked where they got their jewelry,” Goodwin says. “There started to be a demand.”


Jan Morris, the Celebrated Travel Writer Who Elegantly Chronicled Her Own Journey of Transition, Dies at 94
Jan Morris, who spent the first half of her life as James Morris, a journalist who found global fame chronicling Sir Edmund Hillary’s historic ascent of Mount Everest, and then the second as a celebrated essayist and one of the most famous transgender women in the world, died Friday at the age of 94.


In the 1990s, Fashion Collided With Celebrity to Spectacular Effect—on Episode 10 of In Vogue
We’re now so consumed by celebrity culture that it’s next to impossible to imagine a time before reality TV stars ruled the world, but that was the way it was in the long-ago days pre-Internet. Supermodels and socialites were the stars in fashion’s orbit at the start of the 1990s. By decade’s end they had been largely eclipsed by actors who emerged as arbiters of style as pop culture became the vehicle for what In Vogue host Hamish Bowles calls “a mass education in high fashion.”


How Stevie Nicks’s “Edge of Seventeen” Ended Up in The Crown
“Stevie was by all accounts very keen to have the song featured within the show,” music supervisor Sarah Bridge tells us.

“Edge of Seventeen” is just one of many ’80s jams in this season of The Crown, especially in the moments featuring Diana. “Call Me” by Blondie plays as she answers the phone; “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran plays while she skates through Buckingham Palace; and Elton John’s wistful “Song for Guy” plays when she’s dancing alone.


The Racial Reckoning Inside Planned Parenthood
This past summer, the nation’s leading provider of sexual and reproductive health care publicly confronted its founder’s ties to the eugenics movement. But the move was just the latest result of years-long work being done by activists of color to reshape the organization’s approach to providing care.


Margaret Thatcher’s Hard As Nails Jewellery Was Her Power Uniform
The symbolism of women’s jewellery worn as armour is nothing new, the power of a string of pearls being something high-profile female politicians, still so often the first to assume their position, continue to lean on to this day. See the US vice president-elect, Kamala Harris, for the 2020 iteration. In the case of 1981’s budget-slashing, tax-hiking, cabinet-reshuffling Mrs Thatcher however, there were two pieces of jewellery that did more than add polish to her razor-sharp tailoring. These were darker statements: the aforementioned amethyst knuckleduster, and a hard stone, brightly coloured “pebble” bracelet became her right-hand staples.


How to Pretend You’re in Hawaii Tonight
With a few easy-to-find items, you can discover the archipelago’s breathtaking biodiversity, savor its flavors and music, even delight in an island-inspired Thanksgiving.




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