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Posted on November 23, 2020

The Blue Bar – London, England


A little bit of cool, blue elegance is just what you need today, as determined by a committee of hospitality experts known as us. After all, it’s MONDAY, is it not? And even if it is a short week for the American kittens, that doesn’t mean we don’t all need a little gentle easing into it, right? Grab a comfy seat.

We are fully stocked for our mini-version of Thanksgiving and Tom will start prepping various dishes starting tomorrow. Obviously, because it’s only the two of us, we’re not planning some big, elaborate meal. We’re not even having a turkey, since Lorenzo’s vegetarian. Just some of our favorite sides, a pie or two and some homemade ice cream. We figure we’ll spend the weekend gobbling it all up. What are your plans? Hopefully, you’re all planning on staying safely home and socially distanced, because it’s getting pretty scary out there again. Are you doing the full meal? Are you doing something non-traditional? Let’s hear it, dolls.


2020 Was a Big Year for Old Clothes: How Vintage, Secondhand, and Upcycling Took Off
This hasn’t been a great year for clothes—not new clothes, at least. Fashion spending plummeted a record 79% in April, early on in the pandemic. Those of us who were fortunate enough to work remotely had little reason to shop for new clothes, let alone buy anything discretionary in such uncertain times. Loungewear was the only exception; demand for sweats is still growing.


The Dos and Don’ts of Hosting a Virtual Party
If the Grinch stole Christmas, the pandemic has prevented us from fully celebrating the rest of winter’s holidays. As it turns out, ’tis yet another season for staying put. Per the latest government recommendations, holiday travel is being discouraged, and digital gatherings seem the most prudent way to connect with friends and families.
Should you be hosting your own streamed soirée, there are dos and don’ts to bear in mind. And because Emily Posts’s literature doesn’t quite cover virtual events, we’ve reached out to four hostesses to give us their best practices for digital cocktail parties, jam sessions, and wine tastings. Chin up, bottoms up, and read on.


The Royal Family Shared the Recipe for the Queen’s Favorite Boozy Christmas Pudding
If you want to make your Christmas a little more royal, you’re in the right place. Today, in honor of “Stir Up Sunday” (the day when people “stir up” their Christmas pudding mixes), the Royal Family Twitter account shared a special treat for fans: The royal chef’s exact recipe for the Queen’s traditional (and boozy) Christmas pudding.


The Steamiest Jane Austen Adaptations, Based on Eye Contact
Since eye contact is all we have now, really.

As I pondered which Austen heroine I’d most like to be, I took a look at the author’s book-to-movie adaptions in hopes of learning something about bawdy eye-contact. What I found was a whole lotta bonnets, love letters, countryside walks, and a hefty amount of miscommunication between two people who very much love each other. While I wish I could include every retelling ever on this list, you and I would be here for an eternity—so instead I stuck to the fan-favorites. In the spirit of sexy eye-contact and in honor of Austen-lovers everywhere, I present to you a ranking of the steamiest Austen adaptions.


Great British Bake Off‘s Prue Leith Is The 80-Year-Old Style Icon I Never Knew I Needed
On your mark, get set, BAKE!

Surprisingly, the most delicious thing on this season of Great British Bake Off is not the saucy pods, crisp-bottomed pies, or scrumptious scones. It’s the looks that one 80-year-old Prue Leith has been serving this season.
Prudence Margaret Leith, owner of one of the most English names alive as well as a chef, author, and host, has been in the cooking and fashion game for over 50 years, but sadly only came into my orbit during the latest season of Netflix’s Great British Bake Off. There are many good reasons to look forward to each episode, including finding out the answers to my many questions like: Will Peter’s meticulously crafted quiches turn out? Will Hermine nonchalantly win Star Baker again? What can Dave from Hampshire do to top his Tom Delonge cake? And, of course, what is Prue’s glam this week?


Relive Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 1983 Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, in Photos
The couple’s iconic trip features in season four of The Crown.

In 1983, the Princess of Wales undertook her first overseas tour—and her first-ever trip abroad—at just 22 years of age. Diana, Prince Charles, and a baby Prince William spent more than 40 days in Australia and New Zealand, seeing the sights and meeting with dignitaries and locals alike. Now that the unforgettable visit has been recreated on The Crown’s fourth season, it’s high time we look back at the real thing. Below, photos from the royal couple’s iconic tour.


How Britain Is Reacting to ‘The Crown,’ Season 4
There has been praise for Emma Corrin and a cheeky mouse and complaints about the depiction of Margaret Thatcher and the queen’s salute as the series explores a divisive time in U.K. history.


Who are museums for?
When the marble corridors feel like fence

I loved museums in my 20s, and admittedly, I still love them. But I now find it impossible to ignore their vanilla sameness. Have you ever walked into a gallery and realized everything in it is placed just so around perfectly lit Campbell’s Soup cans and abstract expressionist splatters — all the work of long-dead white men? Or recoiled at admission prices that now all seem to hover at $20 or even $30? Or, for maybe both those reasons, found yourself the only person of color in the room?



[Photo Credit: www.the-berkeley.co.uk]

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