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Posted on November 19, 2020

Alley 50 Cocktail Bar – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Kittens, it’s a day for getting in touch with nature – by sipping cocktails and looking at it from behind glass, of course.

Today is THURSDAY, or as so many call it, “OH MY GOD THANKSGIVING IS IN A WEEK?”

We are wrestling with preparations for our extremely limited Thanksgiving For Two. Should we order groceries now, a week ahead, risking some limp produce options when it comes time to cook? The upside is we’re more likely to get everything on the list if we don’t wait. But then what happens when our shopper texts us that they’re out of some much-needed ingredient? We’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time researching the shelf life of fresh sage this week, we’re telling ya. Even so, we’re fully aware that, now more than ever, Thanksgiving is whatever you want it to be. If we have to make adjustments or menu cancellations, so be it. Besides, we’re probably going to spend that day putting up our tree. We want to have a Thanksgiving, but the closer we get to the day, we realize we don’t want to make too much of it. This is the last year anyone should be stressing out over holiday prep.


Diana’s The Crown Wedding Dress Took 14 Weeks To Make
Go behind the scenes at Emma Corrin’s fitting for the big moment.

Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) may be the breakout star of The Crown season 4, but her many, many costumes get a tight second billing. Costume designer Amy Roberts, who won an Emmy in September for her work on season 3, faithfully recreated—and reimagined—dozens of memorable looks from the royal’s early years in the spotlight, from pre-wedding overalls and flashy ballgowns to, of course, the wedding dress that defined a generation.


Don’t Freak Out, but There’s a Mouse in an Episode of The Crown Season 4
You won’t be able to unsee it.

After Season 4 debuted on Sunday, viewers noticed a little something dash across the floor of one of the palace sitting rooms in an early episode. It turns out, that little something was a mouse. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but if you know when to look, and look closely, you’ll see a tiny figure with a tail and legs. Lovely.


Every Time Dolly Parton Was A Force For Good In The World
So, in addition to gifting unforgettable songs (would The Bodyguard have even been a hit without “I Will Always Love You”?), and classic quotes (“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”), to the world, it turns out Dolly Parton may have had a hand in actually saving it.


13 Items That Defined Audrey Hepburn’s Wardrobe
The publicity photographs for 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s have graced thousands of teenage girls’ bedroom walls, and many of the clothes from her films — including the little black dress she wore as Holly Golightly, and the humble polo neck in Funny Face (1957) — are now the definition of iconic.
It’s a style that always remains distinctly hers, though, as evidenced in a new documentary Audrey, released on 30 November. Made by the award-winning team behind BAFTA-nominated McQueen, it’s no surprise that clothes feature heavily, but the film also shares a rarely seen intimate look at Hepburn’s life via archival footage and interviews with friends, family and colleagues.


‘Wonder Woman 1984’ to Debut Both on HBO Max and in Theaters
Audiences will get to see “Wonder Woman 1984” on Christmas Day after all. After much speculation, Warner Bros. announced that the superhero sequel will debut on the streaming service HBO Max on Dec. 25, the same day it will open in U.S. movie theaters.
“This is an amazing film that really comes to life on the big screen and, working with our partners in the exhibition community, we will provide that option to consumers in the U.S. where theaters are open. We realize that a lot of consumers can’t go back to the movies due to the pandemic, so we also want to give them the option to see Wonder Woman 1984 via our HBO Max platform.”


How Do I Make Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping Safer?
With coronavirus cases raging across the U.S., holiday food shopping just got more complicated. We asked the experts for advice.


That Pig Couch on Craigslist? Not for Sale. (Also, Not a Couch.)
We did find out where it is, though.

In 2018, Ms. Rowe was browsing the “free stuff” section on Craigslist when she saw the perfect couch: a bulging pink love seat shaped like a pig.
The upholstery was shiny, almost slick, as if the pig would gently rebuff any attempt to sit on it. Its eyes were vacant and slightly downcast. Its tail, a bit of unraveled yarn jutting from its hindquarters, looked like an afterthought compared to its carefully carved hooves.


Britney Spears is greater than her tabloid headlines
As Britney’s battle to reclaim her life and career from her conservatorship continues, remember that there’s an iconic artist behind it all.

A lot is going on with Britney Spears right now. For the last two years, the undisputed Princess of Pop has been at the centre of a complex and contentious legal situation regarding her conservatorship — a court ordered regulation which has appointed a guardian or protector, in this case her father, in charge of her financial and personal affairs — which she has been placed under for 12 years.


Our 29 Best Pumpkin Recipes
Pumpkin makes a delicious pie, but the squash is far more versatile than you might think. We love it in creamy soups and moist cakes, or made into a pumpkin butter for the ultimate fall spread. Don’t forget about those seeds, either—you can use them in everything from dips to bread salad, and they’ll add the perfect crunch. Read on for those recipes, and more of our favorite pumpkin dishes.




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