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Posted on November 16, 2020

Terraza Aperol Bar – Milan, Italy


Let’s be delusional and party like it’s Saturday night, darlings! Yes, today is actually the unholiest of unholy days (aka, MONDAY), but there’s not a reason in the world why any of us should acknowledge it. Order something strong and fizzy and make your own dance floor!

Or sit quietly eating cheese curls and doom-scrolling. We are not judgmental types ’round these parts. Unless you’re famous or royal, that is. Speaking of which, we have another review of The Crown to get out to you today, along with some eye-popping (or not) awards show “red carpet” looks to assess, so we’ll leave you to your partying, kittens. Remember to drink responsibly, drugs not hugs, friends don’t let friends drive drunk and all that.



Harry Styles’s Fashion Sense Just Keeps Getting Better
After One Direction, Styles has since enjoyed a successful solo career, continuing on an already impressive run that proves he’s here for the long run. His experimental, often ’70s-influenced sense of style has played a key role in developing his distinctive personality as an artist. Ten years in, Styles’s fashion look is now unparalleled, both on the red carpet and on the stage.


What Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher’s Relationship Was Really Like
In her memoir, Thatcher called the stories of frostiness between her and the queen overblown. “Although the press could not resist the temptation to suggest disputes between the Palace and Downing Street, I always found the Queen’s attitude toward the work of government absolutely correct,” she wrote.


In London, the Most Famous “Great Woman Artist” Finally Gets Her Due
In July 2018, London’s National Gallery acquired a self-portrait by the Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi, featuring the painter in the guise of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. Almost immediately, it drew an unprecedented level of media attention. First of all, there was its £3.6 million price tag. Then, there was the fact it was painted by one of the greatest artists of the 17th century who just so happens to be a woman, marking only the twentieth painting by a female artist within the gallery’s collection of over 2,300 works.


What Really Happened During Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s Fateful Tour of Australia
“As she stepped off the plane at Ayers Rock, she looked down in horror. Her dress, buttoned down the front was immediately blown open revealing her petticoat and knees. From that moment, the Princess made constant but hopeless attempts to keep the dress closed,” they wrote. “When Charles coaxed her to climb part of the way up the rock, she hesitated, not through fear of slipping, but because she knew that coming down would expose her knees and petticoat to the world’s press.”


40 Forgotten ’00s Items That Could Make You a Lot of Money Today
If you have a Lizzie McGuire cookie jar, please contact me!

Growing up in the ’00s was a blissful time. Most of our thoughts were consumed by the Olsen twins’ love life, how much black eyeliner was too much black eyeliner, and whether or not our jean skirt was short enough. If you kept a lot of your favorite memories from that era to remind yourself of how great it was, we don’t blame you. Even better news? All of that stuff hidden under your bed—I’m talking Beanie Babies, Furbies, and even your old faithful T-Mobile Sidekick—is about to bring you some serious cash. So, before your mother threatens to take it all to Goodwill for the hundredth time, take a look through today’s 40 most sought-out ’00s items, ahead.


Bly Manor’s Kate Siegel On Why Love—Not Rage—Drives The Lady In The Lake
“Rage goes away, need goes away, envy goes away. The thing that remains is a deep-rooted, almost violent love of connection.”
It’s now been a full month since The Haunting of Bly Manor swept onto Netflix and became everybody’s favorite spooky, psychologically unsettling fall binge. If the show has been living in your nightmares rent-free, you’re not alone. A big part of the reason why is Viola Willoughby, aka The Lady in the Lake.
As played by Kate Siegel, Viola/The Lady in the Lake is a force of nature in every sense—a vibrant and ambitious woman whose stubbornness is both a gift and a curse.


The Most Iconic Bangs Throughout History
Prepare for some serious hair inspiration.

Bangs remain one of the most popular hair transformations a girl can make, and the statement style has had plenty of iconic moments. Here are 40 of the best bang moments throughout history—from Louise Brooks in the 1920s to Dakota Johnson today.


“All Any Of Us Wants To Do Right Now Is Contain The Chaos”: Why 2020 Triggered A National Tidying Habit
Under lockdown, we’ve become a nation of declutterers – and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, says lifelong tidying fan Pandora Sykes.

There is something intensely soothing and purposeful about seeing these empty vessels, waiting to organise the offal of your utensil drawer, or hold your ham sandwich in a lovingly sealed embrace. I once shared an Instagram story of this container utopia – allowing my camera to meander slowly across the six-metre wall of the store, lingering over every last little plastic and glass friend – and received a barrage of replies, almost erotic in nature. “Where do you live?” wrote one correspondent. “I need this in my face.”


Even the Littlest Helping Hands Can Make Thanksgiving
This year’s scaled-down festivities present the perfect opportunity to start developing kitchen skills.

For many families, this year’s Thanksgiving is going to feel topsy-turvy, and, as challenging as it might be for grown-ups, it may also be strange for kids. For my 12-year-old daughter, there’ll be no big, festive dinner at grandma’s house, no running around the backyard with cousins, no sneaking crispy bits of skin off the resting turkey or mini marshmallows from the bag. (Yes, we see you!) But pausing some traditions creates opportunities for new ones. A smaller, podded celebration is an excellent time to lure your children into the kitchen and cook Thanksgiving dinner as a family.


The Distinctive Black Beehives of Turkey’s ‘Honey Forest’
The beekeeping traditions of the Hemshin people, an ethnic minority originating from Armenia, are both evolving and at risk of vanishing.

The small town of Camlihemsin sits in the mountainous province of Rize, in northeastern Turkey, some 10 miles inland from the Black Sea. Built along the banks of the Firtina River, which runs through one of the province’s steep-sided valleys, the town is a key point of access to the surrounding Kackar Mountains. It is also home to a community of Hemshin people, an ethnic minority originating from Armenia who sustain a distinctive tradition: black hive beekeeping.



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