The Daily T LOunge for October 8, 2020

Posted on October 08, 2020

Ory Bar – Munich, Germany


Grab a seat and get started on the hard work of procrastinating, darlings! Why? Because today is THURSDAY and that is more than enough reason to ditch all your responsibilities for the day and just spend it celebrating – or avoiding human contact; whichever appeals to you more at the moment.

In either case – extrovert or introvert – the LOunge is the perfect spot for you today; filled with like-minded kittens AND a list of distractions in case you don’t feel like interacting with anyone. Who looks out for you?


Drag Star Sasha Velour Created a Fabulous, Monstrous New Zine
During quarantine in Brooklyn this summer, drag star Sasha Velour was going through her closet and sifting through her many costumes and props, when she uncovered a forgotten favorite. “There’s always something gorgeous and sparkly hidden in the bottom of a box somewhere in my basement,” Velour says. “I found this yellow costume that I’d never quite used and was like, What can I do with it? We’re all about recycling!”


How 5 Royal Romances Began
At this point, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that royal love stories are often no fairy tales: Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon had a contentious marriage that ended in the Windsor family’s first divorce. Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s union was so rocky, meanwhile, it’s to be a plot point in the latest season of The Crown, while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s happily ever ended up being far away from their kingdom.
Yet, there’s still an utter fascination about how, exactly, royal couples first met and fell in love. How does one catch—and keep—the eye of real-life Prince and Princess Charmings? Below, how the courtship of five royal couples, from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, began.


Perfect Long Weekend Destinations Just Outside New York City
Whether you want culture, nature, fine dining, or classic R&R, these are our top destinations for a totally charming getaway.
Sweater weather is here, and it’s the perfect time to hit the road and take in the beauty of the autumn season. Nowhere is the foliage more spectacular than the Northeast. Whether you’re taking in the crisp fall air overlooking the Hudson River, hiking the majestic Berkshires Hills, or strolling the picturesque New England towns of Litchfield County, these three itineraries will send you on your way to the perfect long weekend.


The D. H. Lawrence We Forgot
Lawrence became famous writing novels about sex. But his best stories—and his most profound achievements—reside elsewhere.
If the reputation of D. H. Lawrence were to be measured like a heartbeat on an EKG, the graph would show a sharp rise after his death, in 1930, followed by a headlong fall, in 1970, and then fifty years of flatlining. The decline would come as little surprise to a man whose personal symbol was a phoenix. “The Phoenix renews her youth / only when she is burnt, burnt alive, burnt down / to hot and flocculent ash,” Lawrence wrote in a poem. For him, regeneration was just a matter of time.


A Closer Look At Jennifer Lopez’s Dazzling Engagement Rings
Jennifer Lopez famously sang “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”, but her former fiancés might disagree. Married three times, engaged five, and currently planning a fourth wedding to baseball star Alex Rodriguez, Lopez has been presented with quite the collection of rings over the years.


“Dear Emily… We Need To Talk”: An Outraged Expat In Paris Pens A Letter To The Netflix Show’s “Absurd” Protagonist
Darren Star’s latest cliché-riddled series has Parisians up in arms – and Canadian transplant Monica de La Villardière has been bombarded by insulted residents as a result. Here, she delivers some home truths about the French in a letter to Emily.
“Dear Emily,
It’s me, Monica… in Paris. We need to talk. Since you showed up here on the Left Bank in your horrendous berets, lime-green jacket sets and yellow bandana dresses with matching yellow stilettos, everything’s got a little out of hand…”


Pandemic Travel, With Another Family or Maybe Three
If vacationing with other families was complicated in Before Times — splitting costs, calling dibs on bedrooms — the coronavirus has only doused the fire with more fuel.


California Fires Take a Deep Toll on Wine Country
Beyond the financial cost of the destruction in Napa Valley is the emotional price, as wine that’s been nurtured from vineyard to barrel flows down the drain.


The furniture resale market is booming
The pandemic has people selling and buying old couches like never before.
The furniture resale market is having a moment. With people fleeing cities for more space in the face of coronavirus lockdowns, unemployed millennials moving back home with their parents, and boredom-induced redecorating taking the country by storm, tons of people have been selling their furniture, often at rock-bottom rates. For prowlers like Chizhik-Goldschmidt, Adams, Hersh, and many, many others, their neighbor’s trash is their latest treasure.


When a Fly Ruins Your Image
It was a night of somber, serious suits and signals for both Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. Then the bug arrived.
As much as anything in the public arena that is a debate, with the electorate (or a chunk of it anyway) judging little pictures on a screen, maybe tuning into the words, maybe rolling their eyes and tuning out, the candidates’ job was to model what that might look like.
To use the moment not just to get across substantive policy platforms and plans, but also to tap into our lizard brains and connect with the associations buried there between dress and trust, appearance and reliability, familiarity and power.




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