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Posted on October 05, 2020

Juliet Rose Bar – Munich, Germany

Mimosas and Bellinis for everyone! Today’s LOunge looks like just the place to kick off your day if not your week. Yes, it’s MONDAY, kittens. We don’t make the rules, we just report them.

Since we apparently slept through the shortest weekend in human history – it feels like Friday evening was about 15 seconds ago – let’s all celebrate Monday by procrastinating and being generally irresponsible. It’s just good self-care at this point.

To be fair, we actually did accomplish something of note this weekend: we painted a wall. It was a big wall. And it had 3 cabinets full of Lorenzo’s beloved stemware and china in front of it, which mean painting that wall required us to move two decades’ worth of Lorenzo’s aforementioned beloved and delicate items to a safe space (away from curious cats), move the cabinets (all of which are seven feet tall) away from the wall in order to turn it from the very 2005 Tiffany Blue it once was to an appropriately 2020 stark and clinical white. What we’re trying to say here is that it doesn’t emotionally feel like we had a weekend, but our aching backs are telling a different story. And yes, we’re going all-white on our walls after years of cycling through the rainbow. It’s really the only way to go with a space like ours, which still has some of the industrial/architect’s office qualities of its past on full display (suspended ductwork AND glass brick walls). Going all-white was the best idea we’ve had in ages, even if it is a raging pain in the ass painting this space.

Anyway, that’s us, bent over, but still fabulous. And you?


Surprise! The Final Season of Schitt’s Creek Is Now on Netflix
Schitt’s Creek premiered initially on CBC in Canada in 2015, before making its debut in the U.S. on Pop TV. But it wasn’t until Netflix picked up the series and began streaming it in 2017 that its popularity spread and the show, which also stars Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy, became a cultural phenomenon.
Along with season six, a documentary about the making of the series, titled Best Wishes, Warmest Regards, is now available on Netflix. The doc follows the show’s early development, as well as offers interviews with the cast about the filming of the final episodes.


What Does It Mean to Be Latinx? For Some, It’s the ‘One Term That Gives Everyone a Home’
Whether you refer to the community of 60 million in the U.S. as Hispanic, Latino or Latinx, it is a group full of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual and experiential diversity that is hard to capture with a single word. “For way too long, too many of us have felt like left out and unseen,” Ramos said, pointing to Indigenous folks, trans Latinos, and Afro-Latinos.
“Whether you’re an immigrant and you’re undocumented and Black, or you are trans and many people had never seen you as Latina, or you’re an English-speaking Gen Z and, for years, people have made fun of you for not speaking Spanish,” Ramos said, the term Latinx “is nothing but an attempt to open up the conversation.”


A New Generation of Beeswax Candle-Makers Are Innovating the Ancient Art
Beeswax candle-making is an ancient practice, started by Egyptian and Roman civilizations of millennia past. As with all great and simple arts, it has stood the test of time to be embraced by a new generation of creative thinkers who are putting their own twist on the craft. Its recent re-emergence is no surprise: Along with the fashionable preoccupations of plant-based tie-dye and at-home fermentation, candle-making fits with our collective yearning for all things sustainable and slow-grown, perhaps in response to concern over the health of our planet and the overwhelm caused by social media.


Priyanka Chopra Jonas Unveils Her ‘Unfinished’ Book Cover
The actress is ready to share all in her upcoming memoir.
“I have never really been someone who speaks about my feelings and emotions,” the 38-year-old says, “that kind of exposure has always scared me (it’s the Cancerian in me), which is why I have habitually swept difficult situations under the rug and forged forward. This book is a window into my soul, and it pinpoints so many moments of change in my life. It’s vulnerable, honest, brazen…It is completely me, and I’m finally in a place where I am ready to share that part of who I am with the world.”


Where Is the Cast of ‘Gilmore Girls’ Now?
Where they lead, I will follow!
It’s been 13 years since Gilmore Girls left the airwaves for good—and 20 years since it premiered! I’ve had to survive on reruns for over a decade, and I’m still not over it. If your fandom, like mine, knows no bounds, find out what your favorite characters have been up to since the show wrapped besides, you know, appearing in the revival (thank you, Netflix!).


The Crown Just Dropped the First Photo of Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress
The gown is nearly identical to the original.
Emmy award-winning costume designer Amy Roberts wanted to pull in many of the style choices and create the same spirit of David & Elizabeth Emanuel’s original design, but make something new. Without access to the original patterns, Amy collaborated with David Emmanuel. He was enormously helpful, talking the design team through the detail of many of the original drawings to help them create this gown for Emma Corrin. Four months and five fittings later, with three people spending a collective 600 hours working, they had a dress. It’s made of 95 meters of fabric and 100 meters of lace, with a train that is approximately 30 meters long.


Ashley Park on Finding Her Voice in Emily in Paris
The Broadway triple-threat opens up about her character Mindy and what it was like to sing on screen.
“Mindy is also an expat; She’s a twenty-something au pair from Shanghai, and she becomes Emily’s first friend in Paris. They have a really lovely friendship that is very synonymous to mine and Lily’s.
Our writers on the show were so collaborative. Darren [Star]’s characters are so genuine and complex and funny. I think he succeeds in that because he really starts to write for his actors, and what I immediately connected to with Mindy is that she’s a really great friend. She’s an effortless friend; she’s really good at comforting while also calling someone out; and she leads with humor. Those are all qualities that I value in myself and the people around me.”


See The Touching Way Kate McKinnon Honored RBG On Saturday Night Live
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a beloved Supreme Court Justice and feminist icon, but she was also one of Kate McKinnon’s most beloved Saturday Night Live characters. On the first episode of this season of SNL, McKinnon paid tribute to RBG, while in a black robe, signature white lace collar, and glasses.
At the end of the night’s “Weekend Update” segment, the camera cut to the audience, where McKinnon sat, dressed as RBG for the final time, as she put her hand over her heart and bowed her head. The moment was brief but solemn.


16 Photos That Prove the Royals Know How to Rock a Statement Coat
The royals have been undertaking engagements in all weather conditions for decades, and looking good doing it. For fall and winter style inspiration, look no further than Queen Elizabeth and her clan.



Kenzo Takada, Who Brought Japanese Fashion to the World, Dies at 81
He planned to stay in Paris for six months but stayed 56 years, becoming known for bold, exuberant prints. He died of the novel coronavirus.


A Portrait of a Market in India Run Solely by Women
Nupi Keithel, or Women’s Market, a 16th-century bazaar in which all of the vendors are women, is a fountainhead of social and political activism in the Indian state of Manipur.



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