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Posted on October 29, 2020

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Darlings, you can either sit in the sunlight today or hunker down in the basement, either way is fine by us and today’s LOunge helpfully provides both options for you. Sunlight’s always good for the soul, but experience tells us all the cool people will be down in the dark, judging and gossiping. There. That’s your day sorted.

Said day being THURSDAY. A cause for minor celebration.

We have a lovely array of timely time-wasters for you, but we added one of our favorite sites at the bottom of the list today because we happened to mention it yesterday on the twitters. If you love decor or history or both, the White House Museum (which is not an official site or affiliated with the actual White House) is one of our favorite time-wasters of all.


This Bride Wore a Ralph Lauren Suit for Her Civil Ceremony in Paris
They got married on a beautiful sunny day on the September 7 at city hall in the 16th arrondissement, where Cyril’s parents were also married. “We chose the date because seven is our lucky number,” Alexandra says. “The ceremony was perfect—short and sweet—thank God the mayor had a great sense of humor!”
When deciding on what to wear, Alexandra kept thinking of Bianca Jagger in her white Yves Saint Laurent suit. “My mother-in-law kindly gifted me a white double-breasted Ralph Lauren smoking,” she says.


Director Zoe Lister-Jones on Reimagining The Craft and the Feminist Power of Witches
“I think that what witchcraft provides for young women…is a sense of embodying your own power and having some control over outcome at a time when it feels very out of control,” Lister-Jones said. “The beauty of the traditions of witchcraft that have sustained over centuries is not only about finding community, but manifesting the energy that you’re looking to put out in the world.”
“Since Trump’s presidency, the idea of women as witches and women in community as covens has become even more a part of our vocabulary and for good reason,” Lister-Jones said. “Never have we been faced with such a brazenly misogynistic leadership, and I think that was also a big incentive for me in writing this story.” The Craft: Legacy, she says, is born out of empathy for young women coming of age in the Trump administration, and what it means for their “sense of self-worth.”


Artist Masha Reva Looks Back at an Unexpected, Creative Summer in Rural Ukraine
During artist Masha Reva’s early years in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, she spent much of her time living with her grandmother Valya while her mother and father lived in St. Petersburg, completing their studies in fashion design and fine art respectively. One of her clearest memories is of her parents returning every holiday bearing gifts of their own making. “My mom would bring me sketches, and my dad would create small sculptures out of clay,” Reva says. “I never had any plans to become an artist myself though, and I was even scared to think about it as I assumed it was something really serious because it’s what my dad did.”


Nina Garcia Speaks About Her Own Experiences As Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ambassador
ELLE’s Editor-in-Chief partners with AiRS Foundation and opens up about her preventative double mastectomy.

“I was drawn into supporting the Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery Foundation because of my own experience,” Garcia says in an interview for the organization. “In 2015, I discovered that I had a gene mutation that put me at high risk for breast cancer. After years of closely monitoring my condition under the care of excellent doctors, I made one of the most important decisions I’ve ever had to make—to undergo a preventative double mastectomy. I decided to have reconstructive surgery on the same day.” A difficult recovery process was made bearable by dedicated doctors and Garcia’s support system, she explains. “Unfortunately, not every woman has the same access that I did. Hopefully, with the help of the AiRS Foundation, this can begin to change.”


I Broke Up With My Boyfriend Because He Refused To Wear A Mask
He won’t get vaccinated or vote either!

On paper, we made sense. When we met, I remember thinking, this is who I’ve always pictured myself with. He checked all of the boxes: he’s tall, has a great smile, and wears stylish glasses, is successful and motivated in his career, has a really warm personality, and a quirky sense of humor. We connected most over our love of food and cooking; on our second date we went grocery shopping and made a big meal together. Things were going so well that just four months into our relationship, he introduced me to his parents. I was a little surprised that he introduced me so soon, but I was also very happy.


Yass, We Can! Drag Performers Enter the Political Mainstream
Drag is becoming an increasingly visible presence in American democracy. Pissi Myles, a New Jersey–based drag queen, snatched wigs on social media in November 2019 when she arrived on Capitol Hill to watch the impeachment hearings of President -Donald Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and, more recently, Representative Ocasio-Cortez have sashayed into the Werk Room of RuPaul’s Drag Race, a program that frequently urges its young viewers to make their voices heard at the ballot box. (“If you don’t vote, you don’t count—and you count,” Pelosi told the queens.)


Every Time Cher Pushed Boundaries With Her Unique Personal Style
Is there a style icon more prolific – or more divisive – than Cher? Her poker-straight hair, patterned flares and penchant for pushing boundaries were nothing short of era-defining in the ’60s and ’70s. Then in the ’80s, she pioneered chainmail dresses and sheer, figure-skimming gowns years before the likes of Kendall Jenner and Beyoncé were treading the red carpet.
Decades on, her red-carpet style remains as daring as ever, incorporating velvet corsets, taffeta trains and top-to-toe sequins. From the beaded Bob Mackie gown Cher wore to collect her Best Actress Oscar in 1988 for Moonstruck, to the bejewelled one-pieces that became mainstays of her onstage wardrobe.


They Scream! We Scream!
What’s more fundamental to scary movies than the bone-chilling shriek? But delivering a terrifying wail isn’t easy. It’s an entire art with a history and a world of its own.
The image of vocal terror is among our most universal and elemental, from Edvard Munch to Janet Leigh. But translating that into sound on film involves more than a microphone on set. Bloodcurdling from an A-lister is uncommon: Often, the screams we hear in movies and TV are created by doubles and voice actors, in Burbank studios, with specialists standing by to ghoul them up. It’s physically taxing and emotionally draining. And bizarro as a job.


How to Staycation in 6 American Cities
With business travel all but stopped, city hotels and tourist organizations have made a full-court press to attract local and nearby leisure travelers with bottom-barrel rates and extra perks.
A staycation — specifically one where you stay in a hotel rather than at home — may be convenient, but nowadays it’s hardly spontaneous. More so than ever before, you’ll need to schedule key staycation activities; with capacities limited, most museums, tours and restaurants require advance reservations. If you live near one of the following six cities and have decided against traveling farther afield, here are some tips on how to be a local tourist. You’ll save some money — and maybe your town’s tourism industry — in the process.


Welcome to the White House Museum, the unofficial virtual museum of the president’s residence
1.5 million visitors go through the real White House each year, but they see only a handful of rooms.
This online tour will take you through 140+ areas in the grounds and mansion of the White House with photos and illustrations spanning its entire history.




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