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Posted on October 27, 2020

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Let’s all retreat into a world of fantasy and whimsy, kittens. Denial just seems more and more like good common sense these days, no?

Today is TUESDAY. On top of everything else.

We’re off to practice our dance routines for today, so enjoy the day’s artisanal selection of carefully curated distractions, courtesy of your manly hosts. Drinks are on the house.


Smells Like Teen Spirit: The Tempting Nostalgia of a 90s-Era Perfume
Growing up during the Clinton administration and obsessively interested in fashion and beauty, I followed launches and kept up with what were, to my mind, revolutionary trends. The moment I catch a whiff of citrus, I’m reminded of CK One, Calvin Klein’s unisex juggernaut, which was released in 1994 and immediately challenged old ideas about gender and grooming. I can still recall the double-page ads that featured it-models like Kate Moss and Jenny Schmizu in gritty shades of grey and the scented strips I’d tear from magazines and rub into my wrists until the paper crumbled.


Princess Charlene of Monaco​ Has the Sexiest Wardrobe of Any Royal
She loves to show off her shoulders.

Before Charlene Wittstock became Princess Charlene of Monaco, she was an Olympic swimmer for South Africa. (She competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, finishing fifth in the 4 x 100 meter relay.) That same year, Charlene met Prince Albert II of Monaco at a swim meet in his home country…and the rest is history. The couple made their public debut in 2006, announced their engagement in 2010, and were married in 2011—the same year Prince William and Kate Middleton also said their “I dos.” While Charlene’s life has changed over the years (she’s now a mother to twins, in addition to being, you know, a princess), her style has remained consistently elegant and sexy. She favors shoulder-baring dresses, body-hugging gowns, and maintains an edgy-princess vibe with her blonde pixie cut. And not once in the nine years since she’s been a princess has Charlene worn a bad outfit. Now, that’s impressive. Ahead, see all her incredible looks thus far.


Kristen Welker Was Always Going to Be the Best Debate Moderator
It was just one impressive moment in a stand-out night for Welker, who used her perch in the moderator’s chair to facilitate a debate that — unlike the first chaotic showdown — was…actually watchable. Poised and in-control, she asked sharp questions, allowing the candidates time to respond while also making sure the night stayed on track. “Gentleman,” she repeatedly requested when the candidates filibustered, “we need to move on.”
Welker, the first Black woman to moderate a presidential debate since 1992, was roundly applauded for her performance. “I think if there was a clear winner from this debate tonight,” said MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, “it was, in fact, Kristen Welker.” Said one reporter: “This should be the tape future debate moderators study and seek to emulate.” Another said simply, “Kristen Welker, take a bow.”


These Are the Engagement Ring Trends of 2021
These dreamy rings have us looking forward to fresh, new looks in the year ahead.

2021 is on the horizon, and we’re beginning to daydream about fresh starts, new trends to look forward to—and engagement season. 2020 encouraged a return to simplicity and authenticity on the whole, and that new set of priorities resonates as one considers what engagement ring best suits an impending proposal. Keeping things personalized and subtle is fresh, daring, and strong—as is your connection with your someday spouse. Here, we’ve rounded up the top engagement ring trends for those planning to pop the question in 2021—from new takes on traditional styles to rings we never expected would make a comeback, until now.


Emma Corrin Takes the Throne
The Crown’s Princess Diana isn’t totally ready for superstardom, but it’s waiting for her.

In joining the esteemed series, Corrin has forged connections not only with A-list co-stars like Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies, and Helena Bonham-Carter, but become part of a lineage of talents from seasons past and future. Though she’s a relative newcomer among her colleagues (previous credits include the Epix Batman spinoff Pennyworth), she captivates from the first moment she appears onscreen, portraying Diana as a shy teen both forward and demure with Josh O’Connor’s Prince Charles. Over the course of the season, Corrin takes Diana from a young girl of 16 to a confident and increasingly independent 28-year-old.


Who Was Henry VIII’s Sister Mary Tudor, Queen of France?
Her secret marriage brought on the ire of the king.

Whether for good or ill, there’s no denying that King Henry VIII was one of England’s most influential monarchs. His reign would lead the country into the Reformation, establish the Church of England, and ultimately lead to the history-making rules of his two daughters, Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I. So perhaps its no surprise that with so many seismic shifts of power surrounding the man himself, Henry VIII’s siblings have gotten less of the historical limelight.
But Henry did have siblings who survived infancy, three of them in fact; his older brother, Arthur, whose death at age 15 led Henry to become heir to the throne; his older sister Margaret, wife of James IV of Scotland and grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots; and his baby sister, Mary, the former Queen of France whose secret marriage proved that Henry VIII wasn’t the only Tudor who could live life like a period drama.


Our Favorite Pictures of Celebrities Partying at Studio 54
See Grace Jones, Andy Warhol, and more letting loose at the famed nightclub.

Getting into Studio 54 in the 1970s was a nearly impossible endeavor. Marc Benecke, doorman for the disco club, would stand on a stepping stool and select club candidates from the crowd. He compared this process to “mixing a salad.” Nevertheless, the nightclub lured celebrities, socialites, athletes, and artists from around the globe. Andy Warhol once said, “The key of the success of Studio 54 is that it’s a dictatorship at the door and a democracy on the dance floor.” In honor of the club’s legacy, we’re giving you a peek at the lucky few who actually made it inside.


The Spanish Princess’s Stephanie Levi-John on Changing the Face of Period Drama
Prior to taking on the role of Lina, Catherine of Aragon’s closest confident, she “didn’t even realize” Black people lived in Tudor England.

“It’s wonderful to make it a thing and to make people question history and their presence within it. Prior to getting the show, I didn’t even realize there was a presence of Black people and people of color in England at that time. Now, I don’t know if it was just portrayals that I’d seen or if I just thought, okay, well we just weren’t around. It really inspired me to learn more about my history. I am a Black British woman of Afro-Caribbean descent,” the actress says.
And her research for the role made her look at that era in a different way. “There are articles of people of color coming here from all over the world, coming here to study. They were scholars, people who came here to learn and to trade. And so it’s crazy to think that our presence wasn’t here. It was probably a small amount of people, but the presence was still here.”


Red Or White? How My Wedding Dress Choice Is Affecting My Thoughts On Identity
For bride-to-be Layla Haidrani, the simple choice between wedding dress colours has made her question her identity more profoundly than ever before.

We’re both British. James is from Kent and moved to London to attend university, which is where I was born and brought up. I’m also half-Lebanese and half-Pakistani, and from the onset of our relationship, I was determined not to live my life in a way that might dilute my mixed heritage. In the years that followed, we’ve embraced and celebrated our shared British and my Lebanese and Pakistani culture.
British and Lebanese brides both traditionally wear white down the aisle; Pakistani brides, however, wear red. And, somehow, the simple choice between two colours has made me question my identity more profoundly than I ever have before.


Finding Strength in Sofrito in Puerto Rico
Hardship and hurricanes have shaped the island’s food for centuries. But chefs and home cooks make magic with whatever ingredients they have.

Even amid food insecurity, and with limited ingredients, Puerto Ricans cook in ways that are soul-nourishing and emphasize flavor. Making magic out of food scraps is the way they’ve always cooked — an expression of ancestry, adaptability and fortitude.







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