The Daily T LOunge for October 14, 2020

Posted on October 14, 2020

12th Knot Cocktail Bar – London, England


Comfy seating and a spectacular view! What more could one need in a LOunge – other than an endless bar tab paid for by someone else? Settle in and start telling your stories, darlings. This is a space for story-telling.


The adventure for today will be letting a strange man into Chez T Lo to breathe our air (and also take care of some HVAC inspection stuff). We have not had much opportunity to entertain strange gentlemen callers of late, so we’re all atwitter and agog as we flit about trying on face masks and picking out our best sweatpants. Talk amongst yourselves as we plan our adventure!


Get a Glimpse into Coco Chanel’s Love of Literature
While we primarily think of Coco Chanel as always elegant woman, often recognized as one of the most stylish women of all time, the designer had rough beginnings and her own inner struggles. Abandoned by her father and left on her own at a young age following the death of her mother, literature became a form of escape throughout Chanel’s childhood.
Reading offered the Coco the opportunity to fantasize a life outside of her own and visit countless worlds with no travel expenses. The iconic designer collected literature through her adolescence and beyond, each piece helping her become the sharp, classy person we now know her as her.


Penelope Ann Miller to Play Nancy Reagan in Ronald Reagan Biopic
Dennis Quaid is starring as the 40th president with Jon Voight and Robert Davi also in the cast.
Penelope Ann Miller will play Nancy Reagan in Reagan, a biopic of former President Ronald Reagan that stars Dennis Quaid in the title role.
The movie is currently, and quietly, in production in Oklahoma, with Jon Voight and Robert Davi also in the cast.


Oscars: The Season of the Documentary
The Hollywood Reporter’s awards columnist argues that, in this most unusual year, the number of outstanding doc features exceeds the quantity of outstanding narrative features.
As a lover of documentaries who also works with the Savannah Film Festival each year to program a panel of top docs at that fest, I make a point of seeing as many new doc features as possible. And, in this most unusual Oscar season, I believe a strong argument can be made that the quantity of outstanding doc features actually exceeds the quantity outstanding narrative features, particularly as the release dates of narrative features continue to be pushed back and out of the current race.


Chic and Judgmental, Julien Has Some of the Best Moments on Emily in Paris
French actor Samuel Arnold tells T&C about the show’s success, its biggest clichés, and rumors of a second season.
“I live in London now, and you go into a shop in the UK or in the US and the customer is king. It’s weird because in France, it’s not like that, you’re kind of equal to the waiters, which is great as well. In France I would never complain about the food”


Are We the Next Lost Generation?
There’s a long history of artists and writers responding to social upheaval and physical hardship with bursts of creative output. Here’s why ours may be the next Lost Generation.
Look back at generations that suffered collective tumult—my mother’s or the one before that—and you can interpret the dark days, months, and years as the seeding for later cultural flowerings. Time and again, mass trauma seems to force artists to think in new ways or even reinvent their forms. Equally important, it makes curators and gatekeepers of art and culture receptive to work more challenging and iconoclastic than they otherwise might have been. Such a cultural transformation wracked Europe and the United States in the aftermath of World War I. (The War to End All Wars even had its own pandemic kicker, in the 1918 Spanish influenza outbreak.)


How Politicians Became 2020’S Biggest Fashion Influencers
Now that C-SPAN is the new MTV, lawmakers are the new celebrities.
It seems like several lifetimes ago that Michelle Obama shocked a public steeped in couture-clad First Ladies by rotating through a kaleidoscope of young designers—Thakoon and Jason Wu among them. In her Netflix documentary Becoming, Obama addresses the pressures that caused her to embrace clothing as part of her messaging. “Fashion for a woman still predominates how people view you, and that’s not fair, that’s not right. But it’s true,”she says. With her choices, Obama moved the needle, proving it’s possible to be a woman of substance and intelligence and still love style.


Senator Gary Peters Shares His Abortion Story
He’s the first sitting senator in history to do so.
United States Senator Gary Peters, a low-key, moderate Democrat from Michigan, is in a very tight re-election race that could decide whether his party wins the Senate. But he’s not the kind of guy who typically makes national headlines. He’s more known for being a dad who enjoys riding his motorcycle and drinking the local beer than he is for saying attention-grabbing things. So it may come as a surprise that with this story, he will become the first sitting senator in American history to publicly share a personal experience with abortion.


Dolly Parton Looks Back on Her Best Country-Glam Fashion Moments
“I have never thought of myself as being fashionable,” says Dolly Parton. But the country singer’s rich archive of country-glamour looks would beg to differ. Over the years, Parton—who has a new Christmas album, called A Holly Dolly Christmas, out now—has brought inimitable glamour to both the stage and the big screen, even if she once famously described her style as, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” A signature Dolly look features big hair, major shape, and loads of rhinestones. And in a new Vogue video, she takes a look back at some of her favorite fashion moments that incorporate all of these elements.


Rock Goddess Stevie Nicks On Insomnia, Inventing Her Own Style, And Her White Knight Harry Styles
Stevie Nicks had a call from a surprising white knight during the lockdown. Just as people in the UK were offering up their spare tins of tomatoes or dropping off prescriptions for vulnerable neighbours, that same sense of community spirit was flourishing in LA. But when the Fleetwood Mac singer picked up her phone to an offer of help, it was Harry Styles on the line. “He called a couple of times and said if you guys need anything, I can drop by,” says Nicks, 72, who was isolating at her Spanish Colonial home in Santa Monica with one goddaughter, one roommate, one assistant and three dogs.


A Disrupted Thanksgiving Leaves the Turkey Business Guessing
Without big gatherings, will Americans buy whole birds? Smaller ones? Just parts? Farmers and retailers are already placing their bets.
Cooks around the country are just starting to calculate menus and decide how many guests they can safely host for Thanksgiving. But for months, the people who grow and sell the centerpiece of the meal have been doing their own kind of turkey math. Just how many whole turkeys will Americans cook this year for a holiday whose wings have been clipped by the pandemic?


Iceland Tourism Prepares for a Comeback
The country hopes that when people book their first post-pandemic flights overseas, Iceland will be the top choice. It also aims to learn from the recent past, when tourist numbers soared.



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