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Posted on October 13, 2020

Dry Bar – San Sebastián, Spain


Cool glamour and an airy, sunny, chic elegance is what we all need today, as determined by an internation committee of us. Things outside are stressful, scary and dark, but in today’s LOunge, it’s perpetually time for mid-day cocktails and sparkling conversation.

Today is TUESDAY. You can do this.

We are going out into the world to get our flu shots today while also waiting to hear back from a few family members who’ve possibly been in contact with our ol’ pal Rona, so that’s fun. Chances that anyone in our sphere are sick remain incredibly slim, but it’s always good to be reminded that you can’t really slack off on your compliance, especially now. Mask up, stay safe, and keep your distance, kittens! Or, stay in the LOunge all day, bitching about your life or getting lost in our Smorgasbord of Distractions.

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The 1990s, How Calvin, Ralph, and Donna Marketed the American Dream
Almost three decades passed until a new generation of designers—Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Ralph Lauren chief among them—started building on ideas McCardell had introduced, and created a recognizable American style. This was based on fairly simple sportswear separates that were more casual than formal and allowed the wearer to assemble looks as they liked. This looser, more individualistic approach to fashion trumped the fussier French one when the two nations “competed” in a history-making charity fashion show, known as The Battle of Versailles, in 1973.


Isabella Rossellini Wants to Teach You About Animal Sex
“I was always interested in animals, and when I started to work less, both as a model, and then as an actress, I went back to university, and I have a master’s degree in animal behavior and conservation. So what I’m saying is very correct scientifically because I’ve learned it, and I have some wonderful scientists—like Diana Reiss, who studies dolphin communication, like Brian Hare, who writes wonderful best sellers, books about dogs and the domestication of animals—all of them participate and help me in the writing so that I am absolutely sure it is scientifically correct. And then I try to translate it into comical form.”


This Enchanting New Book Explores the Beauty of de Gournay Wallpaper
“One of the greatest pleasures in life is to create a house, and that, to be truly happy, one must connect to nature and the growing of things,” says Claude Cecil Gurney, founder of de Gournay. It’s a sentiment that perfectly summarizes his company’s ethos. Since its founding in 1984, de Gournay has captivated the interiors world with their hand-painted wallpapers of botanicals, menageries, and other earthly delights. Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow are devotees, as are top interior designers Michael S. Smith, Miles Redd, and Kelly Wearstler. In March 2020, Erdem collaborated on a capsule collection with the brand, and, as its designs are by-and-large custom, de Gournay is frequently called the “haute decor” of wallpaper.


Heidi Klum’s Incredible Halloween Costumes Through the Years
Our Halloween hero since 2000.
Halloween means many things for different people: carving pumpkins, stuffing your faces with loads of candy (that we can’t wait to buy by the bucketload once it goes on sale), and stepping out in the most ridiculous-looking costume you can put together. Supermodel and actress Heidi Klum especially loves spooky szn, and is famous for hosting one of the best Halloween parties in Hollywood, taking her costume to the extreme year after year. Click through, ahead, for some of Klum’s incredible Halloween costumes since her inaugural bash from the tame to the totally insane.


The Evolution of First Lady Fashion From 1789 to Today
A history lesson you don’t want to skip.
Fashion is a powerful tool, especially for someone in the public eye as much as the first lady. For decades, these women have used garments like lace dresses, low-cut tops, or the famous pantsuit (hi, Hillary!) to communicate with the American people. When successful, a first lady can use her clothing to her advantage to relay a message, other times not so much. Take a trip down memory lane with 40 leading ladies and the fashion that made a statement during their time in the White House.


See Every Time Kate Middleton Has Worn Princess Diana’s Jewelry
The Duchess of Cambridge inherited some of her late mother-in-law’s most stunning pieces.
Princess Diana had an unrivaled jewelry box during her lifetime, so it’s no surprise that many of her famous pieces of jewelry have been passed on to her daughters-in-law. Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have worn sentimental jewels from their late mother-in-law on numerous occasions, which is exactly in line with Diana’s final wishes. Before her untimely death, the Princess wrote a “letter of wishes” that stated: ” I would like you to allocate all my jewellery to the share to be held by my sons, so that their wives may, in due course, have it or use it. I leave the exact division of the jewellery to your discretion.”


Empanadas, Rice, and a Dream Built My Family
When everything else in the world feels unstable, Alex Hardy turns to the ancestors. They tell him to get in the kitchen.
When I first expressed my interest in studying the empanada arts, my grandma told me I would need to be prepared to spend a good chunk of time, possibly two days, with her to finish them. Meat on one day, dough and assembly the next day.
After convincing her that I was capable of identifying, purchasing, and bringing the correct type and amount of beef, she scribbled a list and said to come by early with the meat log, two big yellow onions, tomato sauce, yellow peppers, and other things she lacked. I still carry that scrap of paper in my wallet.


The United States of Dolly Parton
A voice for working-class women and an icon for all kinds of women, Parton has maintained her star power throughout life phases and political cycles.
Dolly Parton is loved for many reasons—the songwriting, the singing, the industry smarts, the cheeky cracks, the homey manner, the beauty, the verve, the hits. She is also loved for being loved, and loved transcendentally. During a red-hot summer marked in part by toppled monuments to slavery and genocide, a petition arose, directed at Tennessee lawmakers, calling for Parton to be pedestalled instead. “Let’s replace the statues of men who sought to tear this country apart with a monument to the woman who has worked her entire life to bring us closer together,” the petition proposed, soon gaining some twenty-three thousand signatories.


Gal Gadot Is in a League of Her Own
Three years ago, the actor rocked the world as Wonder Woman. In the sequel, she’s back to kick more ass in the name of feminism.
Gal Gadot is relaxing on the back patio of her home in Tel Aviv. This outdoor space, surrounded by a stone wall and overhanging trees, is where she says she likes to go for a little “me time” after her children, Alma, eight, and Maya, three, fall asleep. Last year, when Gadot and her husband, Jaron Varsano, thought Alma was old enough, they showed her the film that made her mother a star: Wonder Woman. “She was very excited,” Gadot says, “but she also couldn’t detach from seeing Ima”—Mother in Hebrew—“battling the bad guys. She said, I can’t watch it! Just forward! She couldn’t bear it. So we skipped the scary parts. But the rest of it she loved, and she is proud of it.”


7 Couples Give Their Best Advice on How to Be in an Interfaith Relationship
“We both have such great respect for each other’s spiritual beliefs that we are able to have these difficult conversations without feeling like one is belittling the other’s faith.”
If romance movies have taught us anything, it’s that love conquers all—even for people with extreme differences. But in the real world, where you may fall in love with someone who believes something different than you, how easy is it to actually navigate those discrepancies?
Bluntly put: not easy. Couples currently in interracial relationships and interfaith relationships agree. But they also say it’s worth it.


Why We Turned to PBS: 50 Reasons Over 50 Years
Over the past five decades, we have invited Monty Python, Julia Child, Barney, William F. Buckley Jr. and Carl Sagan into our living rooms. Sound eclectic? It’s called the Public Broadcasting Service.





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