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Posted on September 08, 2020

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Let’s party like the week’s never getting started, kittens! Let’s get summertime drunk and sloppy because to do otherwise is to accept a reality none of us wants! Or just grab a seat, sip your drink, and meditate quietly. We won’t judge you too much.

Today is TUESDAY. Of the longest week on the American calendar.\

There’s a nip in the air to go along with the buzzing of cicadas and ’round these parts, that can only mean one thing: THE EXISTENTIAL DREAD OF WINTER. Haha just kidding. Sort of. This cold season to come is going to be especially challenging for a lot of us and we find ourselves researching cold weather outdoor activities way more than we would in a so-called “normal” year. We also find ourselves hoping for a mild winter, such as the last few have been, which means we’re probably going to be buried under three feet of snow for most of it. Time to start stocking up on hand-warmer packs and dry goods, kittens! Or move to warmer climates, we suppose, but they seem to having their own share of problems lately. In truth, we’re little gay hermit hobbits; very used to being inside together, toiling away. We don’t think we’ll have all that difficult a time getting through the winter months. What are your plans for getting by during the short days of winter? And if you don’t feel like tackling that question, we don’t blame you. Check out our daily distractions instead:


Costume Design: Strip Club Glamour of Starz’s ‘P-Valley’
With inspirations ranging from ‘Gone With the Wind ‘to Angela Davis, costume designer Rita McGhee brings flair to the fashions of pole-dancing characters in the summer hit.
The show’s breakout character, Uncle Clifford, a non-binary boss who uses she/her pronouns, sports some of the show’s most memorable outfits, despite not being one of the dancers. “We were inspired by everything,” says assistant costume designer Alita Bailey. Clifford’s looks drew inspiration from everything, Frida Kahlo to Gone with the Wind to actor Nicco Annan’s mother and grandmother. “[Hall] would say ‘Angela Davis, powerful strong,’ ” McGhee says of one look, “and we’d get boots and shirts and pants and leather and just fill [the design] with everything you can think of that makes you strong in that era and in this era.”



After 100 Days of Protest, Writers and Photographers Reflect on What They’ve Witnessed
One hundred days have passed since Minneapolis police killed George Floyd, sparking daily protests across the country. So we’ve asked 10 writers and 10 photographers to share their experiences.


The Culinary Potential of Bolting Vegetables
The flavor of green coriander is a perfect complement to all the vegetables in season when it starts to bolt, even if the bolting happens earlier than expected.
The start of July was salad days for herbs and the hardier head lettuces, but after a week or so of regular leafy growth the cilantro gave way cilantro seeds, the frilled lettuce to lanky tan stalks with blanched, droopy leaves that fluttered about like damp stockings. If you garden, you’ve seen how a plant mutates when it bolts. Its leaves get long and scrawny. Where there were tender palms now there are tough stems, clusters of determined flowers and seeds. Lettuce and herbs taste more intense after they’ve bolted: strong, often bitter. This summer, as we near the end of a disastrous year, I’ve found this transformation peculiarly resonant.


Meet the Guy Obsessively Tracking Oscars Category Fraud, One Second at a Time
Matthew Stewart has spent years logging every Oscar-nominated performance—and seeing which ones may have been cited in the wrong category.
Matthew Stewart first became enamored with the Academy Awards while watching the infamous 2006 ceremony, as Crash beat Brokeback Mountain in one of the most controversial best-picture results in Oscars history. But it wasn’t the final award that drew Stewart’s attention so much as something that happened much earlier in the broadcast: Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal, the film’s co-lead, was competing against Syriana costar George Clooney in the best-supporting-actor race, even though Stewart thought he rightfully belonged in the best-actor category. He’d been submitted as a supporting actor, though, in an apparent attempt to up his chances of winning.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are “Relieved and Pleased” to Pay Off the Frogmore Cottage Renovations
Their lucrative Netflix deal allowed them to pay back the British taxpayers the £2.4 million they spent renovating their Windsor home.
In a statement on Monday the couple’s representatives confirmed that they had repaid the money in full, following a backlash over the expensive renovations to a home they lived in full-time for barely a year. “A contribution has been made to the Sovereign Grant by the Duke of Sussex,” the statement read. “This contribution as originally offered by Prince Harry has fully covered the necessary renovation costs of Frogmore Cottage, a property of Her Majesty The Queen, and will remain the UK residence of the duke and his family.”


The Most Notable Diana, Princess Of Wales Outfits Recreated In ‘The Crown’
Ahead of season four of The Crown on 15 November, Vogue rounds up all of the greatest historically accurate outfits Emma Corrin is set to wear as Princess Diana.
The Pre-Engagement Clothing
As soon as news broke that Lady Diana Spencer had been dating Prince Charles, paparazzi began trailing the future royal – including photographing her at her job at the Young England Kindergarten School in Pimlico wearing blousy floral dresses and cashmere V-neck jumpers. In one particularly famous shot from 1980 recreated by Corrin in The Crown, she wore a diaphanous pale-blue skirt in the nursery’s garden – causing a scandal at the time due to the fact that her legs were visible through the fabric.


From The Archive: Vogue’s Anna Harvey On Dressing Princess Diana
The first time I met Lady Diana Spencer was in 1980, in the editor’s office. The engagement had been announced and she couldn’t go anywhere without being mobbed. Her sisters had worked at Vogue and we thought we might be able to help with her image. I’d called in far too many clothes because I had absolutely no idea of the kind of thing she liked. By the time she arrived, I was shaking like a leaf, but I took one look at her and thought, this isn’t going to be too difficult after all.


The Story Behind Princess Diana’s “Amazing, Completely OTT” Wedding Dress
“It was all about drama and making Diana a fairytale princess,” Elizabeth Emanuel, one half of the design duo behind the Princess of Wales’s wedding dress, tells British Vogue. “The gown was typical of early ’80s style – overblown, romantic, flouncy – but we had to get it right because we knew it would go down in history.” The pressure for Elizabeth and her then-partner David, who formed their namesake brand, Emanuel, fresh out of fashion college, was on. “It was almost an extension of our final show,” says Elizabeth, smiling at the memory of the “new kids on the block” being thrust into the spotlight and tasked with one of the most important British fashion commissions of all time.




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