The Daily T LOunge for September 25, 2020

Posted on September 25, 2020

Karnagio Bar – Thassos Island, Greece

It’s all for you, darling! All the sky, all the sea, all the drinks and comfy seats – just waiting for you to indulge in all of it until you’re overstuffed and sleepy with satisfaction. Why?

Because today is FRIDAY. You’ve earned it.

Having said that, we’ve got another busy day of posting and content ahead of us, for which we thank the fates and the universe. Off to write and say fabulous things! Talk amongst yourselves, kittens!


See Stunning, Rare Photos of a Young Queen Elizabeth
This November, Taschen will publish Her Majesty, a photographic journey through Elizabeth’s existence in both the public and private spheres. Early pages cover her as a young child: on her christening, swaddled in the Honiton gown; as a teenager happily with a corgi. Later entries chronicle her sprawling, even tumultuous time in Buckingham Palace (like a frame of her televised address after the death of Princess Diana).


A First Look at The Planter Show, an Exhibition That Proves the Playful Potential of Flower Pots
The works are over 40 planters made for the occasion by a variety of artists and designers. Some notable participants include Harry Nuriev, Laura Chautin, and Shino Takeda. As Spears explains, the artists were all given the instructions to craft a planter and, unless they preferred to source their own plant, the greenery was provided from Dahing Plants—a local nursery. The only parameter was that the creations had to fit through the gallery doors. Otherwise, the artists were left to have their imaginations run wild like Mother Nature.


Who Is This Mysterious (and Fashionable) Teddy Bear?
Sam Crosby, a multidisciplinary artist based in New Orleans. Crosby, who specializes in drawing and painting, began dressing JJ as a personal project about two years ago. “JJ is actually my boyfriend’s teddy bear,” says Crosby. “He’s had him since he was born. He’s a little worn now and has lost a lot of stuffing.” In 2018 Crosby came up with the idea to dress JJ while working on a holiday gift for his boyfriend. “Two years ago, for Christmas, we had a very strict budget of $10 or $15 to gift each other, so I made a calendar with 12 looks on JJ,” says the artist. “That was the first iteration of me dressing him up.”


The Unexpected Power of a Virtual Jewish New Year
In a normal year, the start of a new Jewish calendar cycle and ten days of introspection and repentance feels like a soul-satisfying reunion with fellow congregants, friends, and family. But there was no reuniting this year, given that the pandemic is entering its seventh stubborn month and social distancing remains the order of the day.
So every synagogue and prayer community had to reinvent itself, figuring out how to gather without gathering, to pray without community, to embrace technology when we usually leave it behind.
And yet: this surreal holiday packed a punch of its own.


A Blockbuster Gabrielle Chanel Retrospective Opens October 1 at Paris’s Newly Renovated Palais Galliera
Counting more than 350 pieces arranged in 10 chapters, “Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto” explores how an enduring style signature was forged, and the extent to which the designer and her brand were one and the same. It features outfits and objects from a collection compiled over the past century and now owned by the Galliera, the Chanel Patrimoine archives, and museums and private collectors from all over the world, including Vogue’s Hamish Bowles (a column dress in beige lace from the 1930s).


Your Favorite Teen Heartthrobs Then vs. Now
Pretends to be shocked that they’re still hot.
We can safely assume that you had a crush on one of the people on this list at some point during your teen years. It’s not like you didn’t have IRL options at school or soccer practice, but something about a fictional character just hits different. These guys were always up-to-date on the latest trends, and just looked good while doing…everything. Looks aside, pop culture without them would have been pretty dull. So, to honor their achievements in teen cinema and television glory, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and see what some of our favorite celebrity men we loved as teens are up to these days. Overall, most of these men are still acting today, while others have thrown in the towel. Some of them look like they haven’t aged a day. Others…not so much, but we still love them. Ahead, reminisce on 20 dreamboats from your teenage years, whether you were an ’80s, ’90s, or early aughts kid.


Nancy Pelosi Is Trump’s Nightmare. She Couldn’t Care Less.
The Speaker of the House was supposed to retire in 2016. Then, well [waves arms wildly], all of this happened.
Pelosi was not still supposed to be here. She was planning to retire on a high note in 2016 when Hillary Clinton won the presidency, knowing that Pelosi’s proudest accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, would be in good hands—her legacy preserved. Instead, Pelosi watched from what was intended to be a celebratory election party in DC as Donald Trump, the virulently sexist reality television host who had promised to “repeal and replace Obamacare,” raked in swing state after swing state. “It felt like getting kicked in the back by a mule. Twice,” Pelosi says, jabbing a fist into the air.


The Radical History of Corporate Sensitivity Training
During these turbulent months, American corporations have responded to demands for racial justice by straining to showcase their sensitive sides. They’ve pledged, like Quaker Oats, to change offensive product names; they’ve scrambled, like Prada, NASCAR, and Delta, to implement emergency sensitivity workshops; and they’ve opted, like most of the major publishing houses, to hire sensitivity readers to vet new manuscripts for racist representations.


The Evolution of Maternity Style
See how pregnancy fashion has changed over the years.
From billowing dresses and maternity corsets intended to conceal a woman’s baby bump to the bodycon trend seen on expectant mothers today, see how pregnancy fashion has changed over the years.




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