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Posted on September 23, 2020

Café Français Bar and Restaurant – Paris, Fance


Some sparkle, some velvet, and a ton of natural light sounds like just the thing for today. The world outside is dark, tense and scary, so sitting somewhere bright, colorful and comfy feels like good common sense if not absolutely necessary self-care.

Today is WEDNESDAY. That’s something, right?

We’re wrapping up our Emmys coverage today, but it was nice to have all that red carpet content for a while. So many prognosticators claimed that celebrity fashion is dead as of the events of 2020, but we think that’s nonsense. Celebrities have been getting dressed up and walking down a gauntlet of flashing cameras for literally an entire century. Since right about the time the 1918 flu epidemic ended, actually. We’ve been banging this drum since March and admittedly it sometimes feels like a tough position to maintain what with everything that’s happened since, but socially speaking, all the forces at play that mold, shape and drive our culture not only prefer the status quo and a sense of equilibrium, they rely on it. We will clearly come out of this time changed in many ways, but we tend to think any real social or cultural change arising out of this year will happen on the personal and familial level. People are assessing how they live their lives, but that’s not going to prevent Disney World, baseball games, celebrity awards shows, big dumb superhero movies and other forms of distraction from continuing to do what they’ve always done. There’s too much money involved.

Whew! We got all heavy and serious on your asses there! Sorry about that. Please return to distracting yourselves. Here. We’ll help:


Princess Margaret’s Onetime Husband Lord Snowdon’s Photographs and Possessions Hit the Auction Block
Lots include memorabilia from Prince Charles’s investiture, books bound for Margaret, and a sleigh bed from the royal couple’s Kensington Palace apartment.
Christie’s is offering royal watchers a rare chance to own a piece of Windsor history. The auction house is holding an online-only sale of photographs and objects from the collection of Lord Snowdon, a celebrated Vogue photographer and husband to Princess Margaret.


Olivia Colman to Receive Zurich Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award
‘The Favourite’ and ‘The Crown’ actress will present her latest feature, Florian Zeller’s ‘The Father’ at this year’s Zurich International Film Festival.
Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman (The Favourite) will receive the lifetime achievement honor, the Golden Eye, at this year’s Zurich International Film Festival.


25 Years Later, Gwen Stefani Looks Back at the Music Video That Defined Her ’90s Style
For many, the earliest memory of Gwen Stefani’s rapid rise to fame begins with No Doubt’s 1996 smash “Don’t Speak,” which served as the soundtrack of that year’s summer in the U.S. and beyond. (And, for anyone who loves a karaoke bar, it remains in regular rotation to this day.) Yet Stefani’s breakout moment really came nine months before, with the release of “Just A Girl” 25 years ago. As a scrappy group of misfits from Anaheim, California, who had been trying to break through for eight years, the distinctive sonic cocktail of ska, punk, reggae, and pop that reflected No Doubt’s multicultural background finally found its audience in 1995. But the most important catalyst behind the band’s rapid rise to fame was always Stefani—in no small part thanks to her eye-catching style, which has never lost any of its offbeat, tomboyish appeal.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Be the First Woman to Lie in State in the U.S. Capitol
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a trailblazer in death as in life, will lie in state in the U.S. Capitol on Friday, the first woman ever to be given that honor.
In the history of the United States, only 33 people, all of them men, have lain in state at the Capitol, most of them presidents, congressmen, or military personnel. The first was Henry Clay, the Kentucky senator who died while still in office in 1852. The second was President Abraham Lincoln, after his assassination in 1865. Ginsburg will also be only the second Supreme Court Justice to lie in state at the Capitol, after William Howard Taft, who had also served as president, in 1930. Most recently the honor was given to John Lewis, the Democratic Representative from Georgia and a longtime civil rights leader, after his death in July.


‘Empire Records’ Helped Me Understand My Queerness
Twenty-five years since the film’s release, I’ve realized how important Corey and Gina were in molding my sexual identity.
I found the two films that most shaped my youth the same way I found most of the movies that molded my pop culture–obsessed preteen years: wandering the aisles of Blockbuster, semi-unsupervised, on a Friday night. Aisle by aisle I searched, boxes of candy in hand, while my father patiently waited at the front with his new releases. The minute I popped Clueless into my VCR and heard Cher acknowledge that her crew looked like a Noxema commercial, I knew I would never fit in with the kids at Bronson Alcott High. I was a Black girl from Detroit who thought Charlotte Russe was high fashion. But at Empire Records? There I could be a star employee.


The Public-Shaming Pandemic
Around the world, people who accidentally spread the coronavirus must face both a dangerous illness and an onslaught of online condemnation.
People with contagious diseases have often been targets of shaming. In 1907, Mary Mallon, a cook for wealthy families in New York, was confirmed as the first healthy carrier of typhoid bacteria. She had inadvertently infected seven of the eight families she worked for. Mallon was ordered into quarantine but did not accept responsibility: how could she infect others if she wasn’t sick? She was released from quarantine after agreeing not to work as a cook again. But she changed her name and began cooking for a new household, causing more infections. Forcibly returned to quarantine, she was denounced in newspapers and given a memorable nickname: Typhoid Mary.


Harry Styles’s Gucci Suit Now Has A Place In Music History, As Well As Our Hearts
Harry Styles’s cobalt-blue Gucci suit is to go on display at the music industry’s most prestigious museum, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The two-piece suit will become part of the museum’s contemporary collection.
Harry’s outfit will form part of the “Right Here, Right Now” exhibit, which features pieces that “look at the evolution of rock & roll and its impact on the current generation of artists”. Harry’s suit will sit alongside personal artefacts belonging to other contemporary artists, like Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga, at the Ohio venue. The museum is also home to era-defining pieces like the Supremes’ sparkling dresses, and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust suit.


Pandemic Baking Just Got Weirder
Artists are crafting kooky, made-from-scratch cakes to exhibit on Instagram.
Back in March, when isolation and homebound boredom were novelties, many Americans fashioned themselves into folksy sourdough bakers. Come June, making bread loaves, cookies and cakes took on new urgency, as professionals banded together to raise funds for organizations that support and defend Black lives. All the while, many artists and amateur bakers had been creating confections at home, not out of practicality or as part of a campaign, but for art’s sake. Their cakes, which draw on the absurdist Jell-O mold tradition of 1950s homemakers and revel in gross-out palettes, reflect ideas about gender, power and respectability.


When the Classroom Comes With Room Service and Poolside Cabanas
With the pandemic ongoing and millions of school-age children learning remotely, the travel industry is beckoning families with lures of “schoolcation.”
This summer, Michelle Carucci’s family canceled its annual Jersey Shore vacation because of the pandemic. So when Ms. Carucci, who lives in White Township, N.J., learned that The Great Wolf Lodge, a family-favorite indoor water park in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, was setting up a “schoolhouse” and socially distanced activities this fall, she jumped at the chance to take her youngest child.




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