The Daily T LOunge for September 21, 2020

Posted on September 21, 2020

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Kittens! Today’s LOunge is the perfect vibe and setup for everyone to break off into small groups and start complaining! Yes! Let’s all do that today, in one massive pity party/therapy session! We’ll start it off: We are dragging our asses because last night’s cuh-razy “virtual” Emmys ceremony happened! Cosmopolitan tapped us to write a piece on the “red carpet” offerings, planned to go live while the ceremony was still airing, but it became obvious from the first minutes of the show that we’d have to watch the whole thing in order to get an idea of what all the major players wore. Which meant we were grabbing pictures, sourcing items and writing blurbs for Emmys outfits until midnight. And now we’ve got a heavy roster of posts in today’s pipeline and there simply isn’t enough coffee in the world to undrag our draggy asses.

Today is MONDAY, by the way. But you knew that, didn’t you? What with all the complaining and such.

Anyway, we’re actually thrilled to have so much red carpet stuff to talk about this week, draggy asses be damned. You can read our kind-hearted Cosmo piece on the highlights of the night here, but trust: you’ll get a fuller picture when you check back in on the site throughout the day to see our thoughts on all the major looks. In the meantime, complain amongst yourselves! When that gets exhausting, turn your back on people, sip your drink, and read something off our list of distractions below. Who takes care of you?


How Is Red Carpet Beauty Evolving in the Age of Virtual Events?
For the first time in history, the 72nd annual Emmy Awards will be broadcast live from stars’ homes, with a dress code of “come as you are, but make an effort.” The hours leading up to the show, typically spent watching performers emerge from vehicles to chit-chat with television hosts and pause for paparazzi photos, will be filled with virtual interviews. Entire production teams are being deployed to make it look and feel as seamless as possible. In 2020’s age of COVID, the entertainment industry is doing what it can to stay spry, implementing a range of protective protocols as it toes the line between maintaining a sense of normalcy and setting an example for appropriate public safety.


There Was a Surprise Friends Reunion at the 2020 Emmy Awards
Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow joined forces on the special night.
Tonight’s Emmy Awards unexpectedly turned into a mini Friends reunion when former costars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow appeared side by side for the virtual ceremony.


Princess Diana Had a Second Wedding Dress—But She Didn’t Know It
Even in the 1980s, people went to tremendous lengths to avoid spoilers.
Princess Diana’s wedding dress—that very ’80s gown embroidered with 10,000 pearls and bedecked in frilled lace—is iconic. But it couldn’t have had the same impact without its covert understudy, created without Diana’s knowledge.


Emmys Set a Record for Most Wins by Black Actors
Seven performers took home awards in major categories in 2020, topping the previous high of six set two years ago.
The Television Academy gave out a record number of Emmy nominations to Black actors in 2020. Over the weekend, the Emmys followed that up by giving a record number of awards to Black performers.


W TV Portfolio: Who’s Watching Who?
If you’ve been feeling guilty about the amount of time you’ve spent watching television over the past few months, don’t. We’ve all had plenty of good reasons to seek out a bit of escapism. But aside from the obvious, the fact is that right now, TV feels more creative and exciting than ever—whether it’s because of documentaries like The Last Dance, about Michael Jordan’s mythical career in the NBA; series that perfectly capture the moment, like Schitt’s Creek and Normal People; or shows that push boundaries, like Euphoria. Many of us have also revisited classics such as The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm. And relax—no one will judge you if you’ve devoted hours and hours to Love Is Blind or Too Hot to Handle. We’ve all been there.
For W’s 2020 Television Portfolio, we asked the most sought-after and influential stars of the moment to embody characters from their favorite shows of the past few months. Most of the actors featured here are Emmy-nominated, and could win big this Sunday. They give us 21 great reasons to ask, “What are you watching this weekend?”


Watching “Watchmen” as a Descendant of the Tulsa Race Massacre
Last October, when Marilyn Christopher sat down in her Manhattan apartment to watch the première of “Watchmen,” she was seeking an escape. A science-fiction fanatic, she had spent a lifetime devouring Robert Heinlein novels and seeing “Star Wars” and “The Matrix” in theatres multiple times. She enjoyed the 2009 film adaptation of Alan Moore’s iconic graphic novel, so the HBO series seemed like a safe bet for an entertaining Sunday night. For Marilyn, the right sci-fi yarn was a ticket to an unknown new world, where the trials of living in New York could be briefly forgotten. But as the opening scene of the series depicted a small boy sitting in a movie theatre, while his weeping mother banged discordant keys on a piano, Marilyn felt herself crash-landing back in reality. “That’s Tulsa,” she recalled thinking. “That could be my grandfather.”


Schitt’s Creek Makes Emmy History With Complete Sweep
The night belonged to the Pop TV sitcom, which neatly swept seven categories—making it the most awarded comedy in a single year.
On Sunday night*Schitt’s Creek won all seven comedy categories at the main Emmy ceremony, picking up statuettes for key categories including best lead actor, best lead actress, and best comedy. It was a clean sweep for the series, and a historic one at that. Schitt’s broke a slew of records by becoming the first comedy to win all four main acting awards in one year, and also became the most awarded comedy in a single year, according to Gold Derby. “The internet’s about to turn on me. I’m so sorry!” Dan Levy declared after his third win, delivering a breathless thank-you speech at the private Toronto venue the Schitt’s cast and crew used for a private Emmy watch party in spite of this year.




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