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Posted on September 10, 2020

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Did we not say? Did we not warn you? Has our assertion not been borne out by now? We told you this was the longest week on the American calendar and oh, how you laughed and scoffed. Well here we are, some 20-odd days later, and it’s STILL THE SAME WEEK.

Today is THURSDAY. But so was yesterday and tomorrow probably will be too.

Sigh. No one actually laughed or scoffed and tomorrow probably will be Friday, as planned. But lordy, this week has been exhausting, no? Let’s run up a tab and start distracting ourselves, yes?


Meet the Japanese Artist Creating Intricate Toast Art During Lockdown
In her Tokyo kitchen, Sasaki concocted chic culinary creations on a carb canvas—think homages to Picasso and Mondrian, recreations of Edo-era paintings, abstract nods to Mickey Mouse, and even an edible take on American comic book art. Then, she posted the stylized results on her Instargam account, @sasamana1204. “The reason I started doing toast art was lockdown. I was spending an hour and a half commuting to work, but working from home led me to wake up late and get lazy,” Sasaki tells Vogue. “I wanted to get up early in the morning and create a morning routine that would excite me. That’s when I started the toast art for breakfast.”


At 60, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth Remain Icons of Dapper Style
There are plenty of notable British celebrities, but Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are in a class by themselves. The heartthrobs of mid-’90s period pieces are not interchangeable—try to imagine Firth mooning over Julia Roberts in Notting Hill or Grant belting out ABBA in Mamma Mia, it doesn’t work—and they share a special place in pop culture. Both capable of adding new verve to Austen heroes, courting Bridget Jones, and looking damn good in a suit, the actors, who turn 60 this week, serve as benchmarks for British style onscreen and off.


Has Coronavirus Finally Put an End to the Short American Vacation?
Work is remote, schooling is digital, and social life is constrained. What better time to kiss the one-week getaway goodbye? Welcome to the era of extended travel.
Americans, as citizens of the world’s military, economic, and cultural superpower, have long been scrutinized and stereotyped. We are either brash and bossy, or easy, informal, and with an alluring “singing in the rain” optimism. But there is universal agreement on one national trait: We take the world’s shortest vacations.


It’s Okay To Be Obsessed With Gloria Steinem’s Style
Gloria Steinem’s most famous – and oft-repeated – quotes naturally concern equality, women’s rights, resistance and revolution. But the legendary feminist, now 86, also had a thing or two to teach us about style. Despite being criticised in the ’70s by those who felt her glamorous persona was at odds with her feminist ideology, Steinem never shied away from fashion. “Fashion in the past meant conforming and losing oneself,” she said once. “Fashion in the present means being unique and finding oneself.”


So, Lily Allen Just Married ‘Stranger Things’ Actor David Harbour In Vintage Dior
How do you hold a stylish wedding in a pandemic? If you’re Lily Allen, you go to Las Vegas. More specifically, you go to the legendary Graceland Chapel with your fiancé David Harbour – best known as Chief of Police Jim Hopper on Stranger Things – and get a renowned Elvis Presley impersonator to sing you down the aisle. No word yet on how Winona Ryder feels about the news.


We Talked to the Host Accused of Doing “Satanic Rituals” In His Airbnb
A prominent guest blasted Airbnb and a host after finding what he described as “seemingly satanic items” in his Airbnb. The host calls the accusations “unsettling and weird.”
Frederick T. Joseph, a marketing CEO, former national surrogate for Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and respected commenter on race in America, launched an impassioned Twitter thread on Monday night after finding himself at an Airbnb that he claimed was full of “seemingly satanic items and stuff for witchcraft rituals.” Joseph said that he and his family members were forced to flee the house after finding “imagery, candles, books, etc for rituals and what looked like devil worship.” Both the host of the Airbnb property in question and the Church of Satan have weighed in to dispute his description of the house and its contents.


Under San Francisco’s Orange Skies, Adjusting to an Unnerving New Normal
Have you seen the sky…It is actually *Bladerunner* status.” I woke up this morning to that text from my housemate, upstairs in our Oakland home. It was 8:30 in the morning, California time, hours after I usually get up to try to work in step with my East Coast colleagues.

We’ve gotten used to a lot of things these last four years in climate-change-stricken California. It’s incredible how adaptable humans can be to an outrageously different new normal, as the latest round of wildfires rage through Oregon to the north and California in the south and, most pertinently to my unnerving morning, our near neighbors in Mendocino County. The smoke from their latest fire nightmare hasn’t reached us yet but through some new wrinkle it has turned our sky a terrifying apocalyptic orange.

Meanwhile a closer neighbor got a little more reflective: “This level of weirdness definitely sends the mind scrambling for precedent or explanation. The scale of it feels Biblical, or at minimum a Buffy season finale cliffhanger.” It’s true I can only reach for sci-fi/fantasy references. It’s Herbert’s Dune, Tolkien’s Mordor, Lucas’s Tatooine, or, yes, Whedon’s Hellmouth . And it could be so much worse. Our homes could be ashes.


Gloria Steinem Is Nowhere Near Done With Being an Activist
In just the past two years, Gloria Steinem has had her life dramatized three times. First onstage in New York in “Gloria: A Life”; then on television in FX’s much-discussed “Mrs. America”; and finally in the director Julie Taymor’s upcoming decades-spanning film, “The Glorias,” in which America’s best-known feminist activist is portrayed by, among others, Alicia Vikander and Julianne Moore. And while her own story may have reached depiction-in-prestige-entertainment phase, Steinem, who is 86, is fully aware that both her work and the country’s work remain unfinished. “The progress we’ve made is not sufficient,” she says. “But there is an advantage to being old. I have a role to play in the movement by saying, ‘Here’s when it was worse.’”


Musicians on How to Bring Racial Equity to Auditions
Composers, players and administrators don’t necessarily want to abandon blind auditions. But they say the lack of diversity in American orchestras is more complicated than that.
We cannot shy away from the problems of systemic racism that come across the whole audition process. Taking out the curtain of blind auditions is overly simplistic. Because what about what happens before? Even starting with the résumé: When people see a name like mine and they have a high aversion to risk, then already I am not competing on the same level as everyone else. So getting rid of the audition screen is useless unless we take care of other steps. I believe in the power of quotas — and seeing a group of applicants that might reflect the demographics of a community.


T.S. Eliot’s Estate Gifts Cats Royalty Money to the Brontë Parsonage Museum
There’s a hidden connection between the historic authors.
Though the coronavirus pandemic has brought on tough times for many, the ensuing lockdowns have been especially hard on museums and arts institutions. Once such struggling organization was the Brontë Parsonage Museum, a space dedicated to the famed Brontë sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne.
However, the museum, once in danger of closing its doors permanently, is now experiencing some relief. According to The New York Times, the Brontë Museum, located in Haworth, northern England, is able to stay up and running due to a donation from none other than T.S. Eliot’s estate. Last week, when the museum reopened after six months of closure, the famed author’s estate donated 20,000 pounds (or approximately $26,000).



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