Meghan Markle, Queen of Video Messages

Posted on September 24, 2020

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to use video to reach out to the public while staying on lockdown. We may never get the kind of high-fashion (if safe and somewhat timid) formal moments she served when she was a working member of the royal family, but at least we get occasional glimpses into life at the American palace and an occasional peek at the now-familiar SoCal Sussex style.




It’s just so very 2020 (and so very Sussex) that “Make your voice heard, don’t give into hate, be aware of misinformation” has been treated like some sort of scandalous royal message. We get that there’s a tradition of the royal family staying out of politics (a tradition that is upheld rather inconsistently), but as Buckingham Palace said in response to the outcry over this video, they’re not working members of the royal family. This is a big reason why. They’ve always wanted to interact with the world as it exists outside the confines of the palaces and royal residences.

In other news: ROYAL DOG ALERT! It’s interesting to see how fidgety Harry is on camera, even after all this time – a literal lifetime in front of them. He’s got such a fascinating push-pull relationship with his own fame. He resents it, even as he tries to wield it in a way that makes sense to him. He’s so his mother’s son. Post-divorce, Diana would have loved to have been able to live in America with a celebrity husband. She didn’t like being a Windsor, but she loved the world of celebrity that being married to one opened up to her.

Anyway, enough body language analysis. Let’s talk about their clothes.


Megs sure does love her neutrals, even now; just as Harry seems absolutely wedded to suede bucks, whether they go with his outfit or not. It seems weird to put on a suit or heels to sit in your backyard, but we suppose if they’d been wearing jeans and flip-flops, the remains of the British Empire would collapse into anarchy or something.

In other, other news: Meghan’s a fan of reality TV competitions!




This was cute. We wonder how much backlash she’ll get for it.

She loves a good slouchy blouse, doesn’t she? Can’t say it isn’t working for her. We are DYING over the leather pants. They look great, but we can’t imagine she’d ever have been allowed to wear something like that in public when she was trying to be the Good Duchess. It’s no surprise that Sussex Palace is awash in tones of beige and gray. We kinda want those pillows, though. We’ll leave it to others to parse the meaning behind the curated collection of books behind her. The fact that “THE BLACK GODFATHER” and “WOMEN” are so prominent does not strike us as coincidence.



Style Credits:
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Second Look: Victoria Beckham Silk Shirt | Verse Gold ‘Love Letters’ Collection Pendant Necklace | Cartier ‘Love’ Yellow Gold Bracelet | Monica Vinader ​Linear Bracelet


[Photo Credit: NBC, ABC, – Video Credit: America’s Got Talent via YouTube]

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